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Scale Rap Battle Tourney: Final Round (yomama12 v. Pajama Boy)

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Started: 10/10/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The conclusion to Mharman's Scale Rap Battle Tourney, yomama12 v. JimShady aka Pajama Boy. Winner gets the gold cup of the tourney! (metaphorical gold cup.)

1. 1st round acceptance, rounds 2, 3, and 4 are for rap.
2. No blatant plagiarizing of rap that's been previously written.
3. Forfeiture = loss.
4. Try to maintain the same amount of measures, keep it around 8-12 Depending on your time signature.
5. Either impromptu or planned out raps are allowed.
6. Fight to the death. (another metaphor)

Thanks to Mharman for setting this whole thing up, the other competitors, the viewers, and especially the voters for voting on these.

...time to rap, you pathetic sap!


Indeed, for the final battle has begun
It's time to show the world why I'm number one...
Debate Round No. 1


[3/4 time, just keep in mind]

So it comes to a close, the great finale...
About to win the gold, and if you doubt me,
I'll snap your knees so that you can start bowing.

You've only come this far because of forfeits
Nobody would vote for you unless you forced it,
Cause all you give the voters is mere piles of horse shjt!

So close your orifice, drink gas and torch it!
Because your rap history is nothing but horrid
You've lost 6 rap battles, but here's one more, bjtch!

That's right! I checked your debate history!
You've got tons of losses, and that's no mystery!
You think you're the best, but please explain this to me...
Are you kidding me? You will LOSE this tournament
Before this term's sure end, you will have learned friend...
...That as we circumvent, your failure is permanent!

So forfeit while you still can, save yourself the trauma
My words will fvck you up just like I did yo Mama
...Pajama Boy, mofo...
I'll drill kill spill and grill your guts with not comma!


This battle's only just begun, your flow's already trash
You say your gonna whip my @ss
But I wouldn't be so brash

You've proven you're a cancer to the rap, An irritating rash
Now it's high time we smacked down
In the final ultimate clash

I think it'd be best for you to call your retreat
The other two forfeited
Because they knew when to call defeat

What'll it take to get through that thick skull that you're beat?
Looks like I'll teach ya, schools in session
Why don't ya have a seat?

Saying I'm bad because of my past, what're you, f@cking five?
We all know the pasts the past
And it's towards the future that we strive

And we'll see in the future there's no point for you to have even tried
For the first two rounds were Dr. Jekyll
Now let me show you Mr. Hyde

So you wanna be the one to talk about losses to me
Well come up with an answer
To tell me why you lost three?

Your whole point is moot, that much everyone can see
You might as well have just handed me
That dam round for free

Oh I've torched it all right, you're lead's burned to the ground
Pour the kerosene and light that bitch
It's been proven that I've won this round

And don't give me that "banging your mom" sh@t, it's already stale
I suggest you just quit right now
I'll give you one last chance to bail
Debate Round No. 2


Don't be foolish (even though you lack a brain),
Your past opponents certainly weren't afraid
They were outtie cause you were no competish
Rappers only wanna fight those with competence.

You wrote a lot of rap relevant to mine
I read it all, just a big @ss waste of time
I cleverly plot my rap just like I'm laying mines
So that any small movement you make, you will fvcking die.

You wanker, quit talkin' shjt about my flow,
How to read is something you should fvckin know.
But take it slow, go ahead and sound it out
You'll recognize my brilliance, I have no fvckin doubt

As far as your rap, you sound like a country singer,
Nuthin' but single rhymes, why you even be here?
GTF out, either that or step up your game
Just forget it, no one will remember your name...

So you bring up my losses, that's interestin'...
You said "the pasts [sic] the past," but treat mine diff-ere-ent?
...In addition to being a djck servant,
...You're nuthin' but a muthafvckin' hypocrite!

And let's do the math, you son of a bjtch!
I lost 3, and you lost SIX!
You won 4, I won SEVEN,
After this one you'll go straight up to heaven!
(or Hell)
Not to mention all the faggoty Pokémon shjt...
Come on bjtch, just quit, thinking you're legit
I also see that you're a fan of Sonic
That's so gay it killed me like it's Bubonic...

Fvck off little prick, I'll fvck your mom all night!
She never gets stale, it's always pure delight!
Your Round 1 was weak, it's damage very light,
I'll wreck you like a bike and erase you outta sight.


You think you're scary
Picking apart my rhymes like a scavenger
You think your cool
talking about my mom and how you're gonna ravage her
I'm counting down the days until I win
Mark the calendar
Because after this battle ends
Your gonna leave black and lavender

You think by switching up your rhyming
It'll make them somehow better
Your victory's floating away
Lighter than a feather
While you're still trapped here on the ground
Tied up to a tether
If you wrote those sh@tty lyrics beforehand
Might as well get the paper shredder

You think just because I've lost more
I'm automatically trash
But that also gives me more wins
More people that I've kicked their @ss
So next time, think
Before out you lash
Because you gave me a better chance to win
All of because of you being so brash

Oh now your picking on what I like
Jeez, now you're f@cking three
You think because I like some sh@t
It's an automatic loss for me
Let me spell it out for you
For it seems you can't even read
Because right now you're about to L-O-S-E

For its time I hit the super form
Your chances of winning are never more
I'll burn your @ss so hard
It'll reach into your rotten core
Don't even try to touch me, for
You won't be able to reach up where I soar
This battle's over, and it was a bore
For now you get to hear my triumphant roar
Debate Round No. 3


You're like Jeb Bush, "low energy"
So when you rap you simply can't hurt me
If this was a debate, I'd wreck you like Ben Shapiro
Cause you nothing but a zero, you got me to fear, though
I laugh at your confidence, thinking you got the win
Lying to yourself is considered a sin
You make me laugh like Bryan Quinn,
Impractical Jokers, bjtch, that what I'm referencin'

It's time to kill yourself, or die with shame,
Commit seppuku so we'll at least remember your name
That's how rap's played, you think it's a game?
You think what I spit is lame and in vain?
Your INSANE, must be your lack of a brain
That explains why you always trotting down the retard lane
Why'd you except this, you got nothing to gain
Next time you accept, think and then REFRAIN
I feel you'll be back though, just like Hillary
You'll try beat me again, you'll want to start drillin' me
I'll fvck you up again though, try it an then we'll see
Just who's the punk @ss bjtch f@ggot, you fvckin' feelin' me?

You in the wrong sport, go back to duck duck goose
Cause over here you'll be strung up the noose
Your rhymes are for kids, like Doctor Seuss
So when you spit them, I Mock you, amused...

Try keeping up with that

This rap battle was a slaughter, just like D-Day
Go run home to yo mama, Fvcked up by PJ.


Once again with the change
Your mind must be incredibly spastic
Changing around your flows
Bending and reforming them like plastic
That just makes them easier to fight
They're becoming brittle and clastic
You'll see that when you've lost
And start kneeling like Colin Kaepernick

'Cause if you think you stand a chance
Than it must be a dream
You're too late, I was already winning
Might as well call me Charlie Sheen
Your rhymes are so laughable
Might as well be made into a meme
'Cause they're so bad, when I see 'em
I just wanna play the Seinfeld theme

Because your rhymes are a joke
Nothing but mirrors and smoke
I've definitely fought and won
Against tougher, stronger folk
My rhymes are more durable than oak
It's about time that you croak
Because I've already washed away
Your win with a few simple strokes

Gun you down in the streets
Why don't you call me Aaron Burr
Watch you gasp your defeat
And bleed out in a blur
At these final words of yours
I would definitely concur
Because I just beat your @ss
Like a pi"ata strung up Murr

Another Jokers reference
Am I right, did you see?
Because you have to explain
Where the joke came from apparently
That's not how rhymes work
Now why don't you pay attention and see
That there's only one true winner
And I've proved I'm the true MC

You're nothing compared
To the hellfire I'm spittin'
When the real Shady stands up
You'll sure as hell be sittin'
It's like pitting a mountain lion
Against a tiny kitten
It's time you just gave up
And stop punchin' and kickin'

Been doing this longer than you
So I know the game very well
I had some major expectations
But short of them all you fell
I have years ahead of you
Think it'd be easy to tell
That i'd knock your @ss onto the ring
Even before the second bell

You say I need to go back to pre-K
But your the one acting like a kid
You think throwing curses around
And sleeping with my mom makes you big?
It's sh@t like that that made
Your own grave easy to dig
That's why your rhymes were easy
To snap in half like a twig

But an end must come for all
The final battle comes to a close
I served your @ss on a platter
'Whiny b@tch a la mode."
So next time learn your lesson
And stay out of the rap abode
For if you were ever the king
Than you've just been dethroned
Debate Round No. 4
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
Nah, you came in clutch
Posted by yomama12 2 years ago
Sorry about the close call, ddo was being a jerk and not loading anything for two days.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
edit: just beat FanboyMcTroll, so 8 wins. Booyah!
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
I couldn't wait for the outcome sorry
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
I'll try my best...
Posted by Mharman 2 years ago
I swear to God, there better not be any forfeits.
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by Danielle 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: In R1 Con had better rhymes. I particularly liked the slant rhymes, eg. finale/doubt me, torch it/horrid, etc. & the line about bowing to him. I didn't like the closing line, & agreed with Pro that referring to the "yo mama" disses was stale. But Pro's first round had lines that didn't rhyme. I did like some of his disses ("So you wanna be the one to talk about losses to me? Well come up with an answer / To tell me why you lost three?") yet overall Con did a TINY bit better. Both stepped their game up in R2. Con's disses & comebacks were good. Pro's rhymes improved, but so did Con's. Pro should have dissed Con a bit more. Both sides regressed in the final round. While I loved Pro's line about "whiny b@tch a la mode" lol I think Con won again, very slightly. Pro's Colin K reference was cool, & I like the way he mocked Con's content and repetitive mom jokes. But Con seemed more aggressive and ultimately had *slightly* better schemes/disses in the final round & overall battle.

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