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Started: 8/16/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 1,693 times Debate No: 117745
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Roast each other and/or friends


Tom, Your Head.

Giro much like the "Al-QWAYDA" he believes "crashed into 9-11" is just as gay as the goat shagging ISIS messiahs who crashed that plane.

47 Ronin, You Gandhi, Pacifist being, Peace loving f**kwit, I hope you die of exhaustion just like those who work in the call centers of the country which you came from.

Vuk, #KosovoIndependence2019, I know as a Croation it might offend you but lets be real, Every country in the UN recognises them, Except for Trinidad and Tobago. . .
Debate Round No. 1


Lachy, I would love to refute your aforesaid arguments.

Firstly, You're the whitest piece of trash that has ever f***ing surfaced and therefore anything you say is rendered irrelevant.

Your loss to Keyan De la Mattoe (6-3 6-2) is a testament to the fact that your an unco piece of s***.

No joke, U Scottish bagpipe playing leprechaun looking gold pot a** asteroid head makes me wanna commit suicide.

GTFO with Your scratchy a** looking beard

I know your parents might pretend to like you, But not one single f****ng being other than them appreciates your existence so please f***ing die in a hole.


Tom, I get it.

Most immigrants like yourself usually do become insecure whenever races are brought into a conversation.

Probably explains how you turn into a first generation immigrant whenever you open your mouth or someone says something remotely offensive to you.

You Chairman Mao looking a**, Insulting those around you constantly cause you know your'e the easiest one to target.

Tom "Sum Ting Wong" Yong, Do us all a favor and die just like the rest of your comrade commie relatives that did in the Vietnam War.

Hold my pocket. . . B**ch

P. S. I may be a leprechaun, But I still have more money than your minimum wage earning livelihood.
Debate Round No. 2


aight i commend your arguement.

sooo. First of all you were smart in year 7 yea? Top of the year level. Then you let your big A** ego get the better of you and now youre a f*cking dropkick whos only way of relating to people is through depressing a** sarcasm.

We all really feel sorry for you, The only reason we let you in our friend group was because you probably were gonna commit suicide.

Your b*tch a** lox_design company is so unsuccesfull like who the f*ck puts triangles together as a f*cking hobby.

You and your 33 followers should go killl yourself :)


Ironic how you call it a friendship "group", Pretty sure you need at least one friend to define said group which we all obviously know is not the case for you Tom.

Honestly, The only thing smaller than my insta follow count is the list of people who rate you as a person.

Let's be honest the joke's on you though, My crappy "lox_design" company has earned more than you ever probably will in life, Although I suppose that isn't that impressive considering how your'e probably going to be on minimum wage.

At least I don't measure my worth by the amount of streaks I have with someone, Go back to the rice paddy's and try and earn some real cash, Cause at the rate your going you'll end up like everyone else in Vietnam.

F**king Homeless.
Debate Round No. 3


I love how you talk about me ending up homeless. Why dont you join the, 34, 972 homeless sh*t heads in Scotland, As of 2017

Lets skipp racial stereotypes and get personal for a sec

you're a white supremacist who has a face only a mother could love. An inbred incest loving redneck redhead piece of Sh*t.

You genuinely have no social skills and id rather commit suicide than try sustain a conversation with you. I dont understand how or why any of us even talk to you. Its like talking to a wall, But the walls a sarcastic piece of sh*t.

As for your personality, Its bubbly and optimistic but we both know that deep inside you wish u weren't born, We all wish you weren't born.

All in all,

You are a mistake of a human being :)


"Lets skip the racial stereotypes and get personal for a sec"


Even if it was true that's still f**king dumb, Also, Who the f**k describes me as "bubbly and optimistic"?

You say you'd rather commit (please do) than talk to me, But that is literally what you are doing right now.

Somehow I am a "wall"-like sarcastic piece of s**t, Yet bubbly, I want to die on the inside, Yet somehow I'm optimistic.

Your story is all over the place

You talk to me about love, When the closest your'e ever gonna get, Is talking about a 12 yr old behind her back

Who the f**k says "let me clap them cheeks", You sound like a rap*st

PS: What is the problem with stereotypes? As long as they are true
Debate Round No. 4


- its not a racial stereotype because its true and accurately represents who you are, .
- The closest im getting is " talking about a 12 yr old behind her back"? Umm shes 14 and its an open relationship #mattygroastmaster. Ive gone to 2nd base wbu? ! Doesnt count if its with your mum.
- U have no social life so anything u say about this holds no bearing

- your an scottish bagpipe playing leprechaun gold pot head asteroid looking white piece of trash
- You have no social skills or a social life
- You have no friends and we all feel sorry for you
- You have a pathetic attempt of a beard that looks like youre homeless
- youre head is a munted piece of sh*t
- youre dumb af
- No one likes you
- Pls commit suicide :)



Thought we were "skipping the stereotypes" because they were not true

Nvm its clear the best you have on me is that I'm a "Scottish bagpipe playing leprechaun. " Which is pretty original because I'm not Scottish. . . I don't play the bagpipes. . . And I have redish hair. . . Huh funny

I mean I'd rather have no social life than the one I have with you. I mean the more you keep saying it, The more insecure you're showing yourself to be

I mean wtf you're acting all formal with your bullet points but won't capitalize, For someone who does debating I thought you would have been better than this. I mean every single para has just been the same, Just cause you changed the format doesn't make points any less sh*t

Also btw you're a f**king rice farmer
Debate Round No. 5
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by Chloe_pattas_dad 3 years ago
Ooft Lachy won i agree with Lucinda. Hey lox baby you down for a threesome? ;)
Posted by Chloe_pattas_dad 3 years ago
Ooft Lachy won i agree with Lucinda. Hey lox baby you down for a threesome? ;)
Posted by Lucindaddy 3 years ago
Ooh lachy f*ck me daddy, You smashed tom in this debate
Posted by Stephgirodaddy 3 years ago
Even though tom yong is my daddy i still think lachy mac won the debate
Posted by TheRealMattyG 3 years ago
Lachy Mac easily won the debate - Tom, You lost you rice farmer
Posted by Matt452 3 years ago
I believe lachy macnamara won
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
Gosh darn it I wish I could have accepted this debate.
It would have been a lot of fun.
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