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Resolved: The United States should end Plan Colombia

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Started: 1/13/2017 Category: Education
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Why are we giving 10 billion dollars to Colombia for the stop of drug trafficking when it hasn't helped at all. If we give free money to Colombia why can't we give free money to the homeless in the U.S and they can do more with that money than Colombia is doing with the 10 billion dollars right now.


The drug cartels are bringing drugs into the U.S from Colombia and they are using that 10 billion dollars to help stop it. So why would the U.S stop Plan Colombia when their are cartels bringing in drugs. When Plan Colombia started and now their has almost been a 50% decrease in gang related homicides so Colombia is doing something with that 10 billion dollars.
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What does homicides have to do with the decrease of drug trafficking the number of homicides don't have anything to do with drug making or trafficking. We gave Colombia 10 billion dollars to get their crap together and to help them get a more stable government. The U.S has stepped up their security on the borders but Colombia is actually doing the opposite. We gave them 10 billion dollars and their hasn't been any benefits to the U.S. Colombia has failed to stop smuggling. Curtailment of the flow of cheap cocaine into the country was a major policy of the United States. Even in the earliest years of the program it was clear Plan Colombia was failing to meet its objectives despite significant financial commitment. Colombia has failed to have peace. This past October Colombian voters reject the much praised peace accord between the Colombian government and FARC. However, it seems that voters were not ready to accept a deal which would cover decades of atrocities and human rights abuses with a deal granting amnesty in exchange for confessions. In this deal, perhaps the "cost" of peace was too high.
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