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School uniform

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Started: 11/8/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As someone who has experienced both a school time with and without uniform, I think they are something most schools should have.
A school uniforms removes the ability to judge a student on his or her clothes. And the need for parents to spend money on brand clothing, just so their kids can fit in.
It forces the student to be creative and express themselves in their work rather than with provocative clothing.
It would also cut time in the morning. Instead of choosing clothes you would always know what to wear. Many great minds uses the same clothes to remove the decision making process in the morning so they can come up with greater things during the day.


In this idea, many kids(especially from private schools) are forced to wear school uniform for a reason. Not only does it make their school look tidy and organised, it also helps the children. It trains the children to get used to what is going to happen later on in life e.g. a Job. If you have an office job, would you want to wear skinny jeans and a vulgar t-shirt? No! You want to look formal. Speaking of vulgar, children could bring vulgar shirts or pants to school, thus enhancing the idea of school uniform. For example, panties or any shirt that has "bad words" on it. The school doesn't try to dehumanise the children into robots, they are trying to help them into a well-rounded person by the way they dress.
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