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Saying a trans's gender wrong is not "dehumanizing"

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Started: 5/23/2018 Category: Politics
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This needs to be said, Trans people have a high suicide rate, They've been banned from the military multiple times, so why do some far left trans people yell at others or mis-pronouncing their gender?

Some black people get offended by the n-word because it dates back to their history as slaves, But some trans people get offended by this for no good reason, If they got your gender wrong, The sensible thing to do is correct them.

Some liberals tend to attack those who mispronounce to the highest degree, For example, Their have been multiple cases whey they harass celebrities on twitter for mispronouncing a word, They even are trying to make California ARREST people or mispronouncing


So basically, Making a big deal about someone making an honest mistake, When you are going though something much worse at the moment, Is ridiculous.


Trans, gender trender.

Do they have military capability?

Is this just about mispronunciation? Seems like there are multiple issues on the table here. The military, the far left, liberalism, ethnicity, slavery, celebrity harassment, Californian legislation, not to mention Pro's apparent lack of lower case f's.

Of course mispronunciation is not just about mispronunciation. It's got a lot more to do with inflection and intonation and also context. How you say it and where you say it.

What's really getting Pro's goat?
Debate Round No. 1


It seems that you made one statement in your argument, its that this is more than mispronunciation, this could not be more false, most of those issues were made to back up my point.

Celeberty harassment and California legislation are hurting people who just said a word wrong, a mistake anyone can make.

"Of course mispronunciation is not just about mispronunciation. It's got a lot more to do with inflection and intonation and also context. How you say it and where you say it."

But how? how is mispronunciation filled with "infection and intonation" isn't it an honest mistake?

You seem to take a shot at me at my lack of lower case f's, that's because i didn't say anything that start's with f in a sentence that's not the beginning of it.


Inflection not infection.

All speech has inflection and intonation, speech pattern, emphasis, tone etc. it doesn't matter if a word is pronounced correctly or not.

How something is said, indicates the intent of the speaker. Observing associated body language is also part of the same process. Hence, it's not what you say that indicates true meaning, it's how you say it. Anyone with unimpaired levels of cognisant acuity is able to differentiate between malicious intent and an honest mistake.

However! I have just looked at your source item to try and get a handle on what seemed to be a preposterous situation.
As a result, I would suggest that you have completely misunderstood the situation.

What the article refers to is the deliberate misuse or long term refusal to use appropriate pronouns when addressing transgender individuals. That is to say, being deliberately derogatory rather than genuinely mispronouncing a particular word.

I would suggest that you are confusing the misuse of pronouns with mispronunciation.
Debate Round No. 2


It has been proven time and time again that people can grow thicker skin when it comes to words and body lanquage, people have the ability to accpet that people make mistakes, they just don't want to. you state that anyone with unimpared levels of cognizant (you spelled it with s for some reason) acuity can be able to differentiate between a mistake and an attack

this could not be more untrue, their are people that unintentionally misgender people, and the still get attacked to this day

Alright, so i misunderstood that situation, but i didnt misunderstand these:


these stories of a first grader getting punished for accidentally misgendering someone and a contestant getting kicked off the show while the "victim" KNEW that she did it accidentally, and even said so.


I use an S because I am British.

Transgenderism is trendy at the moment. It's trendy because ultimately it makes money and money is the one true god that we all worship.
Those in the know and the media will hype transgenderism for all that it's worth. Any normal, ordinary person should simply ignore the hype and get on with their day to day lives. Which is what most folk do.

Human society is on the whole, based on conceptual reasoning, with little regard for realism. So inevitably a lot of the stuff that we make up is often illogical and non-sensical. We have to accept that this is the human condition. It's what sets us apart from all other species.

As far as I am concerned transgenderism is a modern, conceptual, non-sensical, contrivance. For sure, some people develop with physiological abnormalities, but they are few and far between. In reality all normally developed people display only one of two gender types, male or female.

If you want to get involved in the hype, then that's up to you. But I would suggest that it's just not worth the effort.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ABC123TT 3 years ago
Con seems to have forgotten the 1st Amendment
Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
oof misread the second link
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