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Running Sucks

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Started: 5/21/2013 Category: Health
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round for acceptance


I am accepting this debate. I as pro have the burden of proof! I will be proving the following resolution:
Resolved: Running sucks.

(Because my opponents resolution is not so awesome I will provide framework for this round!)

The resolution in its own way is flawed. To make the resolution fair for both sides, I propose a counter plan/resolution. Instead of basing all of my arguments on saying that "running sucks", which is clearly not true because can be healthy and can be fit way to live, I will say that there is different alternatives to running that are more efficient and help to lose weight or stay fit faster and longer.

peterthepoledancingPANDA has failed to present his own framework, so we must follow my better and easier framework for this round.

With this all being said, I look forward to my opponents response!
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent has changed this debate. We are debating whether or not running is enjoyable. providing alternatives is not what this debate is about. I reject Masterdebatr's Framework and will provide my own.
Framework: Running is un-enjoyable
for the ease of this debate, I would like to provide a definition.
SUCKS: To move your move in a slurping manner over a shaft
sucks: unenjoyable, not fun, dangerous, ineffective.

1. There arn’t THAT many hot people running.
The article states that runs are “full of hot bodies in very little clothing”. Pffffft. First, that shouldn’t be your motivation. Second, people are hotter elsewhere and third, even if they are hot they are likely to be running AWAY from you. Lastly, you runners in Minnesota, how many “hot” runners did you see running January 26th?

2. Running is not physically safe, part I.
Running is high-impact activity that is wearing down your joints and ligaments. You don’t get that cartilage back that you lose when you jog. Though if you don’t otherwise use your knees and ankles in your daily life this isn’t an issue.

3. Running is not physically safe, part II.
Not to mention physical safety! Depending WHERE you run you may encounter uneven terrain, speeding cars, killer lions/bears/etc, right-wing militia members, invisible fences, and/or cast members of Jersey Shore just to name a few.

Runners get attacked.
Every year thousands of joggers are attacked by supernatural wildlife.

4. Running is just plain boring.
Ok, granted, this one is highly objective. But going jogging is boring. You need to spend SOOOO much time running to get any benefit. Grooooaaaaan! Work me out hard for 15 minutes and give me the rest of the time to watch a movie, play tennis, go to dinner, read, takeover a small country, pry off my eyelids with a butter-knife, BASICALLY anything but run.
He's not tired. He just made it as far as he could before getting bored.
He's not tired. He just made it as far as he could before getting bored.

5. Most importantly – and fundamentally – running is probably not leading to how you actually want to look.
This is the real crux of the issue isn’t it? Yes, you exercise for health and other reasons, but you probably want to look better too. Everyone does. So now for the bad news for runners: running doesn't’t make you look good. In fact, quite the opposite. Take the best-in-class athletes in other sports, which ones do you want to end up looking like? These are people who train specific for that sport and end up built for that activity. In the photos below, which one(s) are closest to the way you would like to look?
Different sport body types


I would like to point out that my opponent has presented arguments that help my case.
So for my first and only argument.... I agree with all his points!
I look foward to my opponents next speech!
Debate Round No. 2


peterthepoledancingPANDA forfeited this round.


Masterdebatr91 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: I was a little confused. Con is against that running sucks, and Pro is supposed to be for it. :/