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Revenge of an atheist

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Started: 8/9/2018 Category: Economics
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Revenge of an atheist

Few years ago I told my parents
That I was an atheist
That I don't believe in God
That I think God doesn't exist
They were outraged
They acted as if I was possessed by a demon
They quoted verses from Quran
Just so that they would cure me of my illness
I was outraged at their reaction
In the years that followed
I stopped studying and nearly failed high school
I just watched child porn and played video games all day
Today, Me being an atheist is their least concern
They are more worried about my problems with police and the law
They are more worried with my mental health
And all the disorders I developed over the years
I am glad that I caused them problems
I am their only child
Their only child is a failure
They must be really proud, Not
I am glad it turned out like this
If I was successful in life
It would be a reward for them
But instead, They experience punishment
They will never get over it
They will never forgive themselves


Were you there?
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by TRUMPMAGADONALDS 3 years ago
Oh, They haven't given up on converting me. They just assigned that role to my doctors (psychiatrist and psychologist). Psychologist tried to tell me to dedicate myself to religion. What an idiot she was. I mean, I don't know why is this so hard for the people to understand. Religions are just made up ways of controlling people and telling them what to do. That's all what religions are. None have managed to prove the existence of their Gods, Or that God guided them while writing instructions for the people.
And yet people have such a hard time rejecting religion. Maybe out of fear or loyalty. It took me awhile too, To realize that God doesn't exist. But in the end, I realized it before I turned 18 and became an adult. I just used my brain a little.

But if your goal is to convert me to your religion or to worship your God, I think you should probably abandon that if you don't want to worsen the reputation of your religion. Because I am a child molester, And having child molesters in your religion isn't good for publicity.
Posted by SHARINGISCARINGg 3 years ago
First of all, Is this even a debate?
Next, If this story is true, Then your parents handled it wrong. God tell us to talk to atheists with meekness and humility. To control your temper. To treat them as equals. And to make them your top priority. If your parents have given up on converting you, Then I am sorry. But that does not mean that it is to late.
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