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School should only go for 4 days a week.

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Started: 4/28/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is obvious that school should only have 4 school days for these next reasons:
Firstly, children these days are so busy doing school work all the time and doing their extra-curricular activities that sometimes this leads them to burn out and get too stressed. If schools only had 4 school days a week than students would have time to relax and regain sleep.
Secondly, many children these days do not have enough time to spend with their family and friends and may be becoming anti social due to the enormous amount of work that they have to finish.
I have made my case clear


Hello Pro.

This seems like an interesting topic to debate. We are talking about school being reduced to 4 days. I don't see why it should as it will make no difference. School is already 5 days long, so making it 1 day less will make no difference.

Pro starts off by saying that students are busy doing schoolwork and extra curriculum activities. He provides no source to support the evidence. He also states that the students get too stressed out. He states 4 days are enough for a student to regain sleep and relax.

Rebuttal: If this is the case, then what are students doing when they do have time to sleep? They stay up all night doing what? If a student decides not to do their homework in the morning, they took that decision.

Debate Round No. 1


Con, You made a very good point and I apologies for my lack of proof, however you may want to check your own argument as you have not really put forth any clear points. Your argument completely lacks structure.
Rebuttal: Con asked, what would children do when they do have time to sleep, he was obviously questioning whether or not they would actually be sleeping. However if Students did have Friday off then they would have time to do their assignments that extra free day instead of needing more sleeping

Good luck


You are right Pro.

My point here is that:
Students getting extra days off is not going to help them get better grades. Some kids do not care about it. Even if you give them a whole week off, some won't just fall in line and begin doing their work. They will continue being disruptive even if they get a whole week off. Being antisocial is not caused by school. School is a place to learn, not to fool around, or to give out free breaks to people who want them.

Pro states that this would be a benefit because students have extra time to do their assignments. Pro said on the argument before that assignments cause students to get stressed out. Didn't he say students needed breaks to get away from schoolwork and extracurricular activities?

Debate Round No. 2


Con said, that letting students have a day off will not necessarily make them do their assignments, and in which case this is true as maybe the students do not have assignments, however once again this is of no importance as they could still rest and spend time with their family. Did you know that


Your argument has a flaw in it.

In that survey, it has more people with 20 hours or more relaxing. If you mean sitting in a chair playing video games is relaxing, students should instead be focusing on material for school. You should set aside one hour for studying to the max. You say four days, I say it is a waste of effective teaching.

Consider our other breaks, like spring break or summer break. One day more in our breaks would not be fair. Many state boards in Oklahoma oppose this.(1)

The day that can be used for learning will instead be used for doing nothing. You already have a whole summer break to spend time with family members and rest.

Gl to my opponent and this was a very good debate. No forfeits, and no concessions.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheUser 7 years ago
With flaw I meant that you said more people spent less time relaxing when it says 165 for 6-10 hours as well as 3-5. Just pointing it out.
Posted by TheUser 7 years ago

Posted by KokeeGrey 7 years ago
Sorry I did write this in, however it some how did not post.
Did you know that outw of 693, 20 people said that they spend 0 hours relaxing in a school week, 65 people said that in a school week they only spend 1-2 hours relaxing and 165 people said that that spend 3-5 hours relaxing in a school week! That is just over 37% of people who do not really get enough time to relax in a school week.
Other sources say that you should spend about 1 hour a day on you time. That's 7 hours a week compared to 0-5!
Good luck
Posted by TheUser 7 years ago
I had no more space to continue.

I am going to continue it here.

Rebuttal for Pro's second statement: Pro states that students become antisocial with lots of schoolwork.

Students are really the ones who take the decision to be antisocial.

Antisocial is when the person becomes hostile and is usually selfish, and feels no remorse for their actions.(1)

I don't believe students could go to that extent, and 4 days of school won't change that. That is one day less than the normal count, which is 5 days here in the US.

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Vote Placed by Blade-of-Truth 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Tie. Both were extremely well mannered towards one another. I would say that it isn't really necessary to wish your opponent luck after every round, but it was a nice change of pace for me to see. Good job you guys. S & G - Con. Pro made a few spelling errors in R2, and also made punctuation errors throughout the course of the debate. Often forgetting to include periods and commas where they were needed. Pro also used improper capitalization on a few words throughout the debate. All of that is only relevant because Con practiced proper grammar and spelling throughout the debate. Hence I must award these points to Con. Arguments - Con. Pro presented valid evidence that helped support his case, but ultimately Con provided stronger rebuttals and arguments. What really sealed the deal was how Con showed that having an additional day off would not really provide any better opportunities that the students wouldn't have had otherwise. Sources - Tie. Both had good sources.

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