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Resolved: The United States ought to abolish the Electoral College

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Started: 2/27/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Resolved: The United States ought to abolish the Electoral College.

Round One: Acceptance
Round Two: Constructive Arguments
Round Three: Rebuttals
Round Four: Final Rebuttals (no new arguments)

Please be civil. Remember that this is about the debate, and the debate space should be safe for everyone. This means no personal attacks, only attacks on the arguments.

Please don't forfeit. I'm fed up with the glitch.

BOP is equally shared. Kritiks, semantics, whatever are fine--just be ready to defend them.

The United States--United States of America
Ought--Implies moral obligation
Abolish--To completely eliminate
Electoral College--A body of people representing the states of the US, who formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president

By accepting you accept these definitions.

Good luck to my opponent, and thanks for a good round.


First of all, the Electoral College is a system which we adopted since our founding. Also, if there is a close race, isn't it easier to recount all the votes. There are many cases where there was a close election and every vote mattered. If the votes are counted in the country, the margin of error is higher and that could potentially swing the election. Also it protects the small states because in a close election, all the small states matter.
Thank you
Debate Round No. 1


...I thought the first round was just for acceptance, but my opponent has presented a case. Oh well.

My case:

1) Equality: The Electoral College prevents "one person, one voice" and is detrimental to equality. Larger states have more people per Elector than smaller states, so each individual vote counts less. That means the votes of some people count over others based on the entirely arbitrary factor of where they live. That is very discriminatory against those who live in big states and does not allow all people to be created equal. Abolishing the Electoral College is the only way to promote effective equality which are crucial to a democratic republic such as the US.

2) Democracy: The leaders of our country are supposed to reflect the will of the American people--not the states, the people. The Electoral vote has differed from the popular vote a total of five times, including a very recent one. This shows that the Electoral College is ineffective in communicating the will of the people, which destroys democracy.

3) Outdated: When the Electoral College was created, the Vice President was the person with the second-most Electoral votes. Now, the Vice President is the President's running mate and likely from the same party. The Electoral College maybe used to be effective while multiple parties and points of view were represented in government from a single election, but now that doesn't occur and to promote the will of the American people we must abolish the Electoral College. Also, states' rights is a less crucial issue now than in the 1700's so we should prefer will of people over that of states.

4) Confusing: The Electoral College system, to put it frankly, doesn't make a lot of sense to the average American. According to Washington Post, only 36% of Americans can even name all three branches of government. Expecting these same Americans to comprehend a complicated system of election only confuses them and makes them less likely to be politically active because they can't understand why.

Rebuttals to my opponent's case:

"Adopted since our founding:" Yeah, it's outdated and time to change it. Also, is-ought fallacy: just because it does exist doesn't mean it should exist.

Harder to count individual votes than Electoral votes: That doesn't mean we shouldn't do it anyway. Also, if the race is that close individual votes may need to be recounted anyway such as in the election of 2000.

Protects small states: In a democratic country, we need to prioritize the people over the states. In a close election, small states don't matter but the people in them matter. In a landslide election, the people within them still matter. This is just another reason why we should abolish the Electoral College: Small states matter disproportionately with the Electoral College which destroys equality and democracy.

For these reasons, I strongly urge a pro vote. Thank you.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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