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Roblox sucks

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Started: 7/15/2014 Category: Games
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First round is acceptance.


Bananas are fun, lovely and should be made a religion. In fact, a country. Banana4eva!

Oh, wrong debate.

I accept nonetheless! :P
Debate Round No. 1


Reason #1: Minecraft does not offer as much of this "relationship junk". On Roblox you come to find that half the time, relationships are being made on there. Cyber dating. That's the word for it. Nobody wants to see this crap.

Reason #2: Minecraft may only have the survival part of it, but overall it's a fun game for all ages. In Roblox, you got the factors of having to make mods and watch tons of tutorials for stuff and such. On Minecraft, all you have to do is find the blocks you need and place them.

Reason #3: Roblox has tons of the same stuff over and over again. Obbys and war games being the biggest. On Minecraft, at least you've got the Hunger Games, Survival, Creative, Skyblock, Skygrid, etc. Who wants the same old stuff?


You aren't making a good debate, so much as listing points.
With Roblox, it takes what one can do in Minecraft and gives anyone the power to do whatever they please. Minecraft offers nothing more than building, and going through strenuous tasks of downloading maps and ip's. Minecraft costs a lot of money, and Roblox is completely free! To compare, you pay "40 to build a castle, or you can pay "0 for a variety of different things like obby's, puzzles, quizes, and roleplay. In Minecraft you will ALWAYS get one person who is decent at a game and the rest of the game full of 8 year olds screeching and disrupting play. Roblox is a peaceful, relaxing game. If you choose it to be.
Debate Round No. 2


Firstly, I would like to point out that Minecraft does in fact cost a fee as you said. Even though this is true, Minecraft only has that fee paid once. On Roblox, Builders Club is in fact an option. (Costing money as well.) But on Roblox, you only get the club type for a month, unless you pay the $60 fee for a year. Actually, make that fee (rounded) $130.00. On Minecraft, you ONLY pay ONCE. Therefore, you do NOT waste as much money as say you would on Roblox. Yes I realize that the Builder's Club membership is optional, but I also realize that on Roblox, if you want to buy certain types of stuff (clothes, decals, models, etc) you have to pay Robux for them. Robux is not something you get daily on Roblox, but you do get Tix. Basically, Minecraft won't include all this extra stuff costing more money if you want the full experience for the game.

Secondly, I would like to mention to the Con side that Roblox is NOT a relaxing game. If anything, way more children/kids under the age of 12 play Roblox. There's in fact many other annoying sides to this such as: Fellow players annoying you in the game by never leaving you alone, saying mean/hurtful comments to you, etc. On Minecraft, you won't have all this drama, and you even have the relaxing feeling of being at home while you tend to your garden, go mining, or even just fish. It's like real life but on a computer/video game! Roblox offers the idea of say playing a racing game, and having "noobs" running into you with a car, stealing it or more. Minecraft's only con, is the fact of griefing; but many servers add plug-ins so that people can't "grief" your house.

Griefing: The act of destroying someone/somethings home.



TheSIgmaGamer forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


hopester1111 forfeited this round.


TheSIgmaGamer forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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