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School uniforms should be banned

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Started: 6/30/2015 Category: Education
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Hello Fellow debater and viewers. This argument, as stated above, is about whether school uniforms should or shouldn't be banned. I, visheshk, will be against this.
Let us begin.

School uniforms give a sense of discipline. Non-school uniforms are more free, which is not always a good thing. Schools uniforms provide a sense of pride and respect, whereas non-school uniforms are less so.

If you attended a 'mufti' school, if would be hard to choose what exactly to wear. In normal schools, student have a certain code which is mandatory to wear everyday, making life easier.


I accept this debate, and will argue why school uniforms should be banned. Many thanks to my opponent for starting early.

A sense of discipline given by a school uniform isn't necessary, as children should be disciplined at home by their parents. When a group wears a uniform e.g. at work, or in the army, it reinforces the idea that the group is part of a team. However at school, a child's primary goal is not to work well as a team but to become a competant individual, able to complete coursework and exams on their own, and think entirely on their own.

Schools do set team excersises e.g. quizes, challenges, and have sport acticities. But again there is no need for students to wear the same uniform, even when playing footabll it is not necessary to be given bibs because there are no spectators! It is not difficult to remember who is on your team when a captain from each side picks his players, and when you're familiar with fellow students. The sole purpose of uniforms is to diminish competition by allowing teams to be created randomly (i.e. unfairly), which is a bad thing.

Children should not be forced to have pride in their school. Not every school is great. They should be able to buy clothing with a logo just like any other club to freely express their pride.

Also why should students waer a tie, do up the top button on their shirt, or even wear a shirt? if it makes them feel uncomfortable and inhibits their learning?

Students should be given reasons to enjoy going to school, not reasons to hate it. They are happier on non-uniform days, why take that away? It seems to me that students must a wear a uniform so they feel like cattle, or something inferior. Is this how students should respect other people, by feeling inferior?

I think I've made enough points, I eagerly await your argument, many thanks

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visheshk forfeited this round.


my points stand
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visheshk forfeited this round.
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