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Samsung is better than apple

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Started: 4/12/2015 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Samsung is better than apple.
Let's start with the hardware
Apple vs Samsung:
LCD 1920x1080 vs Super Amoled 2560x1440
2915mAh vs 3220 mAh
8MP camera vs 16MP camera with 4K video recording
Dual Core 1.4GHz vs Quad Core 2.7GHz
No doubt Samsung wins in the hardware category. I still can't believe apple use a liquid crystal display for a phone that was released in 2014.

Samsung is cheaper than apple when comparing both with the same storage space, not even considering the fact that samsung users have the freedom to change their micro SD slot cheaply to expand their storage even further.

The two operating systems are dramatically different. Android however can do so much more than IOS. What's the biggest customisation you can do with IOS on the springboard? Drag an app into a folder? With android you can make your own device much more unique and therefore feel more personal to you. They're also amazing features that can help you in your everyday use such as multitasking. There's this feature on android that allows you to split your screen into two allowing you to work on the bottom of the screen and perhaps watch a video on top. This is exceptionally useful when I work. Features on android such as to make your screen smaller for better one handed use is just so much better than 'reachability' where you just simply lower the screen down. Nobody holds their device lower down as it will just slip out of your hand when trying. It is also annoying how the sleep/wake button is much higher so you actually have to manoeuvre your hands to the top to be able to turn it off. Considering a phone is meant to last you at least 2 years you should be able to do more than changing the background every once in a while.

Apple gives you much less considering its price tag. With worse hardware and a higher price tag compared to its competitors there isn't much for me to say. The OS is nothing special and it just takes too long for apple to realise its mistakes; how long did it take for apple to add some widgets and a notifications centre?


I apologize for the inconvenience, but I will no longer be debating this topic. In the past, I have discovered that repetitive debates (specifically this topic) have turned out quite biased by voters.

I have debated this topic in particular many times. Each time, I have lost.
You may consider yourself a winner after this statement, but not quite.
  • Here are the facts: Samsung currently holds 32% of the market share (in cell phones ONLY) not including their washers and dryers and TV's and Blue-Rays and LED Lighting and security systems.
  • Apple holds 12%
Apple does not have ONE-FOURTH the product line that Samsung does.
To say that these companies are equals is completely ridiculous, which leads me to my main point: When a company holds 32% of the market across the entire globe and a debate arises comparing the two companies, tell me how this is fair.

A majority of the voters are Samsung fans because Samsung is one of the most widespread companies in the world.

Just like you said, "Samsung is cheaper than apple ". I completely agree with you. And this is exactly how they have won such a large audience.

conclusion: Samsung's operating system, which they have installed on 85% of devices across the world, has never been able to compete with iOS (Apple's nearly flawless operating system).

If you like to move your apps around to make a pretty flower on your homescreen, or even move your news widget TO THE LEFT OF YOUR SCREEN (WOW!) then go with Samsung. Android, even though present throughout most devices, contains more bugs, glitches, and errors than iOS has ever had.

If you want a fluent, sleek design that is compatable with millions of apps (many more than Samsung's Play Store), then stick with Apple. They will not let you down, unless you like flowers and pretty designs of course.

The most important part though: the number of apps available. Apple's iTunes is still the leading app store in the world with many more apps than Google Play.

Apps give the user capabilities beyond that of the device itself. Why would you go with a device that only supports an app store with less apps available?

I don't mean to attack you when I define my argument. I just hope to clarify some misconseptions that many people hold against Apple. I'm sure there are many misconseptions for Samsung as well.

Thanks for the debate! I can't find your username or else I would directly thank you! :)
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry for bothering then. I would always like a unbiased audience but if this is the case I won't be arguing back anymore. Thank you too for giving up some of your time to write a detailed argument!


Chancho19 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


The_Know_Everything_Dude forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 3
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