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Resolved: The United States should end Plan Colombia

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Started: 1/17/2017 Category: Education
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We gave Colombia 10 billion dollars and they haven't done anything with it. We basically gave free money to Colombia because they haven't done anything for the U.S or for their own country. We are already in debt and its just one more thing that is making us dig a deeper hole in debt. We gave them 10 billion dollars to fix their economy and stop drug trafficking but they haven't shown us that they have done anything with that money.


Because we believe Plan Columbia has truly helped to establish a much-more stable society in Columbia, we Negate
Resolved: The United States should end Plan Colombia

Observation 1: An increase in stability means less lives are lost because the more unstable a society is, the higher likelihood of internal conflict is to happen.

Definitions and Observations
We provide the following definitions to help clarify today"s debate:
Plan Colombia- integrated strategy to meet the most pressing challenges confronting Colombia today -- promoting the peace process, combating the narcotics industry, reviving the Colombian economy, and strengthening the democratic pillars of Colombian society.
FARC-. The leftist guerrilla group has been fighting for 52 years, The group has long been accused of filling its ranks by kidnapping children and indoctrinating them in the mountains and jungles of the country. For decades after its founding, the FARC relied on kidnapping, extortion, illegal mining and "taxing" people and businesses in the areas it controlled. The big money came when Colombia became the main global source for cocaine in the 1980s. The FARC exported so much cocaine that by 2000, it was responsible for 60% of all the cocaine that entered the U.S., Operating mostly in the rural corners of the country, FARC guerrillas have long terrorized citizens with murders, kidnappings and the constant threat of extortion. [It] is estimated to have kidnapped more than 25,000 people from 1970 to 2010,.

Neg Body
Contention 1: Plan Colombia helps Stability

Plan Colombia has been successful in increasing the stability in Colombia,
As stated by Barry McCaffrey, who helped to formulate Plan Colombia
"the fifteenth anniversary White House celebration [of Plan Colombia] is proof of Plan Colombia's success. The U.S. cooperation with the government of Colombia led to improved Colombian stability."
And this stability has helped to lower the homicide rate in the United States and

Sub point A: Stability Lowers Homicide Rate

During the time between the institution of Plan Colombia and today, we have seen a major decrease in homicide rates.

Colombia Reports states that homicide has
decrease[d] from the rate of 33.6 per 100,000 in 2011, [which is] significantly lower than the rate of 65 in 2002.

Here we see that homicide rates have been decreasing over time and

As stated by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)
But those rates have seen a downward turn in the last decade, largely due to increases in stability

The stability contributed by Plan Colombia, as stated by Barry McCaffrey, has very much helped to decrease the amount of homicides in Colombia. By trying to remove Plan Colombia, they are allowing for more people to be killed. We need to be trying to protect the lives of these innocent people, not making it worst.

Contention 2: The fighting with FARC is over

Colombia's Congress approved a new peace deal with FARC rebels late on Wednesday. The agreement was approved in the lower house by 130-0, a day after the Senate ratified it 75-0. The ratification - and signing last week - begins a six-month countdown for FARC to abandon weapons and form a political party.

This signed peace treaty will end the 52 year war and prevent any more bloodshed caused by the FARC organization.
As stated by the Guardian and Project Plaughshares,
Colombia's internal conflict has claimed at least 220,000 lives, and more than four of every five victims have been civilian non-combatants,
This new treaty also shows that with Plan Colombia, we can stop any smaller groups or organizations from harming people because if we can settle a peace treaty with one of the BIGGEST terrorist groups in Colombia, then we are able to prevent any outbreaks from these smaller groups.
In conclusion, we can see that not only has Plan Colombia been successful in building a stable society, but also it will save lives because of this.
Judge for these Reasons We Negate
Rebuttal to Pro
My case literally gives the benefits of Plan Colombia, which is warranted as opposed to my opponent's warrantless claim therefore you prefer my argument, thus I have taken out Pro's only argument for his position.
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