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Russia is a new dominant power in Middle East

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Started: 9/12/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As you know, Syrian issue took a new step, after Russian federation suggested a plan to regulate "chemical weapon" problem (transer all Syrian war-chemical capacities to UN).

After Barack Obama failed negotiations in Congress and gave a chance for Russia to enter the game with their rules, all American positions in Middle East have become misirable.

For USA, from this time point, it's doesn't matter what will be later. If USA will continiue agressive politics on Syria, all world comunity will raise against. If USA let Russia push themselves around and USA will refuse from their "peace-keeping" operation, Russian influence will become much more significant in this region.

So, Russian Federation will dominate this region for next several years.


Hello, basically I know all news about this region and this situation. And I can't agree with you, that Russia is a new dominant power in Middle East. Honestly I don't like all western policy, because they all think only about power and money, not about people. So what about Russia. Yes, I respect Russia, how they always sometimes with China resist Western countries. But I don't think that Russia is a new dominant power there. Syria is independent country with own rules. Yes, there is violence. It's bad. I hope that they themselves and with help of other arabian countries will solve this problem.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, I think we are talking about Russian influence and USA influence in Middle East region. Whether it's a violence or not, ifluence still exists. So, it's doesn't matter independent Syria or not. After such polical games, Syria will be play on Russian side. And I have some arguments:

1. "Assad regime" is winning the war against rebels. Almost all cities is under control now. As we know, "Assad regime" is pro-russian.

2. USA with their huge externa debt (over 17 trillions, data by Wiki) will cut their budgets and especialy in external decisions. At least this situation will continiue until Republicans will win. The war was their only chance to support such big external debt.

3. Also we can see interesting tendencies in USA society. People is turning to Russian side. My point of view based NOT only on mostly subjective opinions of CIS mass media. Many organizations and journalists located in USA and other NATO counties talks about that. For example "The Atlantic" with their topic: "Beyond Airstrikes: On Syria, Ask 'What Would the Godfather Do?", or even "The Times" with topic: "We can"t stop the world, we can"t get off".

So, I think the situation is clear. USA is loosing this political battle on every fronts.


All right. You have very strong arguements. And I can not disagree with you, but let's look at other arabian countries such as Egypt, Lybia, Turkey, who with the help of the west overthrow their rulers. And what Russia?
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by StarTrek 5 years ago
*New* is relative. They were huge in the Middle East during the 1960s and 1970s. But no, the only reason why some of them are allies with Russia is because all of them hate the US.
Posted by anonymouse 5 years ago
wow. what a joke. russia's only ally in the middle west is Syria. on the other hand, the u.s regime has dozens of pupet regimes. qatar, saudi arabia, turkey, and israel, just to name a few. russia is barely even a dominant power in the former ussr, where the u.s regime has also picked up many client states.
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