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Right to be forgotten

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Started: 4/15/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As mobile phones and the Internet become increasingly popular, crimes are also increasing."Defamation, abuse, intimidation and sexual harassment...
In proportion to the total number of crimes, cybercrime now accounts for more than 50% of all crimes in the UK.(Source:National Crime Agency).The sentence "right to be forgotten" tells that we do not already have control over our individual information. And for these reason, I am against deleting Internet records.
Frist, people have a right-to-know.
It is of or pertaining to laws or policies that make certain government or company records available to any individual who can demonstrate a right or need to know their contents.
In times past private information was only being remembered by friends, family and neighbors' memories, very limited members. While we can get any data far more easily by just a few click keeping all sorts of information standardized dates nowadays. It means era is changing. So we have rights to get data we need and to know in proportion to this generation. Also to consider modern society is a democratic information society, right-to-know has to be guaranteed to realize freedom of speech.
Second, some can make bad use. The press posts update corruption of government and parliamentary on the internet. However, if the government or parliament can delete these information, we can not access them later. Accordingly, the government or parliament can use it to cover up their wrongdoing. Of course, other offline materials may remain. However, the impact of online is bigger than offline. So, deleting online data is also problematic.
For these reasons, I'm against I object to the right to be forgotten.


I would like to partially disagree with the premise of the debate. If we do not control our information on the internet then who does? I would argue that not even the government can enforce the right to be forgotten.

1. You state that people have a right to know. That somehow your curiosity into my personal business obligates me to reveal any information to you that you request. It does not. In the United States we have the right not to incriminate ourselves; its called the 5th Ammendment. If we had the technology to break into someone's mind to learn about them should we do it? No, it would be a violation of that person's rights. Unless I willingly make decision to volunteer my information publicly you have the right to nothing. If there is freedom of speech there is also the freedom to not say anything at all. You have no right to force information from me.

2. You say that corrupt governments can alter and delete information to cover up wrong doing. I say this is impossible. No one can delete information from the internet once it hits the public unless you spend all of eternity keeping it from being re-uploaded. Unless you prevent content from being uploaded in the first place you cannot protect information on the internet and this would be censorship not the right to be forgotten.

My argument is that it is impossible to be forgotten unless you have the resources to continue deleting information and preventing the reupload of such information. If anyone can actually pull of such a near impossible feat then they have every right to do so because the internet is free from any restrictions. It's a place where people are free to do anything they want. If they knowledge, ability, and resources to have themselves forgotten then they have every right to do so.
Debate Round No. 1


I see your point well. But I think you got the wrong point. :)
As you say, it may be impossible to disappear information.
But there are Bad Hidden Way

First, I have mentioned that we have a right-to-know only in a exposed information not to criminate by searching others' personal business. In other words, we have a right to know about some knowledge, info etc which are or were being released.

Second, you referenced unless you willingly make a decision to volunteer your information publicly I have the right to nothing. Yes, I don't have a right to anything, if you don't want your information to be publicly. But think about it, I don't have to search your personal business, and must not to do this kind of things. It is just a stalking. However we have a freedom to access any information we need and want . It's not about private businesses but about politics, society.

Turner said " Too many American media are owned by a small number of people in media, making it possible to manipulate such media" in a speech at the Common Wells Club in San Francisco in 2003. Because of this, It is possible to be forgotten in internet. Those in power of media can"t prevent the other media from uploading news. But they can delete them using their power.

You said it is impossible to delete information from the internet.

But it's possible. I'll give you an example. There's a job called cyber undertaker.
Cyber undertaker's job is to delete clients' unwanted posting, picture, and video. You may think it only pertains to the dead but it is not. They also erase contents that clients wanted not to be exposed. It do mean that we can delete the information. And many enterprises do that.

They grasp what their clients want and conclude a contract by calculating the details, goals, and costs of the work to be performed. And by using searcher, they search clients' information and delete it personally or ask the site to do so. More important thing is that famous entertainers and companies do use this service to manage their reputation.

And we are talking about right to be forgotten, not how to be forgotten.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dukeofpanda 3 years ago
sorry I got sick over the weekend
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