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School Uniforms

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Started: 11/22/2013 Category: Education
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My argument for school uniforms is that there is absolutley no reason why people hate them. Every argument I hear is so contradictory in that the say they want people to express the selves, and that they think uniforms cost too much. As an example, my school uniforms cost about $20 for the shirt, and khakis can be anywhere from $15-100 but those "ber expensive ones are designer, and you can find them much cheaper at an economy store like Marshalls. And you only need 3-5 shirts and 3 pants. That's just about $2-300 for clothes. As a note, my school has dressdown days about once every two weeks, and most of the kids who dress down usually wear a lot. Dresses that cost tons, designer jeans that cost tons, and sometimes it's inappropriate. When you let kids dress down, normally when it's warm enough out they reveal a lot of skin. It's a school not a fashion show. I figure that's good enough for an opening statement, it would be nice to have someone point out things that I miss.


I will accept this debate
Debate Round No. 1


alright go.


I would like to thank pro for posting the argument, and I am looking forward to this debate.

I don't have much time so I need to make this argument quick, and I hope that you and the voters understand that.

First off, Pro states in his opening argument that his school uses the uniforms and then goes on to list the prices for them. This isn't backed up with any evidence, and Pro states that kids blow money on these designer jeans and such. Remember, no one is forcing them to spend this money on those jeans, unlike school systems. A student can get a nice pair of jeans and t-shirts from walmart for about 10-15 dollars, whereas khakis, (stated in pros arguments) are the cheapest at 20, double the price. You must also remember that the student attending private school will need to buy 2-3 pairs of the uniforms for a week, and the money they happen to save on clothes will go into washing the uniforms.

The other issue with the money argument is the fact that dress codes are used exclusively in private or religious schools, both of which cost money to attend. So is it really cheaper to pay for a tuition to private school and pay for fancy clothes?

This is all the time I have for this round, I apologize for keeping it so short, and I promise to come back with stronger and more extensive arguments next round.
Debate Round No. 2


Con, I don't go to a private school. I go to a magnet school. Also, our uniforms are a polo and khakis. The shirts are able to just be washed in a washing machine, and khakis don't have to be ironed if you don't want to. And I've been around a lot of kids at private/prep schools, and they don't care about the uniform. Just wanted to clarify. I just think we shouldn't have to care about what we wear. crunched on time aswell, justwanted to get this one out.


Thank you for such a swift response Pro.

I would like to point out to the voters that Pro has his entire argument based off of personal experience, showing no valid proof of any Pro's to a dress code.

For the sake of argument, let's compare two students. Student number one goes to a Public school, while Student Two goes to a private school, which enforces school uniforms.

Student one goes annual shopping for clothes with his mother, and what he pays are listed here.
2 new jeans (most older ones still fit, as growth stops in the late teen years [1]) - 36.00 [2]
3 new Aeropostale shirts- 36.00 [3]
1 pair of tennis shoes- 30.00 (Nike) [4]
School Supplies- 90.00 [5]

For the sake of argument and my terrible ability with math, I have left taxes out of the equation, and the total amount spent for non-uniformed school students comes out to be 192.00 a year per child.

Now lets travel to the other child who lives in the same neighborhood (for sake of argument), but instead of the public school, his parents send him to private school, where uniforms are enforced.

3 new slacks (dress code again changed for the school, and khakis cannot be worn with the uniform now)- 120.00 [6]
3 new dress shirts to follow dress code-60.00 [7] (this is not counting a tie, because some private schools do not require it)
1 pair of dress shoes- 45.00 [8]
School supplies- 90.00
Now as you can see, we have already spent much more money than the public school non-uniformed student, and we haven't even gotten to the tuition yet.
Average Private School Tuition- 8,549 [9] (This is an average, it may be different from your neck of the woods.)
Now we are up to a whopping $8,864 spent on the private school.

Now I do understand that not every year the dress code will change as stated in my example, I am simply using it in my argument to show how something like that could lead the family to have to spend more money.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Putt-Putt 5 years ago
Sorry round 2 was so short! Really crunched on time right now!
Posted by giacinmsc2014 5 years ago
I agree with this debate. I have gone to a catholic school for 3 years and i have to say i do not mind having a uniform. I don't have to stress out about what I am going to wear to school, I have saved a lot of money on clothing the past 3 years because I don't have to buy new clothing every month, and we are aloud to express ourselves through our uniforms. So overall uniforms are not a bad thing.
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