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Rocky was there ever a better movie in this genre

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Started: 4/13/2014 Category: Movies
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As an avid movie goer , I am still struck by the fact that I still after all these years have not seen a film that I enjoyed more than Rocky

Rocky - a guy from the wrong side of the tracks , a man with a good heart , who finally gets a chance to make it big

Adrian- shy girl working in a dead end job living with an abusive brother who after meeting
Rocky blossoms and grows as a woman and person

Apollo Creed - the champion and showman who gives Rocky a chance.

A love story ( Rocky and Adrian ) , a story of never giving up , of doing the right thing of treating people with respect and an ending where even though Rocky loses the fight he realizes he has won so much in the experience


I almost overlooked this debate, but I would hate to look back one day and realize that I 'could've been the contender'.

Rocky is, undeniably, your stereotypical feel-good underdog boxing film. It separates itself from other movies in its genre by also being an excellent character piece. It effectively tells two compelling stories- that of a struggling athlete and his completely separate romance. That dual-story is the reason this movie is so often seen as superior to others like it. Movies like Warrior are perhaps better on the athletic side, but miss the mark on a personal level. Films like Aronofsky's The Wrestler are emotionally gripping, but don't have the adrenaline contributed by meaningful and well choreographed fight scenes (not that The Wrestler ever was intended to be any type of sport film).

However, the movie that I would propose is equal or better than Rocky is Scorsese's Raging Bull. It may not have the popular appeal of Rocky, but its scale is much greater. It focuses on the whole man (De Niro) showing boxing as part of him, while Rocky tells of a boxer who also happens to have a personal life. Ultimately, after viewing the two side by side, I suggest that one would have to admit that Raging Bull has the most intrinsic value, although Rocky may have the most entertainment value.
Debate Round No. 1


While I would agree that Raging Bull was an excellent film , I feel it was very different from Rocky in many ways.
1) It was about a real person
2) It was hardly an uplifting film
3) It show Lamotta as a violent wife beater who could not really control his anger

It was a completely different film and did not leave the warm fuzzy feeling that Rocky did


I agree with every one of your points. However, our definition of 'best' is what differs. As I stated before, Rocky may be the most entertaining movie about boxing. However, using Merriam-Webster's definition of best, we must choose the movie which is "better than all others in quality or value", not what leaves a warm fuzzy feeling. In this case, because of its scale and the greater philosophical depth of the film, Raging Bull is clearly best.
It has been a pleasure debating, pro. Good luck in the votes.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Geogeer 7 years ago
While I wish I could comment on this debate, I have not seen Raging Bull and am thus unable to render a verdict on this debate.

Well debated for a short debate.
Posted by bhealey 7 years ago
by flick do you mean movie in general or a specific genre of movie? and all of the movies or just the first?
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Reasons for voting decision: Con defined what qualifies as the "best" and demonstrated better reasoning as to why Rocky was not the best compared to another movie.

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