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School should ban the punishment for late student

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Started: 8/4/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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school nowadays always use a heavy punishment for the student who come late to the school. there are not only the students come late but when the teacher late they don't got a punishment. not fair isn't it?
they just got payroll deductions, and they don't get a punishment? their dicipline is questionable


1) Schools punish tardieness too heavily.

School nowadays always use an appropriate punishment for the student who missed several minutes of class. If you take away that punsishment, what incentive do students have to make it on time? What incentive do they have to not miss half of the lecture? After all, if your plan is enacted (baning the punisment of tardiness), there would be no concequence to miss almost all of the lecture.

2) Teachers are not punished when they are tardy.

Contradictory and irrelevant. You go on that they get payroll deductions if they are tardy. That completely contradicts this point. Also, it's irrelevant when talking about removing the punishment for students. That's like saying we should feed a hampster more becuase we feed the dog an entire bowl of food. They are completely different: one educates and one recieves education.

I think that was your entire argument.
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