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Russia being banned from the Olympics was a good desicion

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Started: 2/8/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First Round Acceptance
Second Round Arguments
Third Round Rebutt
Fourth Round Counter Rebutt

Good luck


I hereby accept the challenge
Debate Round No. 1


Intro: Judge, my name is Santa288 and I am on the Opposition side of this debate. Arguing that Russia"s punishment was a perfect punishment and that it should not be taken away.

Russia has been punished before.
In 2008 7 Russian Track athletes manipulated urine samples, they were suspended.
In 2010 20 Russian athletes partake in widespread doping. They were all banned
In 2014 was the first example of government sponsoring Russian Doping. Which led to the Russian head of athletics being banned and the Russian doping experts were also banned.
In 2015 40 Russian Athletes participated in widespread, coach-sponsored doping that led to 40 athletes suspended, the Russian head of athletics banned, the top russian coach was banned and the russian anti-doping foundation was banned.
And now (2018) 51 Russian athletes were caught participating in widespread, government-sponsored doping. Russia was banned from the olympics.
Source: "Doping Scandal:Wasa to decide whether or not Russia is in compliance with the code by Rachel Axon on USA today.
Russian athletics officials supplied banned substances in exchange for 5% of an athlete's earnings and falsified tests together with doping control officers
Mariya Savinova saying that contacts at a Moscow drug-testing laboratory had covered up her doping
Russian long-distance runner Liliya Shobukhova allegedly paid 450,000 euros to cover up her positive doping result.
Reviewing 7289 blood samples from 2737 athletes from 2001 to 2009, a report found that the number of suspicious samples from "Country A" notably exceeded other countries. According to the study, that country was Russia
Judge, what do you do when a child keeps on not listening to you? You impose harsher and harsher punishments until they do. It is Russia"s own fault that they got banned, and they need to learn not to use performance-enhancing drugs

Russian Athletes can still compete
51 Russian athletes took part in the widespread doping scandal that was supported by the government
There are 9 athletes who did not (CNN by David Stokes)
If those 9 athletes pass clean, then they can still compete in the olympics
They would compete under the name of Olympic Athlete from Russia
Therefore, the athletes who did nothing wrong are not punished and are still able to compete
There are 1186 athletes who are clean and have done nothing wrong.
There is a majority of clean athletes (99.5%)
Why should the 99.5% of clean athletes lose medals to those who used drugs? (
95% of the time, when doping is used, those dopers score much higher than those who do not dope (Statista)

Russia costs the IOC millions of dollars
When Russia was being investigated for the widespread doping, th IOC was forced to spend 10 million dollars
Russia being banned is punishment for both that and the doping. (Statista)
Therefore judge, if the proposition says that it was unwarranted from 1 of those things, there are 2 causes to the punishments. Russia should be happy they are not getting double the punishment then what they got in 2015!

Outro: Judge, my name is Santa288 and this is why the Opposition should win this debate.


Banning all of Russia for doping was well, pretty dopey. Pun intended.

I would like to define “the wrong decision” as a decision that is ultimately unfair for the majority of the Russian population.

I must prove that it is fair to punish a country as a whole for a small group of bad people in that countrymust prove it is unfair to punish the majority of the Russian population and athletes for something a small group of athletes did.

Point One: The Majority of Russian Athletes did nothing wrong
51 Russian athletes have been caught doping, creating this ban ( However, there are 278 Russian olympic athletes who are clean and can go to the olympics ( There is no evidence proving that the government supported the doping among the 51 athletes (NY times, Washington Post). If a supermajority of russian athletes did nothing wrong, why should they be punished for the 51 who did? While Russian athletes are allowed to compete under a neutral flag, that is not what the olympics are about. Several former olympians, including 4 time 200 meter champion Andrey Fedoriv have been upset that the whole country is being punished for something a small percentage of athletes did. ( Andrey Fedoriv said: “Competing in the Olympics is not about winning gold medals. It is winning honor and respect for your country” ( There's been no suggestion of any wrongdoing by reigning two-time world figure skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva Medvedeva's teammate Alina Zagitova, also a medal contender for Pyeongchang, was just 11 during Sochi. Sports like figure skating and curling have seen some accusations of wrongdoing by athletes around the time of the Sochi Olympics, but no cases have resulted in bans.

Point Two: Economically the wrong decision
Russia accounted for 23% of all olympic earnings in 2016, including watchers, and athletes. (Statista) Russia currently provides 1.46 billion dollars to the olympics (Statista) Russia is threatening a ban of the olympics if the ban is not repealed (Chigago Tribune, “Russia enraged” by Andrew Roth” Therefore, the Winter Olympics would cost South Korea 1.46 billion dollars Currently, the Winter Olympics have costed South Korea $11 billion dollars ( With South Korea as a U.S ally, they need to make a profit from the Olympics in order to maintain a good economic standing. The estimated total profit of the Olympics without Russia is 10 billion dollars. Therefore, the Winter Olympics would not make a profit for South Korea and would put the government in even more debt, therefore making them less able to defend themselves against superpowers China and South Korea That is just one year of the olympics Russia has claimed they will boycott the next 10 olympic events if the ban is not repealed. (Russia Has Been Banned From the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here's What to Know by Joseph Hincks on TIME) If we estimate the how much Russia gives the olympics every year, if this ban is not repealed, the olympics would lose $14 billion 600 million dollars. That is a kind of economic crash we cannot allow Also, Russia had to pay $15 million to the IOC for something that only a few athletes did that was not government-sponsored. (CNN, by David Stokes)

Point Three: Other, worse offenses did not result in a blanket ban
“Allegations have been made about other countries,” Roger Pielke said. “WADA and the IAAF in particular face the criticism that they’re just responding to the media rather than facing the issue head-on. If Russia is penalized in some way, they would be on solid ground to say, `Why not treat every sporting nation similarly with the same approach?’ And they’d be right.” American cyclist Lance Armstrong made the same argument about himself after getting a lifetime ban by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. He believed he was unfairly singled out as a high-profile target during an era when doping was rampant in cycling. In 2012, the USADA said Armstrong’s cycling team “ran the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.” He and other riders still were punished according to the evidence as individuals and were not subject to a blanket ban that could have punished innocent riders. The USADA stripped him of all seven of his victories in the Tour de France, and the IOC took back the bronze medal he won at the 2000 Summer Olympics. (USA today, Pros and Cons to banning Russia from olympics, by Brent S.”

Point Four: Other, more dangerous nations will be participating, so why can’t Russia?
What do you think is more serious, 51 athletes doping, or an entire country threatening to launch nukes at the U.S and defies the UN’s nuclear laws? Obviously the second, yet North Korea will still be at the 2018 Winter Olympics (CNN) Why should North Korea participate after breaking multiple laws that affect the safety of all citizens and Russia not? Iran, one of the nations with the highest concentration of terrorists, is also competing in the Winter olympics. Iran is also working on a nuclear program and regularly burns U.S flags in the street. (The guardian) Why should these two nations participate in the Olympics after doing things much more severe then what Russia did? There were 278 athletes who did not cheat. (Statista) However, it is reported that 90% of the athletes in both those countries I mentioned doped, yet they are not punished at all! (USAToday)

Thank you, and I await Pro rebuttals
Debate Round No. 2


I am unable to refute my opponents argument since he has stumped me. I may be able to later after thoroughly reading it through.


I thank Pro for forfeiting the debate, and I wish him good luck in the future.

Arguments extend

Rebuttal to: Punished in the past
If Russia has been punished before, why would this time be any different?

Rebuttal to: Can still compete
As I already stated, Several former olympians, including 4 time 200 meter champion Andrey Fedoriv have been upset that the whole country is being punished for something a small percentage of athletes did. ( Andrey Fedoriv said: “Competing in the Olympics is not about winning gold medals. It is winning honor and respect for your country” according to

Russia costs the IOC millions of dollars
However, Russia will cost the IOC 1.46 billion dollars if the ban is not lifted, which is more then the 10 million dollars mentioned by my opponents

Voters, please vote for me. I have rebutted all the opposing arguments and all of my arguments still stand.

Debate Round No. 3


I am not that good of a debator and also I am new to this. I just want to put out their that I have a significant amount of research on my side of this debate. So I should win


I would like to refute the argument that said that my opponent should win because he has more reserach by saying I had about 2,000 more characters. (I counted)

Arguments extend

Rebuttals extend
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by PinkSheep123 3 years ago
Hence my argument
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
No its racist, ban those involved not the whole country.
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