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School Uniforms

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Started: 9/23/2016 Category: Education
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School uniforms have been around for many years. I believe it's time to drop the uniforms, and allow students to wear as they wish.

Many supporters of this highly-debated topic say that school uniforms keep students, especially the ladies, modest. I don't see how a short skirt is keeping the girls modest, and isn't that what the regular public school dress code is for? Keeping their students dressing appropriately?

School uniforms are doing nothing to benefit the education system. Making students wear the exact same outfit every day has no effect on grades, performance, or testing.

Also, imagine if there were a kidnapping somehow during a recess/break, or in the restroom. Clothing is a great way to identify and track down the victim, but if all the children are wearing the same thing, it'll be way easier for the kidnapper to successfully change their look. Just an insane scenario, you know?

In the long run, I think students should be allowed to wear their choice of clothing to school, as long as it's appropriate.


I'll assume round one is for arguments as my opponent seems to have presented a few.

I. Introduction and Framework
There are a variety of reasons school uniforms better the institutions in which they are instilled. These benefits are real and concrete, and will be difficult to refute with any potential abstract, non-tangible harms. Therefore, I affirm that school uniforms are beneficial to schools. Whoever best upholds impact on students' and parents' well being, particularly in the classroom, should win this debate.

II. Uniforms can save parents money
In 2013, the average parent spent $231 per child on back to school clothing. In the same year, the average school uniform spending was estimated to be less than $150. [1] This saves parents over $80 per child per year. Additionally, it is less likely that parents will have to buy new back to school clothes the next year, further decreasing costs. Additionally, clothes can be passed down from one child to the next without fear of the clothes going out of style in the same manner that would apply to non-uniform clothing. Cost efficiency is a clear benefit for the Pro side.

III. Uniforms work to prevent displays of gang colors and logos
According to a 2000 study by the National Association of Elementary School Principals, 75% of parents and 85% of staff surveyed agreed that the uniforms had led to a decrease in violence [2], especially related to gangs, as it gave groups little opportunity to showcase their colors and/or insignia on clothing. This makes the gang divisions and recruiting less prevalent on campus.

IV. Uniforms improve academic performance
In a 2004 study, uniforms were shown to have a positive relationship with improved attendance and graduation rates [3], the biggest impact in today's round. The role of the school is to be an institution of learning, and when uniforms help the school reach that goal it is the biggest benefit possible.

V. Conclusion
Students and parents both benefit from the Pro side, the students both in and out of the classroom. The resolution is affirmed.

Debate Round No. 1


Sorry, didn't feel the need to take the time out just for my statement.

There's no proof that uniforms are beneficial to the classroom or the students' performance. Even if there was ONE study about it improving academics, there's no solid, wide-ranged, unbiased, proof that it can improve performance internationally in schools.

No parent is forced to buy back to school clothing, while the uniform is mandatory. Households with financial problems could be saving almost $2,000 per student for their entire school career by not buying the uniforms. No household is required to buy brand new clothes for the school year. Many parents rely on recycled clothing and hand-me-downs, saving them money.

The public school dress code is made solely for the purposes such as covering gang signs/logos, inappropriate language, etc. There's no need for a uniform when the regular dress code can do the exact same job, but still letting students wear what they want.

Many schools with uniforms are private, which would explain the higher graduation rate, even without a uniform policy. There's no hard evidence that uniforms increase performance in public schooling.


I. Intro
Essentially my opponent has made no argument as to why dress codes are harmful, only why they are not beneficial. I'll start by making a refutation against the single far-fetched harm she provided, and follow with case defense.

II. Kidnapper
In instances where an unwelcome intruder is on school property, they will be easy to identify amidst a sea of individuals in the same clothing. Additionally, should a kidnapping take place, a school uniform would actually help locate the kidnapped individual, as my opponent seems to agree that few people not attending such a school would wear such clothing. Therefore, it is going to be unique, stand out, and be identified easily in the outside world. Even on this one in a million chance issue, you're going to vote Pro as uniforms help solve the issue.

III. Cost
You have to buy new clothes whenever children grow. That's across the board. Whether uniform or not, hand-me-downs, Goodwill, etc. are options for those that really can not afford it. Those that can afford it but would benefit by not having to pay for it receive a larger benefit from uniforms, and represent a larger segment of the population. All things considered, uniforms save money.

IV. Gangs
School dress codes don't say things like "no wearing red" (Bloods) or "no black and gold" (Latin Kings) because literally every color would end up being banned even if (despite being extremely unlikely) gang insignia were prohibited, outlawing "gang colors" would outlaw literally every single color available, as every color is claimed by at least one gang. Uniforms discourage gang violence and recruiting, and this has been empirically proven via my study.

IV. Academic Performance
"...even if there was ONE study...there's no proof that it can improve performance internationally..."-Con

A. Nothing in the resolution says implies international. As most DDO users are American I assumed it to be American based
B. The BoP is impossible if I'm to prove every single school ever has to improve with uniforms
C. That's my one study to Con's zero
D. My study analyzed 64 different schools, so it's really a meta-analysis

"Many schools with uniforms are private, which would explain the higher graduation rate, even without a uniform policy. " -Con

Obviously my opponent didn't look into my source, which specifically references improvement shown when analyzing the grades and graduation rate in 64 schools before and after they implemented uniforms. Uniforms were the only independent variable, and the research shows they improve performance.

V. Conclusion
Con has provided literally no legitimate arguments against uniforms, while I have provided three concrete, strong arguments in favor of them. Con has also questioned the validity of my data despite having provided literally zero pieces of evidence to support the claims she has made. The resolution is therefore still affirmed. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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