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Resurrection is superior to other explanations of Christianity's origin

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Started: 5/11/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello all, I would like to discuss the topic of Christianity's origin. More specifically, the resurrection as being the true historical origin of the faith. I am aware of several competing explanation, i.e.

1. The disciples went to the wrong tomb
2. The disciples were lying
3. The disciples hallucinated

So on and forth, and I am definitely allowing my opponent to choose these traditional explanation, however, in this debate, I will of course be taking the side that Jesus indeed rose from the dead, but I will not restrict my opponent to just those theories I listed. If my opponent has some other theory, my opponent is more than welcome to put their theory forward .

Please keep this within reason though. For example, claiming UFO's came and took Jesus' body is certainly something you have the freedom to argue, but I do not think this will be very productive.

Also, this debate, no offense, is not being targeted to Muslims who believe Christ never died. That would be a debate for another time, as that is a debate over which religious text is correct (Bible or Quran) and thus outside the scope of what I am trying to accomplish.

To summarize, my opponent may argue against the resurrection using an alternative theory of their particular belief. I will argue for the resurrection. Round two we will get into it, but the first round will just be a statement of my opponent's theory and why it is correct.

Also, no videos.

Thank you


I was once formally a Christian, for 21 years to be exact, so I am very familiar with its teachings. Yes there is a Jesus Christ. But there is also a Martin Luther King, Beyonce, and your Next Door Neighbor.

The controversial debate about whether Jesus resurrected on the 3rd day is as irrelevant as the debate on whether water or milk is better to put in your oatmeal. The answer is it does not matter. But I can get into the politics:

When Jesus said to "Follow Me.." , he was not saying, Follow ME, physically, he was saying, Follow this way of living, way of life. The lifestyle in which understanding that God is in you. Much understood that we are not THEE God, (because clearly not one of us brought ourselves here and if we die life still goes on without us so clearly none of us is in charge) .. but PART of the whole collective, because God works through all human, and not your phone case or soap in the bathroom.

Nevertheless, Be mindful that Jesus was a carpenter,
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response but, you didn't give me an alternative explanation to the resurrection. Perhaps we can try again ?


Yes! I do not know why my whole argument did not post i was so upset about it, but this is the remainder of my first argument:

Nevertheless, Be mindful that Jesus was a carpenter, & he actually became as, "Woke", when he was actually in his thirties.

But all of this information is still irrelevant if you are catching on... because why are none of us as "special" as Jesus? Were all the same we bleed the same, die the same and none of us habve supernatural powers. Its pretty sick that God would make us praise another human who was alive centeries ago and to make us understand that we are beneath this "Jesus" figure, whom is simply a messenger that anyone has access to be..

But if you are still a bible head, Psalm 82:6 says, "I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High.' So we are actually all 'miniture' Gods... we know right from wrong. No one should tell you its wrong to kill your mom, you are born innately knowing that. And if you steal from someone and feel bad, you probably shouldnt be stealing. So with that being said, both you and I could write a book in the bible. For all the bible is, is man sharing their experience: "I did this and karma hit me this way so im just letting you know.." but we both know karma doesnt hit everyone 100% the same. So since we did not come out the womb with a man made book that you can buy out of a store......... you getting it yet? To pray and say "in Jesus Name" is as silly as saying, "In Obama's Name I pray" .. Nothing more nothing less.

And let me not get started with the topic of 'Language'... as if the bird in the sky calls itself a bird... thats God. As if the universe calls itself universe... no, thats what we named it to communicate w one another to understand what we are referring to and talking about. God doesnt even call itself God... what is water and fire really?? So amazing.. but thats what we call it here on Earth. So the Bible..................... especially translated over so much time, Ever played telephone? And Why is our modern day lessons and history not as important as the outdated communal practices of the Bible, Quran? You think 500,000 years from now they will be studying what jesus did? Why not what we did? We evolve together as humanity.. its forever & ongoing. So just as the bible isnt completely irrelevant. Because we are clearly here to learn from one another. (I wouldnt know where to begin to make the pixels on a phone work.. but someone can think of that, but i have an eye for Art!) Its just as relevant as your mom giving you her best advice.

And just for you to think about.. the fact that the bible even has ONE contradicting statement in it, should red flag you to just be a Good person. Or should we go back to the old testament and cover ourselves w goat blood everytime we want to repent our sins.... silly right? :)
Debate Round No. 2


My friend, I do not see anything in your responses that has any direct relation to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, or why you believe that something else besides a Resurrection occurred. To be clear, this particular debate was not about the inerrancy of Scripture, which I do believe in, but was only in regard to did Jesus rise from the dead. If you could in your next round provide me with an alternative explanation, and evidence supporting it.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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