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Resolved: Palestine Should Become Independent From Israel

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Started: 4/24/2015 Category: Politics
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Round 1:Acceptance
Round 2:Opening
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Round 4: Conclusion

Independent:free from outside control; not depending on another's authority.

Good luck to Con


Palestine has shown itself to be a constant threat to the national security of Israel, any amount of Israeli manipulation of Palestine should be considered merciful as Israel is well within its right to wage total war for it's own security.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting

C1: Rightfully Palestinian land
"The 1948 Arab-Israeli War, known by the Israelis predominantly as the War of Independence and War of Liberation and by Palestinians as the Catastrophe (Arabic: al Nakba), resulted in a land grab by Israel, which expropriated considerably more land than had been apportioned to it under the partition. While in 1945, 85% of arable land in Palestine had belonged to Arabs, by 1949, only 6% of the land was occupied by Arabs. Israelis used to claim that the Palestinians left their properties on their own accord, but historians now generally agree that the Palestinians were expelled."
"Current estimates put the Palestinian refugee count at 6 million people. Some of these reside in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Since 1948, the World Community has recognized the Right of Return to Palestine under the U.N. Resolution 194.

However, Israel has created its own laws concerning the Right of Return with convoluted residency laws, making it impossible to return to lands owned for hundreds of generations by indigenous Palestinians. One example is the prevention of Eastern Jerusalem residents to return to Jerusalem if out of the country for more than seven years-even if as a refugee due to deportation or land confiscation. "

The Palestinians have been living on the land for thousands of years, and all of the sudden the Israelis kick them out. Now there are 6 million Palestinian refugees without a home.

C2: Israel apartheid

According to the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid by the UN in 1973, apartheid is acts "committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them." By this definition, it is clear that apartheid and segregation are happening against Palestinians in Israel.

"Palestinians are under Military Law and face the constant threat of arrest and detention without charge and can be held indefinitely. They have no right to representation or trial. Israelis living in illegal settlements on Palestinian land have all the privileges of Israeli Civil Law. As citizens of Israel, they can vote, seek redress in court, and have freedom of speech and assembly. 2
  • Palestinian villages and towns face collective punishment in the form of bulldozing of family houses, extended 24 hour curfews, closures, military raids, violence and harassment. Israeli settlers face no such collective punishment. 3
  • Palestinian land ownership (agricultural and residential) is subject to military and economic confiscation. The purpose is to establish Jewish only settlements, take water resources and confine the Palestinian population into smaller and smaller cantons.Israelis face no land confiscation. 4
  • Over 17,000 Palestinian houses have been demolished, creating 100,000 of thousands homeless. Over a million Palestinian olive and fruit trees have been uprooted. A few Israeli outposts have been dismantled, but there has been no widespread destruction ofIsraeli homes and trees. 5
  • Palestinians are prohibited from using the extensive network of settler only highways that connect the settlements to Israel. 8
  • The Israeli military authority controls virtually all the water in the West Bank. 73% of West Bank water is piped back to Israel. Illegal Jewish settlers use 10% of West Bank water.Palestinians have access to only 17% of their own water and must buy it from Isrrael at 4 times the price Israelis pay. 9
  • The wall fragments Palestinian communities; it separates families from their land, their livelihood, health care and schools. The wall also divides communities and families from each other. The wall does not fragment Israeli settlements; it is built in such a way to as to annex them to Israel proper."
This source CLEARLY states Israel oppression against the Palestinian people. Israel has demolished all their homes and takes away their basic needs, not being able to have access to their water or being held under military law.

Some great pictures on this:1pal11pal31pal9

"Four million Palestinians in the Occupied Territories lack the right to vote for the government that controls their lives through a military occupation. In addition to controlling the borders, air space, water, tax revenues, and other vital matters pertaining to the Occupied Territories, Israel alone issues the identity cards that determine the ability of Palestinians to work and their freedom of movement."
"In 2008, the South African government commissioned a study by leading legal scholars and human rights experts to determine if Israel was practicing apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories according to the parameters of international law. After a 15-month investigation, the study concluded that “Israel, since 1967, is the belligerent Occupying Power in occupied Palestinian territory, and that its occupation of these territories has become a colonial enterprise which implements a system of apartheid.” "

Contention 3: Benefits to Israel
But the potential benefits of supporting the resolution far outweigh the perils. If Israel manages to garner solid international support by backing the Palestinian UN resolution, it may induce the Palestinians to return to negotiations. This would improve Israel’s international status, give it more diplomatic space to maneuver through the chaos in the Middle East, and allow it to shore up its security needs.

Most important, the above proposal may be the only way to preserve the idea of achieving peace through bilateral negotiations. By reaching a compromise with the Palestinian leadership over the UN resolution, Israel can halt the dangerous precedent of unilateral action for conflict resolution and instead preserve the principle of achieving a two-state solution through direct talks, a notion critical to Israel’s future. Such a concerted move would prevent a violent confrontation, give the Palestinians the dignity they seek, allow the parties to relaunch negotiations, and win Israel international favor while preserving its security needs. Now is the time not for prudence but for audacity."

If Israel allowed Palestine to become COMPLETELY independent (they are not now as Israel still controls everything unfairly), there would be less violence overall in the Middle East as less terrorists would target Israel.

Overall, Palestine deserves independence. Thank you.



The 1948 Arab-Israeli War is just the historical evidence the Israelis need to show that the Palestinians will not respect their security needs. It is further evidence that Palestine cannot behave as a Nation should on the international stage. The land grab by the Israelis is just the spoils of war, an defensive war I might add.

The inequality of arable land is something that the Palestinians should have considered before attacking Israel, it's called practical Karma. The amount of Palestinian refugees is also irrelevant. The Palestinians should look inward and accept personal responsibility for the actions and their plight. That being said this debate is not about how well of Palestine is and the question's only relevance points to annexation by Israel. They have shown that they are not an accountable or responsible state.

The Right of Return point is a good one however I would not expect any nation to open itself up to security risks for a people religiously bent on genocide. There is no distinct national Palestinian language or culture. There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Historically the term Palestinian included the Jews. Most of the Arab population immigrated within the last century so when you say " Hundreds of generations" you are factually incorrect.

Your remaining arguments are all war crime or moral ones witch detract from the purpose of the debate. The evidence points toward Palestine not being a legitimate language. It is just a Radical Muslim propaganda tool to stir up hate. Your welcome.

Debate Round No. 2


kingkd forfeited this round.


Do you need more time to identify fact from rhetoric?
Debate Round No. 3


kingkd forfeited this round.


Well that's that.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Theunkown 3 years ago

Remember that the reverse is also equally true, if not more so.
Posted by Forthelulz 3 years ago
Palestine is a republic independent from Israel, and they have deniable lunatics bust in and try to destroy Israel every so often.
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