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School pupils should not be punished with detentions. They are the modern equivalent of imprisonment

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Started: 5/28/2021 Category: Education
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Challenge Period
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I disagree with the statement as having a detention is NOTHING like being in prison
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Posted by mikaloviche 2 months ago
when I taught at schools in Cali we used to paddle students. Detention was difficult you could either stay back after school or get a quick paddling and be gone. I taught at a seriously low socio economic back ground school and it was an all girls school as well. The girls were savage and hardened. They were tough and keeping them back was dificult. The outlawed paddling after years of debate. Corporal punishment didn't work. If you hit them hard you got into trouble. It was meant as a deterent and it didn't work. I managed to get around the severity of it and just had to do the humiliation thing. So instead of using the solid heavy wooden paddle I USED my bare hand on their bare bottoms so the act of them having to lay prostrate over my knees and lift their skirts pull down their panties and my spanking them was very surreal and awkward. They thought I was a softie and it didn't seem to work girls would come back again and again for more and it was seen as a light touch. Believe me it was very hard sometimes for me and they could feel it. I WAS the main detention teacher so all ages classes came to me and I JUST WANTED THEM ALL TO GO HOME. So I DON'T THINK PUNITIVE measures work. All it gave me was a reputation for being the spanker and no one took it seriously. I DON'T think any of the girls grew up with hang ups but i still suffer from it I MUST have spanked thousands over the years.
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
I'd suppose it's 'better when one can have a pupil see the error of their ways without reprimand or punishment.
. . .
Still, If we still imprison people for their crimes, Why mind detention?
Even when a comparison is made, The 'degree of severity, Is so far removed.
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