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Same Sex Marriage

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Started: 12/21/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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People DESERVE rights. In the 50s interracial marriages were considered illegal. As of now, it is unjust. Denying marriage to two people who love each other is against equality.


Same sex marriage is a tough issue; AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED AND I'LL EXPLAIN WHY
It divides families, splits political parties, splits people and splits the society. Marriage is only made for two people; a man and a woman, even if you don't look at it from a religious perspective, this is what nature is all about; love within marriage can only be between a male and female. How can two males or two females have intercourse with eachother? That sounds completely wrong if you just think about it. How can you even be able to have kids? And even if you adopt children, its gonna be unfair for them they won't have a mum or a dad and won't receive love from both genders, it will also affect them socially.
Seriously you people are disrupting nature; marriage has always been for a man and a woman, and should always stay that way.
And it's not about going against equality rights; same sex marriage has got nothing to do with equality; its just weird and makes people have mentalities and also divides the society
Nowadays it's so awkward as we have to look at two men or two women making out in public
Disgusting people.
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Posted by ChrisL 3 years ago
Con lost this debate with his/her opening statement . I am a conservative bible believing Christian who rejects the notion of same sex marriage but the argumentation provided by Con is completely unsubstantiated and begs the question. While I agree with the conclusion, the argument is atrocious. For one, the issue is not a matter of "rights". Christians believe that anyone should be allowed to get married. The problem lies in "definition". What is marriage and on what basis do you assert your definition as true?

If you are a Christian you only have one option when you debate this issue. You must argue from the authority of God"s word and challenge the opposer to provide an objective basis for their definition. What you will find is that their positions is purely subjective and arbitrary. But if you"re position does not have an objective basis then your arguments will be equally without basis. You say it"s unnatural? They can easily say, "what wrong with that"? You say it can"t produce babies they can easily say" we don"t want babies". And so on and so forth. I"d be interested in debating this topic if the opponent would be willing to take it serious and it would not be a short 3 rounder. This debate however, was over from the start. Unfortunatly.
Posted by riley-nav 3 years ago
"splits political parties" LMAO WHERE. "this is what nature is all about; love within marriage can only be between a male and female" uhhhh there's a difference between love and the ability to reproduce but okay. "How can two males or two females have intercourse with eachother?" pornhub has the answers for you bro. "How can you even be able to have kids?" uh the same way my mom and dad had me aka adoption. "they won't have a mum or a dad" well my friend is raised by only her mom so should she be put in foster care until her mom finds a man so she can raised by a mom and a dad?? lol. "marriage has always been for a man and a woman" lol same sex marriage has been around since the concept of marriage, marriage is literally just a commitment you make and honor. "same sex marriage has got nothing to do with equality" um yeah it does? if you're denying two able-minded adults the right to marry based on their genitals matching it seems like an equality issue. "Nowadays it's so awkward as we have to look at two men or two women making out in public" do you even know how many times my gay self has seen hetero couples making out in public? the only difference is that i'm not getting involved in their relationship cause it's none of my business. they have the legal right to love one another so why should i try to ruin that based off of my own preferences?? lmao i had too much fun writing this comment
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
Christian did not invent marriage. Marriage is a ancient institution that predates recorded history. It has always and continues to evolve. It started out as a way of getting in-laws, of making alliances and expanding the family labor force, until recently love had little to do with it. And now it includes the same sex, because it evolves and changes, like the world we live in. Using an ancient book to justify hatred and to marginalised a group of people, still makes you a bigot. Can I get an amen..............
Posted by TheAussieMe 3 years ago
assuming you are talking about the christian definition of marriage which is usually what is spoken about in these marriage debates then no because Christianity looks down apon homosexuality "Leviticus 18:22 - you shall not lie with man as a woman it is an abomination". Not that there is anything wrong with being gay just that marrage is christian, that being said i don't think non Christians should get married either.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
Homosexuality harms no one, unless you follow the bible. Following the bible a homosexual would have to live his life alone and unloved his whole life alone till he dies alone never knowing love only loneliness and being by himself alone.
Posted by picklerickfaggotboi 3 years ago
same sex marriage is biblicaly not correct because int eh beginning did God create man and man or woman and woman to populate the Earth? NO he created man and woman to populate the Earth because they can whereas 2 individuals of the same gender cannot populate the Earth
Posted by Naj_0411 3 years ago
As a Individual of religion I'm inclined to say no, but I agree. Individuals should have the right to same sex marriage because either ways how does it affect the Non LGBTQ society. It doesn't yh sure people may argue that in the future it will normalise gay rights and our children will think its normal. But guess wt, Its already practically normal in our society. So why deny individuals to get married if they want to get married.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
Your against same sex marriage because you find it icky.
Well boy you need to know that offence is taken not given.
Posted by ALPHAHAWK116 3 years ago
as a gay myself i find that rude
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