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School Uniforms

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Started: 2/12/2014 Category: Fashion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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What if you could never wear your choice of fashion to school ever again? You would never hear compliments on your shirt because every one is wearing the same thing. Clothes helps you express yourself, sometimes, you can tell a person's personality with their choice of fashion. Rips in your jeans can mean your reckless. Skirts or dresses show your inner sweetness. Baggy shorts can mean your a gangster. Your choice of fabrics may not always express yourself, but, what about shopping? School is almost everyday. Those shopping freaks cant do what they love. What if there is that special someone? You won't impress them with an everyday drag uniform. My point is that school wouldn't be half as fun wearing uniforms. Also, if everyone is wearing the same thing you might not be able to tell your friends apart from your enemies. You buy clothes for how they look on you, but also if their comfortable. What if your school uniform is really itchy? What if your usual daily wear is a comfortable sweater. You won't be used to the change. Your skin might be damaged. I'm kind of dragging on now, so ill finish.


1. You can express yourself in other ways than cloths or pants
2. If you have a uniform the special someone would like you because of your personality not just what your wearing
3. You can wear your cloths on the weekend so you can't get I worn out if it's worn out it would look worse than the uniforms
4. If the uniform is really itchy well cloths are not itchy you should check your personal hygiene
5. You can be used to it
6. Kids won't be able to pick on you because of your cloths because they would be wearing the same thing
Debate Round No. 1


I don't see the point in school uniforms. They don't make you less distracted, or confident. In fact, they make you more so. School uniforms make you focus more on what your wearing because you might hate the choice of style. If you do (which most of the kids do), you will be focused on how to improve it. Since they have no choice in what they wear, they will try to improve every little detail to draw away from the clothes (Acne, makeup, etc.) I know this from experience. School uniforms may also cause kids and parents to be unhappy and complain to the office (I know that from experience too) which would cause even more trouble. There will be no more color. Everywhere you look people wearing the same thing, that's a nightmare! Why on earth would anyone want that? The whole "purpose" of school uniforms is to draw attention away from clothes and your appearance, but as I already explained, it draws more attention, and more stress. You choose your clothes on how they look on you. School uniforms look good on almost no one. Also, If you have to buy your own uniform (Grey bottom, white top) for instance, kids would still be picked on. In this generation, if you wear the same style of clothes, but if one costs more, the other will get picked on. I am in middle school, and I also know this from experience. And yes, by the way some kind of fabrics are very itchy.


More confident? that's what you said.
1. It does not make you more self conscious it makes you less self conscious
2. Why would the parents complain about the uniform?
3. It doesn't draw more attention or stress because everybody is wearing the same thing
4. I don't think you know the difference between school uniform and school dress code
5. You still haven't rebutted my comment on my number 2,3,and 5 are you dropping those arguments if so you automatically lose
Debate Round No. 2


I meant less confident, and I don't like the way you responded to that, Keep it friendly or I will report it.

I don't really know how to use this website. I don't really debate. This was a school project, and I didn't expect someone to debate back, but I will keep going.

For two, In this generation people tend to pay attention to what the opposite sex is wearing. (Leggings, Snap backs) It's just how school works.

For three, weekends are two days out of seven. There is barely any time to wear your own clothes. Parents would have to buy the uniforms instead of buying clothes that their kids actually want.

You will loose your individuality. At our school, friends tend to wear similar things that way people will know that they are in their friend group.

Bullies would just find something else to bully about. (Hair, acne, shoes etc.)

And, no. Kids don't get used to them. Waking up and wearing the same thing every day? I've been wearing them for years, and I am still not used to them. Do you have experience with them? Everyone at my school hates them, and that's about 600 people.

Also, I do actually know the difference between school uniforms and dress codes. You don't know me. Don't push it.

It makes you more self conscious because you would hate what your wearing. Even if people are wearing the same thing. If you don't like the look on you, you automatically hate it, even if others are wearing it.

The parents would complain about the uniform, because the kids would complain to their parents and some of the parents would want to talk to the office about it, and possibly get into a disagreement or a fight.

Yes, they do draw more attention to yourself. Seeing yourself in the mirror wearing something you hate everyday. People want to express themselves, School uniforms will result to an overdose of makeup. Buying expensive shoes, and possibly tattoos or piercings. I don't think you are reading my debates carefully. You keep bringing up the same point, which makes your argument a weak one.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Anonymous 6 years ago
Why did you make the voting period soooooo long
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