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School uniform should be abolished

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Started: 7/13/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Did you know that shockingly every year children are bullied because of their uniform? This is because when a bully sees a child in a uniform they immediately suspect that they have rich parents that spoil them. Then they then assume this, therefore, means that they have a posh expensive phone. This leads to mugging and then bullying. When I was doing my research I found a site that was telling me that some children were being asked to wear black hoodies over their uniform because this was happening. This is not acceptable. Why can"t children wear their own clothes to school? Abolishing uniform would prevent this from even happening.

Teachers are always telling us to stand out from the crowd and be confident. But how can this happen when we are all wearing the same. Wearing what you want is an important part of life. If you had to go through life wearing a uniform all the time everyone would be the same. How could black Americans still be used in the slave trade but some people weren"t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Everybody has their own style but how can we show that if we have to wear the same uniform every day. While doing my research I found out that the school that has the top GCSE results don"t have a uniform policy. Doesn"t this show us something? Wearing what you want not only promotes self-confidence but also drives forward academic success.

When you are wearing school uniform you are compared to other schools that may have a different colour of style uniform. Also when we play sports fixtures some children are teased because their uniform isn"t the right colour or style. In the end, this results in a lack of confidence.


What would happen if a Professional NBA basketball team like the Chicago Bulls and the Toronto Raptors, came onto the court for an NBA game and showed up in mixed and matched clothes? How would people be able to establish senses of right and wrong, how would the players know who to pass to and how would the audience know what was going on? The simple answer is : They wouldn't. School uniforms have been a staple of many school communities across the world since the mid to late 1900's. School uniforms give a sense of a unity among educational institutions because it gives a sense of spirit throughout the school community. Uniforms give students a level playing field which reduces peer pressure and bullying. In general, uniforms save time. You don't need to pick out a new outfit every day, and they are easier to enforce in a dress code compared to no uniform, which saves valuable class time.

Before I expand on my arguments, I would like to point out that my opponent didn't cite sources for example my opponent said ' When I was doing my research I found a site that was telling me ', I'd like to request that my opponent cite his/hers sources in the future.

Uniforms give a school community a sense of unity. Unity is promoted in schools globally, Uniforms give a sense of unity because Wearing similar clothing lets students feel united as well as brings a sense of pride in their appearance and their school. When students know they are supported by a group of people, they are more inclined to study in their classes and attend school more consistently. Overall, these researchers suggest that these students may become more motivated. Like on the front line of combat. By wearing the flag of the nation you're fighting for you feel more patriotic and that inspires spirit.

Bullying and peer pressure is a widespread issue that teachers are trying to tackle, getting rid of the opportunity of kids who aren't as well off as others to feel less self conscious about their clothes. Uniforms are social and economic equalizers, which reduce opportunities for children to criticize others on dress and appearance. The main argument against uniforms stresses the need for young people to express their individuality through the clothes they choose to wear, though that may be a good point, there are other ways for students to express their individuality through things like arts, music and drama. If students want to be able to express themselves and their individuality, they can take it through another approach not just their uniforms.
Debate Round No. 1


First off we are talking about school, not professional sports players. That is a different scenario and in that case, it is essential for them to wear a uniform to avoid confusion. However, going to school is not a public spectacle and will not be viewed on live television.

There are other ways of establishing a sense of spirit in a school community. Take for example my school. There is a specific hymn that we sing and we have our own quirks that you would be unlikely to find elsewhere. None of this is to do with the uniform that we wear.

Schools are always telling us (as I said) that we are supposed to be unique. There is also a lot in the news at the moment calling for stereotypes and prejudices to be torn down. The best way " as far as I am concerned " to do this is to bring these children up in an environment where they see others in their own clothes and accept it as normal. The pride in a school can come from many things. These can be things as simple as celebrating other pupil"s achievements.

You also stated that dress coding students can take up lots of valuable lesson time. An easy way to combat this would be to only dress code people in free time periods. Having teachers in the hallway as students arrive and them being around during break times. Not only does this make it easier to dress code them but it also enables them to have a greater presence.

Even with uniforms students still split into social groups. As with my school and the others surrounding there is a clear split between "the popular," "the sporty," and the "geeks." Uniform has nothing to do with the friend groups that people have. In fact, I believe that if school uniform was removed there would be some groups who became closer due to similar tastes. These other approaches are great although they are already being used yet. If this was so why would 59% of people on this very website feel that school uniforms should be abolished?

In answer to what you said about citing my sources; where are yours? You said "researchers suggest," who are these researchers?


School may not be viewed on live television, but a school uniform is the uniform you wear during class periods as well as the Phys. Ed uniforms and team uniforms that are used to represent the school, everything comes hand in hand.

The same goes for uniforms of different professions, are you going to argue that students down the line when they have jobs like doctors, lawyers and police that they should be able to have the option to wear shorts and a t-shirt if they were a doctor? Of course not, uniforms are put in place for the best of the worker and society. If you were in need of serious help and needed a police officer, how would you be able to tell the difference between a regular civilian and a police officer if there was no uniform? If you want to get rid of uniforms in school, you are setting youth up on a path to thinking that their creativity is more important than the task at hand.

I attend a uniform school and I have all my life, I have also lived in different countries and I know the way the schools work around the world, by your choice of words I can tell you are from the United Kingdom. (Referring to your use of 'GCSE' and 'posh' and other Brit centred words.) In the United Kingdom, 82 percent of state schools ( public schools for my fellow North Americans) require primary students to wear a uniform, by the end of a child's time in pre university education, 98% of English schools ( State and Independent/ Public and Private ) require a student to wear a uniform. So if we return to your starting statement where you say that: 'When a bully sees a child in a uniform they immediately suspect that they have rich parents that spoil them. Then they then assume this, therefore, means that they have a posh expensive phone. This leads to mugging and then bullying.' This is untrue. State and independent schools have uniforms and most people at these schools aren't in fact 'rich' and 'posh', and even if they went to a fee paying Independent school, in England alone over "850 million of bursaries alone are given each year to young flourishing minds who can't afford the luxury of a fee paying school. (Sources National Registry and the Financial Times)

Dress coding does take up time unfortunately, but the way to combat this isn't to take up a students class or free period time. If you want to save time, just enforce uniform rules and be done with it.

You stated that I said students split into social groups and that I quoted "the popular," "the sporty," and the "geeks.", I never made any reference to that, and you also say that Uniform has nothing directly to do with friend groups, If a uniform was not enforced and there were richer spoilt kids alongside poorer less spoilt kids, I'm sorry, but the richer spoilt kids who think they're better (Don't try to deny this every school has one) than everybody else, are not going to come and start being friendly towards the less fortunate.

Also I still don't see you citing your sources. Next time before you go after me, make sure you are not going to embarrass yourself by still not fixing the same mistake you have an issue with.
Debate Round No. 2


Those professions need a varying degree of professionalism. Take the medical profession. A doctor wears scrubs because if he doesn"t he risks causing infection. Depending on the seriousness of the situation this could end in him/her losing their job permanently. This is very different to a school environment. In school, there is no great danger connected to what you are wearing. No one is going to die because of it. Your point is fundamentally the same as the one that you made about the NBA basketball players. As I said; "First off we are talking about school, not professional sports players. That is a different scenario and in that case, it is essential for them to wear a uniform to avoid confusion. However, going to school is not a public spectacle and will not be viewed on live television."

I personally live in an area with both a highly regarded fee paying school and a few state schools. I have friends who go to the fee-paying school who have been chased with knives and had water poured on them. These were all random acts. The two victims had no idea who the attackers were. It was a random attack due to the uniform that they wore. With their school logo on it. Yes, bursaries are given out, but there is still a generalisation. That is something that you can"t change unless you remove the thing that separates them in a social environment before and after school hours. This is the uniform.

Taking up student"s free time not only means that they are being dress coded but it also gives students an incentive not to wear inappropriate clothes. Taking up the student"s time means that while they could be away with their friends they have to be held back.

I never said that you called them "the popular," "the sporty," and "the geeks" that is what I called them. In the first week of school do the rich spoilt kids walk around shouting that they have more money than everyone else? No. This is normally something that is only found out weeks after the term begins. This gives the students a window of opportunity to make friends with these kids. Without this uniform, there is not only a conversation started but, also something that students can have in common.

Unfortunately, I can"t cite my sources for my first point as I wrote this when I was 9 years old. I wanted to see if it would stand up to the level of scrutiny on this website. So far I think it has done rather well. I"m also not the one with an issue with this. I don"t mind either way. YOU brought this up in the first place.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MadiganM 3 years ago
No, it shouldn`t. Do you know the reasons of wearing school form? You know, students even inside one class are not equal. I`m talking about money. All students feel equal when they wear the same form. If it is canceled, then ridicule will begin over those who can not afford expensive clothes. That`s why i think school uniform shouldn`t be abolished. I even wrote the best essay connected with this topic.
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