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School Uniforms Shouldn't be Required.

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Started: 5/5/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Here are the rounds infornation
ii) Opening statements
iii) Rebuttals
iv) Counter-rebuttals
v) Conclusion


Here I am. Accepting your debate. I will be arguing that School Uniforms shouldn't be required.
I hope you enjoy our debate!
Debate Round No. 1


School Uniforms should be required in all education institutions for the following reasons:

i) They bring unity and uniformity within the school community
ii) They destroy social barriers and puts everyone on an equal paying field in terms of clothing
iii) They hide the poor backgrounds of certain students which protects them from ridicule.
iv) Since certain social barriers have been destroyed. This less distractions from study and other scholarly duties.


School Uniforms shouldn't be required for many reasons. For one School Uniforms oppress the creativity and the freedom of speech students have to wear what they like when they like. Secondly forcing students to wear school uniform may still cost more, the average price for a school uniform for secondary school in the UK is "285 and for primary school, is "156.[1]Thirdly the fact that uniforms are all the same may suggest to children that we must all conform to the same standards. This fact alone combined with the other points I am suggesting clearly shows that school uniforms are an unnecessary expense.

Debate Round No. 2


Uniforms do actually save you money in the long run let's go ahead and pretend that 4 uniform sets (mandatory pants and shirt w/shoes) costs $500. In truth, it would cost much less ($280 would be more realistic) but this is suppose to be outrageous. For the one time cost of $500, the student will be able to wear that same uniform in the span of four years of high-school.

"The article references a recent study showing the average 10-year old is outfitted with $729.50 in back-to-school apparel and supplies. While that number may not come as a surprise to most parents, the responses for apparel items are very telling." [1]

"Most parents responded that they spent $48 on pants for their children and that $30 was a "reasonable" price for a T-shirt. Using those figures, the average American family is encountering a figure approaching, and in some cases surpassing, $300 per child for back-to-school clothing. Contrast that figure with the cost of a year's worth of school uniforms. The cost of a year's worth (Five tops and five bottoms) of school uniform or standardized dress code clothing is $150 (" [1]

So take $729.50 mutliply it by 4 and you have $2918.
Take $500 (outrageous overstated) multiply it also by 4 (for each year) and you have $2000 (saved $918)
Replace that with $280 (more realistic) multiply it by 4 and your expense is $1120 (you have saved $1,798)
Now use $150 as the source recommended and you have an expense of only $600 over the course of 4 years (Here you have saved $2,318)
So you say that uniforms do not save you money in the long run is false.

Individuality does not only show through the clothes that you wear but also through your character as well. The way that you hold and portray yourself is much more important than the clothes that you wear. All clothes do is amplify the effective. Similarities pull people together even if it's he hate for they're uniform. It still drives the student population inward towards each other. Cliques become slightly harder to form and thus more people are included. You're correct in saying if someone isn't smart or physically incapable they will get bullied but let's face uniforms cannot save everyone. Of course the bottom 10% of the social percentile will continue to get picked on. If you're not good people then your not no good with people it's a personality to flaw that the students will have to overcome and they must work to achieve that.

Sources (I don't MLA, it's a weird social convention) :

[1] Buesing, Matt, "Case Closed: School Uniforms Cost less" Web. 06 Sept. 2014.


TheSmallOne forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Opponent has forfeited.
Do you have any reason to vote him


TheSmallOne forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Uniforms help to distinguish students from outsiders. Which is beneficial to the faculty in helping supervise and provide a safe environment for there kids to learn. Students can also conceal weapons in their personalized clothing and accessories which brings dangers and bad press to the school. Not to mention extreme forms of bullying.

This is video is an example of how students can conceal weapons in their clothing.

Now I'm not saying that the students should be in uniform all the time. I believe that students should be award when they are behaving and performing well. So maybe once every month a civvies day will be in order when students will be able to come in in their regular clothing and embrace their individuality. It is something to be celebrated however one is to think of the tribe before themselves. It is the Bullworth way. (I just wanted to say sorry lol )

Rebuttal 1
Now, time to rebut: " 'For the one time cost of $500, the student will be able to wear that same uniform in the span of four years of high-school.' Not true, children can have growth spurts and outgrow the uniform, and because such new uniforms need to be bought. In addition, after uniforms are bought, old clothing is practically useless, only to be worn during weekends, only 2/7 of the time. This ratio amplifies over a big time, and soon enough, the difference between how often the uniform is worn compared to the normal clothing is in the hundreds. Years make that number high up in the thousands!"

I actually rebutted this statement later on. First off, I had said that $500 was an exaggerated amount and that it was still less than the average cost of regular clothing each year. Which was $729.50. If we multiplied that by 4 years you will still save $918 compared to regular clothing. Yes children do have growth spurts and outgrow uniform but in most cases that occurs toward the end of year but since everyone is different the parent would just buy the new uniform set early instead of the beginning of the succeeding new year. The same cycle will apply.

Rebuttal 2:
"Nobody cares about your clothes except yourself and your parents, and that is the reason why school uniforms aren't needed. Why should they be required? That only makes the school administrators' jobs tougher--they have to make sure the uniforms are worn the whole day, and students have to bring checks to school to buy the uniform. "

Not true. Try picking up girls looking a chump. Appearance is important that's what a uniform teaches people.It also teaches students to dress conservatively. Uniforms can be altered to fit everyone's individuality in most cases. The alterations are slight but noticeable if you've been wearing them long enough. Uniforms do shape you up for the real world. As far as school administrators go there's not much of a problem. If they're out of uniform they'll be sent home or to the attendance office to get a uniform pass. Easy and in most cases teachers don't bother to check unless it's obvious or you're causing trouble.

My opponent has forfeited 2 rounds.
I hope the voters are sensible enough to know who to vote..


TheSmallOne forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by pariashi 7 years ago
Posted by TheSmallOne 7 years ago
Thanks! I've just realised that we are debating for the wrong sides...
Posted by pariashi 7 years ago
My the odds be ever in your favour
Posted by TheSmallOne 7 years ago
Don't worry. I realised now...
Posted by TheSmallOne 7 years ago
Could you quickly define what you mean by the rounds (Not used to this style of debate)
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Reasons for voting decision: A quick note that the "Pro" and "Con" seem to have been switched, but both debaters seemed to understand their respective positions. Con forfeited almost all rounds, losing conduct and leaving Pro's arguments standing. While Pro's arguments were problematic (his cost point seems kind of ridiculous--that clothes will last 4 years of repeated washing and growth seems very implausible), they were left unresponded to, and so stand. Arguments to Pro. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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