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School Uniform

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Started: 12/5/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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Hi Poshselena300,
I actually disagree with your statement that school uniforms "suck." yes I've never had to wear them, but you don't understand how lucky you are to wear one, to be able to wake up 10 minutes before the bus comes and throw on the same thing that everyone is wearing, well... that is freaking lucky! and plus you don't have to worry about someone wearing the same thing as you... talk about annoying.. walking into school and someone you really don't like is wearing the same thing.... like shot me now. yes school uniforms seem like a waste of money, but that's only because you go out and buy all of these clothes that you know you aren't going to be able to wear to school. so its not the school's fault its your fault for wasting your money. And trust me standing out is easy; standing out just means that you are going to be different then others... so instead of letting your boobs hang out or your butt cheeks and having everyone talk about that for the rest of the year, you can maybe be nice to everyone.... hold a door here and there, just be kind to people. trust me people notice when someone else is different in that way.
Also... Every where you go in the world there are always going to be uniforms, whether its work or something else, there are uniforms. So having to wear a school uniform is only making you a little more ahead in the world then the people who don't have to wear uniforms.
take my advice or not. but understand uniforms are actually a blessing in disguise.
High School Student in her Junior Year


Well Thank you for the debate topic. Since this is my first debate here, please excuse any structural mistakes I make, and let me know!

Firstly, the 'pro' here starts the debate off by being "able to wake up 10 minutes before the bus comes and throw on the same thing that everyone is wearing" - This argument is completely futile. It only represents a shallow aspect of the purpose of wearing a uniform. You can still wake up ten minutes before the bus and get ready if you have your clothes sorted out the night before. This argument does not at all dig upon the purpose of the uniform and hence i will not go further.

"you don't have to worry about someone wearing the same thing as you" - So what happens if someone is wearing the same clothes as you at school? To me it shows that you two would have similar idea of thinking in terms of fashion or personal choices and could possibly get quite well along. I see clothes that we wear to school, representative of our personality and really giving us our identity.

And school uniforms these days are soaring high. Many kids that do go lower socioeconomic school are not actually able to afford a brand new school uniform. Thats why they have to either change schools or use the schools '5th-handed' uniform that has been worn by many groups of students earlier. The price of uniforms is unreasonable and kids should be able to wear whatever they feel is right and comfortable for them.

No one ever said that clothes are the way to standout. Yes, clothes represent your identity, but it's not about flaunting your boobs or bottom . It's about expressing your personality. You can still be nice to people without uniform and stand out hence our point of "standing out" without uniform is invalid.

I was also appalled at your statement saying "So having to wear a school uniform is only making you a little more ahead in the world then the people who don't have to wear uniforms". This statement is a huge generalistaion and before i attack it any further I think it would be better if you could clarify this for me.

Now to present my own arguements against school uniform:
In todays materialistic society what we wear to school does represent a part of us.It shows people who we are. Though we may not like, society has become vain and judgmental and people do see each other based on what they are wearing aswell as what they're wearing themselves.
So why do kids have to wear the same clothes as everyone else to school? Why are kids made feel that everyone is exactly the same and they're not actually different or special in any manner from the other kid. Kids, teenagers are facing this problem of lowered self esteem and coming to school unable to express themselves has not made the situation any better.
Kids should be allowed to come to school in whatever they feel is comfortable and accepting for them. A school unofrm only holds them back and in some way restrains them from expressing themselves. this is not fair.
also as previously stated, the pricing with school unifroms is also extremely high. Its unreasonable and unpractical.

Hence I believe School uniforms are not a "blessing".
another high school student
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Posted by MilitaryAtheist 5 years ago
Posted by creamofcampbell 5 years ago
Opps. I thought i Hit Pro, because i am Pro School Uniforms.
Posted by Cometflash 5 years ago
Also, if this was design to debate with Poshselena300, you should click on his/her profile and use the challenge.
Posted by Cometflash 5 years ago
You should be PRO and not CON, unless you add the "sucking" part to the resolution. You are PRO "school uniform", but you took the CON part.
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