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Roblox is superior to every game in every way

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Started: 12/20/2018 Category: Games
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I think that robox is better than minecraft because it is good. People who play minecraft have never tasted the pure milk of roblox and they shall be damned. Minecraft is an old dumb game that is dead. However roblox still has millions of active players and tns of original games. I believe that minecrafts time is over and roblox is still shining. Roblox is better than COD, RDR2, Minecraft, Terraria, GoW, And every other game you can think of. Roblox will go down as the best thing to every grace humanity. Minecraft is inferior and roblox is superior. Roblox has the best graphics, Interface, Items, Player customization, And everything else. If you disagree you are wrong and a fuking bich
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