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Robot Zombies vs Ninja Pirates.

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Started: 4/6/2014 Category: Technology
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ninja Pirates are fast and ruthless, but how do you stop a robot that's already dead, and eats the flesh of the living?


It seems that you have not clearly stated which of these two you are for. But nevertheless, I shall be con and therefore, I shall argue that a Ninja Pirate is obviously better than a robot zombie .

Let me start be defining 'zombie':
"A corpse said to be revived by witchcraft."

Now, let me define a 'corpse':
"a dead body, especially of a human being rather than an animal".

1) Now, let me begin this argument by saying how a Robot Zombie does not make sense, because a Robot is not a living object or person because a robot cannot Grow, eat and excrete, chemically respire, reproduce or be biologically sensitive. Therefore because of this, there is no way a robot can be zombie. A zombie would have needed to be alive ( whilst following the above factors of a living object).

2)Secondly, let me talk about how a Ninja pirate is obviously better than a robot zombie.
Pirates and Ninjas are both legendary anthropomorphised characters (often accompanied in the imagination of children) which would easily appeal to anyone. Ninjas, through the publicising of the media, has been seen as fighting warriors who constantly dwell in the darkness who carry a range of concealed weapons. Yet despite this, they are able to flawlessly move about in tactile combat.

Now, lets combine this with a pirate, who has the qualities of someone who is brave, has great leadership skills, present their battle wounds as trophies etc, would create one of the greatest beings in the world to live in the figment of our imagination.
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Debate Round No. 1


My apologies for not responding to this debate in a more timely fashion, for you see I was kicking Ninja Pirate butt with my awesome robot zombie. That's right, just me and one awesome robot zombie took out 125 Ninja Pirates in the course of an afternoon, and I didn't do anything.

Some of you may be wondering why didn't the Robot Zombie attack me. Well the answer is simple I am it's creator. Before he became a zombie I named him B.O.B. which is an acronym for Binary Ordinance Bionics. But after he became a zombie he prefers a new name, which is Grawwhh. It isn't an acronym it's the only thing he can pronounce.

My opponent says that robots cannot become zombies as this requires a living organism to become a corpse. He is partly correct, but let me ask, cant computers get viruses? And if the can get viruses can't these viruses cause fatal system failures?

B.O.B. was fine when I first created him. The first functional A.I. unit in the world. Till he became infected with the zmb.exe virus. He let me know he was infected after a compulsory systems scan. I asked him if there was a way to get rid of the virus, and he told me, "The only cure is to kill the host processsor, and that not even a complete reformat would work." I worked to find a cure anyways despite his repeated warnings for me to destroy him. He told me that once the virus took full control, then he could not guarantee my safety.

Days went by, and the changes were sudden. His ability to do mathematical computations was the first thing to start to fail. It started with a break down of more complex equations, and devolved into an inability to compute addition, and subtraction. He was at this time still able to reason, and persuaded me to destroy him still. But I was close to something. After several scans I found that the zmb.exe virus attacks the programming that allows for artificial intelligence by erasing replicating blocks of code that once was able to re-write itself, and writing in it's own code that broke down processing capabilities. I wasn't able to counteract this, but I was able to write code that would ensure my safety. I wrote code that made sure both B.O.B. and the virus that corrupted him would see me as ally.

All of this was not too soon, for shortly after writing in my code, B.OB. suffered fatal failure, and in computer terms had died. This lasted for approximately 25 seconds, and then he began to reboot. He was different than before, his speed was still there. I witnessed this when he lunged towards an unfortunate soul who had come knocking at my doIor. I yelled for him to stop, but before I could open my mouth to utter the words he had torn the poor soul's intestines from his body. After recomposing myself, and rinsing the vomit from my mouth I went to investigate what was left of the eviscerated corpse that lay at my doorstep. It had on a ninja mask, and a tri-corner hat, and carried a blunder-buss, with shuryken, about 6 tied to his sides. In his belt was a scroll. I opened it to find that it was an order of assassination placed upon me. What had been horror at what hapened earlier turned to relief, and I looked at B.OB. who was now standing there looking at me with an empty expression. I looked at the corpse, and his eyes followed mine to the carnage he had created, and my eyes once again met with his. And for one brief moment there seemed to be a hint of reason, or purpose in those eyes. And I asked him, "B.OB.?" And he responded back with one sound that let me know that he and I were on the same team. That sound was "Grawwwhh!"


I am amazed by your writing skills which I would consider far more than your 'ordinary' creative writing. But nevertheless, you have written a story about a 'existent robot who became a zombie' but you have failed to actually present your reasons why robot zombies could be better than the awesome Ninja Pirates.

That set aside, I shall continue. Ninjas originate from the mysterious province of Hiroshima in Japan. Ninjas are secretly trained and have been since the Shoto dynasty. There, they were trained to high standards and were provided with your basic weapons such as the katana, Nun chucks and ninja stars. Ninjas were trained to protect the province and the people from foreign marauders. To do this, the Ninjas are trained to employ both guerrilla warfare and also mainly frontal combat. Everything about the Ninja has a purpose and in terms of their combat, it is a paradox because 1) Ninjas don't give a crap about anything. 2) Despite not giving a crap about anything, Ninjas are precise and thorough by default.

Why are pirates so cool?

Because they arrr. Okay?

Now, I will talk about the awesomeness of Pirates.

Pirates have originated from numerous locations: For those of you who are up to date with current affair, you will know that there are plethoras of ‘Pirates’ in the North East of Africa, in the Middle Eastern Sectors and also in West Asia. For all you Disney aficionados, you will be familiar with a certain class much different to those in the Africa’s known as the ‘Gay Pirates’ who are commonly situated in the West Indies.

Pirates murdered innocents for loot, food and profit. This is said to have occurred in large groups of these pirates and are said to have travelled in master-built ship designed to hold strong under resistance. What could be cooler than this...?

Now what happens when we combine these two types of people? You get black pirate ninjas who have beards and instead of pistols and daggers, they carry katanas, nunchuks and throwing stars. You cannot see it, but Ninja Pirates have stealthy invisible transport ships. This is perhaps the best combination of two different figments of our imagination that has ever been possible.

Debate Round No. 2


My opponent states that I have not presented any reasons why Robot Zombies are better than Ninja Pirates, even though In the opening of my previous argument I stated clearly that my Robot Zombie single-handedly took out 125 Ninja Pirates. Now I will further demonstrate why Robot Zombies are better than Ninja Pirates.

1. Have you ever seen Terminator? Linda Hamilton couldn't kill Arnold Schwarzenegger with a shotgun, and that was before the movie began filming.
What use are a Ninja Pirates weapons against that of something have a strong metal base. Let's see. Swords? Only in anime.
Shuryken? Great against flesh, but will just bounce right off of the metal base. Blunderbuss? Just makes a loud noise.
2. It took all of the resources, and luck that Sarah Connor had to stop the T-800; a primitive base model in comparison to the later T-models. She barely survived. I would expect that a Ninja Pirate would have better luck, but let's break things down some more. Ninjas are stealthy, crafty. Pirates on the other hand are loud, drunken, disorderly. When you combine the two together more often that not the pirate side takes over, and they give away their positions.
3. A robot's strength is only limited by it's mechanical, and structural integrity. A Ninja Pirate is still a weak human no matter how strong.
Now on to the reason why zombies are cool. Zombies are cool, because they're zombies. Watch any zombie movie, usually the zombies win against humanity. Now let's do some math Robots*awesome*zombies^2 = awesome Robot Zombies ^2. Which are far more superior than Ninja Pirates.


I will begin this R3 argument by simply saying how your r2 argument is somewhat just a story in which you use this to prove your points for the Robot Zombie. But once again, this is just story and you cannot use what is in this story as evidence and justifications for your argument unless, you have solid evidence and have provided sources. Some examples of this include:

1)“... For you see I was kicking Ninja Pirate butt with my awesome robot zombie. That's right, just me and one awesome robot zombie took out 125 Ninja Pirates in the course of an afternoon, and I didn't do anything.” Firstly, I don’t even want to comment on this apart from saying that this is just a textbook example of a story. For example if I was in your situation, I would say: ‘me and a gang of Pirate Ninjas were about to go to war with 10000 robot zombies, but I found out that they had already killed them all whilst I was blinking’. As you can see to my example (which I made up just now) which is parallel to SkepticDude’s, you can see that this is a story and has no value as a justification to your argument.

2)“Some of you may be wondering why the Robot Zombie didn’t attack me. Well the answer is simple I am its creator.” Assuming by the beginning of the story that the Robot Zombie is actually a robot by this time, you say that the only reason why this Robot Zombie did not attack you, is because of the fact that you are its creator. Allow me to carry on by saying:

2.i. Saying ‘Robot Zombie’ does not make sense. This is because what you are meant to say is ‘Robot’ in which it would become a ‘Zombie Robot’, not the other way round.

2.i.i. Robots and Zombies (according to Asimov’s three laws), are not able to/have difficultly to differentiate from humans and so far to date, no one has actually created a robot which is able to tell apart humans. According to this, your robot would not be able to recognise you as a creator. But once again, may I point out that the extract I used was from a larger piece of text deemed as a story and nothing but a story.

3) “B.O.B. was fine when I first created him. The first functional A.I. unit in the world. Till he became infected with the zmb.exe virus... ...I witnessed this when he lunged towards an unfortunate soul who had come knocking at my door.Excuse for not copying all of this, but I ask you to refer to SkepticDude’s R2 argument and ask yourself if this 400 word extract had any value as a justification of his argument or whether this is just an unnecessary collection of words.

Now, to begin my R3 argument, I will talk about the weaknesses of Robots and Zombies and then combined, and then how the Ninja Pirate (the progeny of a ninja and pirate) how use this as an advantage.

1)” What use are a Ninja Pirates weapons against that of something have a strong metal base.Pro states that robot zombies consist of strong metal. Because of this, I ask you this: Surely the more metal used to reinforce the said ‘robot zombie’ would slow down the robot due to the quantity and mass of the metal used. A zombie is often regarded and portrayed as mindless creatures that are slower than humans who have poor agility and coordination.

One of ninja’s main skills is his stealth. In a battle dependant of stamina, agility and speed, the ninja would surely win.

Fact: Zombies and Robots would not be able to recognise and use items such as doors with handles, fences, electrical appliances, basic weapons and stairs.

Contradiction: If you were to create a robot (most likely for friendly reasons), you would make sure that you creation could not pose a threat to you or anyone else (otherwise, you would be a risk to humanity or just a really bad roboticist) because you cannot know if your robot will malfunction and be prone to malware. In you is ‘case’, your robot as example of this.

2) We are assuming that this robot zombie consists of possessed metal. The majority of people know that the main material to cut or figure metal is metal. Ninjas are deemed to be wise and nothing dictates what a ninja can and cannot use as a weapon, so in retrospect, surely a ninja you learn to use any weapon it finds e.g. a ninja pirate could find a wieldable blade or wheel saw. A wheel saw could cut the robot.

Robots are not immortal. Neither are Zombies.

To sum up what I have said. 1) A ninja pirate could overcome a robot pirate due to the ninjas speed and due to a robot being slow due to its reinforced metal structure. 2) A robot only has limited knowledge of weapon incorporated violence (In the case of being introduced a new weapon, would take longer to understand how to use it than a human). A ninja pirate is wise and would have more familiarity with a wider range of weapons and could therefore be easily able to use a range of weapons against a robot ninja.

Ninja Pirates would win.


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by NiamC 7 years ago
This is actually quite a interesting but silly debate. But who cares anyway.
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