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Started: 3/3/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You already know the rules b.


very well
Debate Round No. 1


1- What is the colour that best represents the emotion known as Contempt?

2- Would you kill 1 person to save the lives of 5 peoples?

3- What cake shall i get for my bday Wednesday?

4- What is 27 cubed, minus 9

5- Will Wolfy ever be addiction free?


1) Purple

2) yeah, i would feel terrible for it, but i would rather save 5 than kill 1

3) Dog food cake

4) Patrick star

5) No
Debate Round No. 2


6-Does dog food cake taste nice ?

7- Whod win in a fight, a hyena or a lizard ?

8- Why doesn't peach just dump mario?

9- What is the worst tv storyline You've witnessed ?

10- Who will win the FIFA World Cup in Russia?


6) Yes, for dogs lol

7) Hyena, 10 feet taller than a lizard

8) Because she needs him for the clout, and saving him from bowser again and again

9) when seseme street thought it was a good idea to give autistic people representation by creating a character with every stereotype they have

10) Putin, because he always wins
Debate Round No. 3


11- How much pizza is "too much" pizza?
12- Do you know how to bury a lizard?
13- Where do witches hang out when the cauldrons are occupied by other witches?
14-Which P is the most important P in the 7Ps of marketing? P
15- What's worse; dying from cancer OR living with lifelong mental health issues?


11) too much pizza

12)yes, use a shovel to did a hole, put the lizird in the hole, but dirt over the lizard

13) the waiting witch room

14) Pass

15) Dying from cancer
Debate Round No. 4


16) Would you rather have money, or, friends?
17) Where is Waldos' wife, Waldine?
18) Do you know how to get rid of a lizard ghost?
20)would you like to do answer all of your questions again?
Bonus) Where did 19 go?


16) freinds, because money makes you look bad nowadays

17) Cheating on him with mario

18) luigi, ive said enough

20) no

Bonus) its the bonus
Debate Round No. 5
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