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Sandy hook was a hoax

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Started: 5/6/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1 there was a guy in the woods out side where Lanza was supposed to have parked his car and entered the school. This man was dressed in camouflage and was saying "I didn't do it" before anyone knew what "happened"
2 the footage from above the fire house- it's only people walking in circles
3 gene Rosen was an actor. There's a picture of him standing in front of a sign that says "everyone must check in"
4R.I.P. Victoria soto was a Facebook tribute page posted December 10-4 days before
5 Robbie Parker is an actor. In a CNN interview he is laughing right before he tells them about his dead daughter
6they didn't take any of the injured kids to the hospital
7 the supposedly dead kids all sang at the Super Bowl. They are lighted with their families and in the choir
8120 pound Lanza couldn't have carried all that military equipment
9 there's one picture of this mass evacuation but it turns out the kids are walking towards the school
10 newtown bee published an article where dawn the supposed to have been killed was telling them about the shooting as a witness.


I simply joined this debate to defend all of the children's lives who were killed and to say that your ignorance is beyond repair.

5) Robbie Parker never laughed. Just saying
7) Yes, he could have. He more than likely had the physical strength to carry all those guns. BELIEVE ME.

All of your sources or information does not seem valid or true. I don't know, but it's not right.

First of all, you were not there. Were you? Were you a teacher who experienced a gun man shot through your door? Did you see your beloved students die right in front of your eyes? Did you??

YOU cannot say such an evil thing with out actually experiencing it yourself.

Secondly, why do you deny this? Are you made? Or are you sad or grieving so therefore you take out your angry by denying it? If so, do not deny.
This has happened. It was an atrocity that affected the whole nation.

But we must move on. This was a year ago. We can still be sad and pray for the families and children who were killed, but we must not dwell on this by denying it never happened.
Debate Round No. 1


If it really happened I would be horribly saddened. Trust me I love kids and baby's and I would never want to see any one of them die and I find the thought of some one not having the chance of enjoying their life and seeing their teen age years and adult hood hard to imagine but I have to say its hard to be sad when you know they're alive. The only way I can continue debating with you is if you at least look at the facts. You weren't there either. First go to google image and type in sandy hook hoax. The second picture that comes up is gene Rosen I front of a sign that says "everyone must check in" than type in R.I.P Victoria Soto Facebook page December 10 and you'll see what I mean. Facebook is pretty new and they don't mess up on dates and things. You'll see that this tribute page was added on December 10- four days before the shooting occurred. If that's not enough look up "sandy hook Super Bowl" on google web or images or on YouTube and you'll see the "victims"in the choir and with their parents and siblings. Next look into the strange Allison Wyatt case. She was a little girl supposedly killed in the shooting but a picture of a nother little girl named lily gaubert was used on the news and web sites ect. Lily lives in Georgia and is the daughter of Cathy. There is a picture of her in blue with pigtails that her mother Cathy posted on flicker. This photo was passed around on Instagram as Allison Wyatt a sandy hook victim. Cathy was upset that her daughters picture was used and not a real picture of little Allison. Now when you click on this picture of pigtailed Allison it goes to a nother one of her In front of a birthday cake. There are several other pictures of Allison. Why did they take Cathy's photo if lily if they already had pictures? And where are Allison's parents? Other don't make any statements on the news and there's no picture of them. Don't tell me they're private people because that's no excuse to not say anything when a picture of a mother girl in Georgia is being used as your dead daughter. I'm telling you look at the facts. There is footage taken from above the firehouse where the kids stayed and if you watch closely it's a bunch of people walking around in circles and in and out of doors. Isn't that weird. And what's up with gene Rosen. His story doesn't add up. I'm sorry but if you believe I'm we have a whole different problem. Why would the bus driver as he claims take the kids to his house instead of the fire house? And where are these 6 kids he took in? I'd like to hear from them. A nother weird thing is that on December 13 the newtown bee published an article about the shooting-where they interviewed dawn the principle who was "killed" all you have to do is look this up on images. It's also on infowars, and insane media. How could they mess up like that? They claim it was a mistake but really? I seriously doubt that . More about the Parker's, the Emilie Parker fund was put up on Facebook the day after the shooting with very specific details on how to donate to them. If your daughter was just killed would you really put up a fund page right after? Seriously this is too weird. How about that guy in the woods outside where Lanza parked his car and entered the school who said "I didn't do it" before anyone knew what happened. What about the fact that no knew was taken to the hospital? I learned about this after watching tribute videos for the kids on you tube. It tore me up inside and I thought as a human being the least I could do was learn about the victims. I found the hoax videos and thought "that's so sick of course it wasn't a hoax" than I watched them. The best one was sandy hook hoax- full doccumentary by ThinkoutsideTheTv. It's almost 2 hours long but if you have time please check it out. I don't mean to offend anyone. I just think we all should know the truth. Sandy hook most likely didn't happen. It was an elaborate hoax to take away peoples guns.


I'm sorry, but I pity people like you. You just lack self respect and compassion for others.

So you think this was a fake tragedy as a way to ban guns? Are you serious? It isn't I who needs to look up facts, it is YOU.
You need to accept some things in life and this is one of them.

Answer this question. If Sandy Hook shooting was fake, where are all the children who were killed? Huh? If they are not died, how come we don't know where they are? And no, the government doesn't have them.

Even though you have the freedom of speech which allows you to say this, does not mean it's right.
Personally, I would not go around telling you friends about your utterly ignorant belief because all of them, 99% will NOT believe you.

And no. This was not a hoax to take away peoples guns.

I was looking at your profile on this site and you seem like a liberal vegetarian who cares for others, which is great! I'm liberal too. But it seems ironic for you to think the shooting was a hoax in order to take away peoples' guns.

Do you actually believe this? Please reply in the COMMENT box.
Debate Round No. 2


Did you even read my debate? Did you even go to those sites? Are you in denial or do you just not care. Seriously only someone with....low intelligence would look at the evidence I have you and still not believe it. Im telling you look at it. Go to google images and just type it in. Type in sandy hook hoax and you'll see the picture of gene Rosen with the sign "everyone must sign in" behind him. Look up "sandy hook Super Bowl" on images and you'll see those kids who were "shot" singing in the choir. look up "newtown bee interview dawn hochsprung" on images or the else and you'll see how she was "interviewed" about the shooting she was supposed to have died in. Look up "Victoria Soto Facebook page December 10" on images (they've taken it off Facebook I think) and you'll see the tribute page for the teacher who "died" in the shooting was posted 4 days before. I'm not going to get all principal/teacher on you and say that I believe in you and I know you can do it but seriously your obviously smart enough to be Ina debate site like this you should be smart enough to not ignore facts when you see them. You either have looked at it and are in denial or embarrassed that I proved you wrong or are just not very smart ( which I doubt because not many stupid people go in debate sites like this) and can still believe the official story after all that. Anyone who looks at this and still believes the official story is kidding them selves. You've been brainwashed by our media if your not question things when they appear strange or unrealistic. Look at the boston bombing. There was a Facebook tribute page for the victims out up at 7 am that day- hours before the bombing happened. I'm trying to help you. You don't have to live in this bubble you can be smart. Didn't you read my debate. How could you say I lack self respect if I know something's weird and look into it. Someone. Who lacks self respect is someone like you who ignores evidence and understand it and/or just doesn't care. I'm trying to get this out there because I care for my self and all people and if the goverment has staged something to strip us of our right we have a right to I know about it. Now that's self respects not sitting behind your computer and ignoring facts. I don't lack compassion. I learned about this after watching tribute videos for the "dead" kids. I'm not insulting deceased people nor am I trying to. I'm pointing out obvious facts. I'm trying to show people this information because I honestly care about (some) people and hope kids today don't grow up to be ignorant like you but actually to be able to figure things out and not rely on our media all the time. I don't need to look up the facts. I've looked them up sweetheart I'm aware of what happened. I know more about this than you. Take 1 minute and read through my response than just take 5 minutes and look up the stuff I told you. You want to prove me wrong don't you? Or maybe you haven't looked it up cause you know your wrong and you don't want to see that you were proven wrong. I feel bad for you if seriously deny evidence that's out right I front of you. To Answer your question about where they are look up sandy poi Super Bowl on google images. The "dead" kids are there. In winter of 2013 they sang at the Super Bowl. They were hiding in plain site. The kids now are older and of course I'm not blaming them because it wasn't them who made the decision to do this was made years and years ago when they began planning it. It's not about being morally right and these beliefs aren't ignorant. If you take 5 minutes and look at all the evidence that it was a hoax than you'll see what I mean. Most of my friends do believe me. One believes it was suspicious and we talked about it for a while and she did believe me on what I able to say. My other friend said it could be "either or" meaning that it could have been a hoax and maybe not and my other friend didn't believe me at first and I could tell was probably offended when I told her that I thought it was a hoax but when she looked up all the stuff and saw the information for her self she did end up believing me. Unless you are afraid of being proven wrong you would look yo the stuff I asked you to in my previous argument. If your so sure it wasn't a hoax than why are you avoiding looking all the stuff up? Trust me I care a lot for others especially kids and I woudlnt be telling a my friends and putting this stuff up on the internet if I wasn't absolutely positive. When I first learned of all this I was I denial like you. I didn't want to believe it and thought it was offensive people would insult dead childeren that way. When I put it all together I realized why I should be offended. Anyone who cares for them selves would be offended that someone would doubt their intelligence (I'm not Albert Einstein but I know that when I Facebook tribute page goes up before anything a happened something is wrong)
Thanks for listening and I hope you check out the interest like I told you.


As a really big tip for good writing, please make paragraphs. It makes it easier for people to read you info than just one big paragraph.

I looked up those images. I am still in utter disbelief of this. Now you have just creepy me out.

So are you talking about this image?

The image to the right or left could have been photoshoped. YOU who don't believe the news, which is pretty official and true in stuff like this, believe info from a site NO ONE HAS HEARD OF??

If you're calling me not smart, maybe you should think again about yourself and ask yourself, do you really think those photos have not been altered to make people believe in this? You really believe in stuff that...well is not even heard of??

And what about this image?

They are obliviously different people.

And the one photo were the kids at the football game are not the sames one who were killed. It's called "look-a-likes"
I'm not sure if you've heard of that, but yeah. They are people who look like other people.

And I ask you, since 9/11, every tragedy that has happened, seems like people like you think they are fake! You cannot think everything that is bad is fake.


And how come you just target CNN? FOX news reported on it too and said it was real. You seem like a conservative not a liberal.

The RIP Victoria Soto page/group was created Dec. 16.Another one was created on the 15th and one more was created also on the 15th. The Sandy Shooting happened on the 14th. So there! You have failed in that part. ALL RIP VICTORIA SOTO pages are all created at least ONE DAY AFTER THE SHOOTING.


I'm sorry but this really happened. WHy would the government do this just to ban guns?? They WOULD NOT.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CoolPeppers12 7 years ago
Yes, I would like a bit more extensive amount of true information.
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
Here are some places you can check if your not to lazy flipz
If you know how to get on google images here's the first step. Are you ready? You type into the search bar or have someone Help you type it in if you can't your self. Type R.I.P Victoria Soto Facebook page December 10 and you'll see it.
2 type sandy hook hoax gene Rosen into the search bar and you'll see the picture of the sigh
3 watch sandy hook hoax-full doccumentary on YouTube by ThinkoutsideTheTv and both have articles about the newtown bee article where they interviews the principal who was supposedly shot. They even appologze about it. Just look it up on google or images.
You can deny it all you want this was an elaborate hoax but once you know the facts guy just gang deny it anymore.
Posted by Flipz 7 years ago
Flipz need to post citations so we can see the far right, foil hat-wearing, garbage source you got this from.
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Vote Placed by GaryBacon 7 years ago
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Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
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Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro. although probably wrong on this issue, gave better arguments. Con ignored many of the arguments, and basically just said that Pro is ignorant and we should feel sorry for the families. Con's constant name calling also gives conduct to Pro.
Vote Placed by Enoch_deftinwolf 7 years ago
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Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:07 
Reasons for voting decision: I've heard this claim before and the amazing atheist on you-tube completely debunked it.
Vote Placed by bettabreeder 7 years ago
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Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:60 
Reasons for voting decision: I gave most of my points to Pro because Con kept calling Pro ignorant

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