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Sabaton one of the best power metal bands

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Started: 2/16/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm pretty new to this but two years ago I fell in love with a power metal band. One particularly from Sweden. Their name i s Sabaton. I never heard of this band till i wiki'ed a book called a higher call and looked at the popular culture section and saw that This band made a song called No Bullets Fly. I played the song and instantly got hook. The scores in the song just fit. within a minute i was head banging to the song.

I started to listen to all of their other songs, they were well made as well. Some sounded familiar to another song, ad yes there were a few that sounded simplistic. But it's that mastery of simplicity that makes Sabaton good. Metal Machine is a beautiful song , that has a great mix of bass guitar, vocals and drums. The song truly is a master piece.

Now I know there are some of you who like Hammerfall, DragonForce, Helloween etc. Yes they are great bands as well, an sabaton is by no means better or worse than these other bands. DragonForce is most notable for their 200 fret (or something like that I can't remember.) speed in their songs. Although young, I believe Sabaton earned its right to sit with these other Power Metal legends.

Tat's it and i would like to see how this turns out .


Sabaton is not simply "one of the best"

It is "The best"
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Posted by 46571 2 years ago
Sabaton are indeed a great band.
Posted by Sovcody2 2 years ago
Never heard of it, might try it.
Posted by Forthelulz 2 years ago
Excuse me? Manowar is love, Manowar is life.
(But yeah, Sabaton is pretty epic.)
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