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Same Sex Marraige

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Started: 1/15/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe same sex marriage should be legal in all countries, and shouldn't even be up for debate because everyone has equal rights. My first reason is a little weak, but There is literally no valid reason that same sex marriage should not be allowed, In the Declaration of Independence, it states that, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..." ( ) which means that everyone was created equal. The reason Same sex marriage should be legal is because we have no right to say who can marry who, or who can be happy, and who cant be happy, its absurd that people will say No to others being happy.


Another debate where ill be the underdog. But let me address your points.

1st you say that same sex marriage should be legal. Well it can be legal but to argue that is should be legal, no. When you say should that means that we the people, and the government have some obligation to allow same sex marriage and no.

2nd you bring up happiness , marriage doesn't equate to happiness. Everybody has the right to be happy should have it. Also should 14 year old be allowed to drive if it makes him happy? Should a 15 year old be allowed to watch a rated-R movies that is a parent? I believe all these are thing thats could be okay but to say that we are obligated to do so is another issue.

My points
People should (obligated) have the right to do things that are naturally given to them at birth and that is freedom and liberty. Marriage is just a word. Marriage can be for a man and a woman, and let same sex be called something else but have the same rights as a couple like most states have in place with a civil partnership/union. People are so wrapped up in the word and the tradition behind it. Let the people keep their tradition and same sex start there own tradition. Give it a different name but with similar rights.

From my understanding people just want to have equal rights, blacks, white, heterosexuals, homosexuals, etc. Give them equal rights , with a different name and both sides of this argument might just be happy.
Debate Round No. 1


The reason Marriage was even made was because of Love, Love is happiness, It is not our jobs to decide that people cant get married because they love the same gender, that's like saying Black people cant marry White people... It makes absolutely no sense as to why people cant marry whom they please, and others just accept it, but I guess politics have to be involved in everything. As a Human Being, we are all born with the same rights, and Marriage is part of that, Why should I get to marry someone who I love, but a homosexual cant marry someone they love, that's disgraceful. Did you know that over 400 species show signs of Homosexuality? but only 1 shows signs of Homophobia, so honestly, humans are worst than animals if they wont allow homosexuals to be happy, I mean, they still are humans, just with a different love.


MilataryDude01 I love your passion for this subject but you haven't addressed none of my points from round 2 nor respond to my rebuttals.

My rebuttal to your statements in round 2:
"The reason Marriage was even made was because of Love, Love is happiness" - your quote from round 2

Where did you get that information from? Its logical to think that and in a perfect world many people want to believe that but is that really true? A lot of marriages from hundreds and even thousands of years ago were forced marriages to spouses they barley or not know at all. Even today people are forced/get into marriage for a variety of reasons such as, financial reasons, sexual reasons, status, baby, expectations and etc. Marriage does include love, yes, but that is not always the case.

Like I said in round 2, People at the end of the day just want equal rights. Give people that want same sex marriages equal rights and just call it something else. Why? First, the term marriage has been tainted and 50% of all marriages end in divorce anyway. Second, homosexuals are in a great time in history, they have the opportunity to start something entirely new and begin there own traditions that can run parallel to marriage. Why do this?

Because it can save a lot of tax payers dollars over useless debates and precious time and efforts that could be used in other areas.

The State of Utah is planning on spending 2 million dollars (tax payers money) to fight for gay marriage in 2014

John Boehner (R) (US Speaker of the House) just spent over 3 million dollars (tax payers money) opposing gay marriage in 2013

In Pennsylvania taxpayers have to pay a law firm at least $400 an hour just to fight gay marriage.

When will it stop?? Both side have their own reasons and unlimited time, effect and passion to keep this fight on so give the people what they really want and that is just equal rights but just a different name. This will save time and effort and our tax dollars could go to something that is actually worth debating
Debate Round No. 2


I completely agree on that people are wasting time and money on something that shouldn't even cross a smart persons mind, then again, the government is messed up right now and have no common sense. But I disagree on how Same Sex Marriage should have to make their own group when in reality, common sense should show people that, If they don't like Same Sex marriage, than don't marry someone of the same sex... I mean, its ridiculous how Me, a 13 year old, could come up with more common sense in my sleep than the entire government... (Exaggerated a bit) But seriously, I don't like how people care so much about keeping it ban when it would save time, and money, just making it legal.. Cant you agree on that? I mean, Honestly, Who cares enough to waste time and a lot of money, on preparing a case on something that isn't their business (Im referring to the people who want to keep Gay marriage banned)


Anakin forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by hidude398 6 years ago
Good job both of you. You both respect rights of others. I'd send a net high five!
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