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Richie is a weinie

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Started: 2/10/2017 Category: Economics
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Richie has a weinie therfore he is a weinie, his head is shaped like a weinie too
Debate Round No. 1


your argument is fallous in so many ways that i believe i cant even argue with such an imbecile anymore "boi why" really? have you seen his oddly phallic head?


Your spelling is amazing. Also isn't the word phallus not descriptive enough for this purpose? It's similar to saying something looks like a rock. Couldn't anything in theory look like a rock, as rocks come in many different shapes and sizes? Also the argument that you are something just because you have it is an interesting one because in a sense you are every part of your body. I mean you have an a**hole therefore you are an a**hole. Right?

Debate Round No. 2
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