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Roasts #2

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Started: 8/16/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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"Alqwayda crashed into 9/11" - Matthew Girolami

First off, Matthew you are built like a f*cking phosphilipid. You're twig a** legs are attached to your f*cked up head.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, In this debate i will talk about the following points:
- your munted head
- your sister and your family
- your nonexistent social life
- the fact that no one likes you and you should commit
- youre a vegetable and possibly the most retarded kid i know
- how you are not good at anything and a waste of oxygen and food :)

In essence, You are a depressed ugly af aids inducing pile of crap that no one appreciates.


Thomas Yong,
You do enhancement biology as well as Physical education about the body, And yet you believe that my legs are attached to my head. You veggie motherf****r

I accept the debate and will address the following things (or should I say issues) about Tom.
- His lack of friends
- His social media insecurity
- His squinty eyes and tiny. . . .
- Having to get in 12vies due to having no social life.

Good luck
Debate Round No. 1


"Give Ms Rutledge Cardiac Arrest" - Matthew Girolami

- When I referred to your legs being attached to your head, It was a reference to the structure of a phopholipid which you seem to be oblivious about due to your lack of knowledge in all aspects of life.
- Its funny how you call me a veggie motherf*cker when your the one who is an underachiever and doesnt do any enhancements other than math, Which anyone can make it into.

Now to my substantive material, Firstly i will address the profound flaws in you as a person.
Your head is so munted i now understand why Alexa didnt want to speak to you. Youre scratchy a** beard is an embarrassment and i fail to see how you bear to look at yourself in the mirror. As for your twig arms and legs im surprised you can support your own weight, Youre the biggest p*ssy i know. How the f*ck breaks the collar bone whilst sitting down.

To my next point,
Youre the most unco person ive ever met. You are a disgrace to the sport of tennis. Your loss on the 28th of July against Max Getley (6-2)), On the 23rd of July against Miranda Wang (6-4), And on the 15tyh of Jun against Nelson Lu (6-3) is a testament to how sh*t you are at everything. You can even beat girls who are 5 years younger than you.


"People who have no education turn to art" - Thomas Yong

Well done Tom,

To rebutt, You seem to highlight my sporting failures and other 'achievements' however, I have no pressure on my academic results and will not be whipped by my parents for getting less than 90%. He accuses others including me for being try hards and yet your the one who s***s himself as he isn't getting a scholarship. Then attacks Francis for getting a scholarship trying to protect his own insecurity.
You also say that you have superior knowledge and how that you are in many different enhancements, But cannot use simple sentence structure to convey your points.

Now for the arguments, You like to show off that you have a great social life, I meant 600 followers on Instagram is a great amount, But for f**k sakes, When you need to ask your friends in a group chat to ask everyone to go and like your posts shows you lack of friends and your want for a social status that is greater than it is possible shows signs of depression and the want to have more friends.

To conclude, Your points against me, Well you called me dumb, Unco and a p***y. Whatever, You need to have more friends, And make sure that you don't have to f*****g pay them and suck them off to make sure that you make them your friend.
Debate Round No. 2


"Ebola is a protist" - Matthew Girolami

Matthew, You are not original and cannot think for yourself. You have no backbone just like you dont have a collar bone. I dont have pressure to succeed, And no i dont get whipped. Just becasue you can barely scrape by for a pass doesnt give u a reason to be jealous. Scholarships have no input on this argument as we both know that that word isnt even in your vocabulary. We both know that when someone starts criticising your f*cking sentence structure theyve lost the debate.
I love how you make fun of me asking for 6 people to comment and like my posts. Thats 6 more friends than you have you D*ck.

"When you need to ask your friends in a group chat to ask everyone to go and like your posts shows you lack of friends and your want for a social status that is greater than it is possible shows signs of depression and the want to have more friends. "

You illiterate f*ck, Do u even English! Youre only argument against me is the false perception that i suck people off and pay them to like me, Coming from the desperate one whos only friends treat him like sh*t. But you "get what you get and dont get upset" right? ! ? ! ? !

Now on to your family and sister. I love how you say i hit on your 12 year old sister. Shes turning 14 and it perfectly legal for me to be clapping them petite cheeks. Your just scared that im gonna be your brother in law and become the "son" that your parents never got. You know, The one who isnt r*tarded and an embarassment.

Jenny Girolami, Shes the most compassionate mum you can find. Im honestly surprised she managed to put up with your bullsh*t and hasnt commited yet. Like if i was living with you youd have to pay me if im gonna listen to you talk.

Matthew, I really feel sorry for you, But especially your family. Like i no wonder you have a sister. THE FIRST CHILD WAS A MISTAKE. Im sure your parents hoped for a less autistic child, Which they got luckily.

All in all, Your a mistake and no one loves you.

Hold my pocket. . . B*TCH


Tell me if you understand anything that.
Don't even f*****g know what you where on about in the last argument, Nothing was true, And to think that you have to involve my family, Dirty play.

Anyway, I will go after your family as well.
"Matt probably gives good t** jobs" - Thomas Yong.
You probably want to smash your two older brothers and Patrick probably has a better chance of getting with a girl than you do getting with a girl. You whole live will be living in the shadows of your brothers and not having anything to do with your life. Your best friend is probably Scott Carruthers.

I am surprised that your family is not on anti-depressants seeing as you are one of their kids, You could easily hook it up to them seeing as you try and chat up chicks from Brentwood. Ask them to hook you up with some anti depressants as everyone in your life needs them. "Get what you get and don't get upset" Yeah, That's what the mid wife said to your parents when they saw your f*****g head.

You know what, To say that I only have 6 friends is a complete and utter f*****g joke. You always accuse others of having no friends, But the only time you are allowed out of your room is when you have to go and fetch the new batch of anti-depressants.
Debate Round No. 3


Please forfeit i dont wanna make you commit xoxoxoxoxox
Debate Round No. 4


Good try tho
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
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