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School uniforms should be banned

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Started: 1/9/2017 Category: Society
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I thank my opponent in advance for accepting this debate about school uniforms. I will take the pro side. Good wishes to my opponent, I have to say that I have not a very good experience in debates and I am just a little girl, but I want to do more debates to practice and hold my opinion even if someone try to convince me to take the other side.

Debate structure:
1st round: Only accepting
2nd and 3rd round: Argumentative text
4th round: I will ask questions to my opponent and he/she will answer them


Good luck Pro, let's have a nice debate. :)
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you opponent, I hope the same as you.

Words from an study of Arizona State University:

"Public School Uniforms: Effect on Perceptions of Gang Presence, School Climate, and Student Self-Perception,"

I am in favour in this debate. I think school uniforms should be ban. Children' freedom is restricted with school uniforms. Students should be able to wear the clothes that they want to express their style. Why not to create a dress code instated of having uniforms? Like this, students will look well and can wear what they want. There are many students that infringe the uniform code because they don't feel comfortable with the clothes of it, but in my personal opinion it would be easier to follow a dress code with clothes chosen by students, because it's what they like and since they feel comfortable with their clothes, they will make a little effort to look more pretty following the school dress codes. How many replies does schools get because they have school uniforms? A lot. Sometimes boys look under the girls' skirt. Many people reply school uniforms are uncomfortable or ugly. So to stop get g this replies, school should abolish uniforms.

It would not be that easy for your parents to find you if you are wearing the same clothes that everyone is wearing. I think that since people are young, they have to learn that everyone is different and this is limited with school uniforms, because everyone wears the same thing. Students can express their creativity and individuality choosing the clothes that they are going to wear and this can make them know that they have some likes that are different from other people.

If schools have uniforms, that will be the only option for kids to wear and, what happens if a kid don't find his/her size? It would be difficult for parents, they will have to search someone that make the uniform or buy an smaller or bigger size for the kid, but without uniforms, kids will have a lot of options to wear and that problem will go out.

Uniforms can decrease self-esteem. Instated of increasing it, many students can dislike the way they look with uniforms because their image is not the best, it is just limited

If you think that wearing school uniforms reduce bullying, you are totally wrong. A 1999 study conducted by experts from Texas Southern University showed that bullying incidents increased 12%, after the implementation of mandatory uniform wearing in schools.
Uniforms are boring. The way in which I understand this point is thinking that seeing the same clothes over and over again can make people to get tired of doing it. Also because of the colours: uniforms just have between 2 and 5 colours! This will make also people being tired of seeing the same colours lot of times.

I think schools uniforms should be banned for schools to stop receiving reapplies, for student's freedom, and for all the reasons mentioned above.Dress codes instead will work. Good luck opponent!


A student's freedom of attire is restricted with school uniforms. Students could still wear hair accessories or bracelets if they wanted to. Aside from attire, students could join a club or a spots team to show their personality. Plus, clothing isn't the only thing that could be used to express style; one can just tell friends their personality. Therefore, style/personality isn't really a problem if there are other ways to do it. Dress codes might give the students more freedom of expression. Yet, there is always the school's dress code, and the dress code between student. The school's dress code might look something like this:

No "spaghetti" straps
No crop tops
No open shoes

Etc. A student's dress code looks like this:

Fancy sneakers
Expensive shirt
Designer pants
Sexy pants (for older students)
Rebellious necklaces

If a student ignores the "student dress code" the results could include being an outcast or having a lower rank in status.

If your parents don't recognize you because you are wearing the same thing as everyone else, they are horrible parents. Parents always remember that one thing that makes their son/daughter(s) special or unique. If they really can't find them, they could call their cell/smart phone and tell them where they are. Plus, a parent could always tell their kid before they left home that they will be waiting for them in [insert_place], such as the classroom, locker area, parking lot, tennis court, Etc.

If schools have uniforms, it is a good thing that they do because if they didn't, students (especially girls) will have to choose wisely about the clothes they use in order to keep their rank (or raise) in status. When a kid doesn't have his/her size, they can just buy another uniform like you said. It's not that hard, you just have to try it before you buy it.

Yes, uniforms can decrease self-esteem, but when that happens, they can just notice that everyone else is wearing the same thing! Nothin' to worry about. There are many things that can lower your self-esteem, you just have to find a way to increase it. (Follow your dreams, kids)Even without school uniforms, bullying will go on. There is no stopping it. These days, the onl thing left to do is to stand up to them. That study you mentioned, though, is from 1999. We are in 2017 now. A study published by The Daily Gazette in 2015 show that it does indeed. "It shows that reports of assault with deadly weapons dropped by 50%, fighting incidents went down by 51%, possession of weapons (or weapon “look-alikes”) decreased by 52%, sex offenses were cut by 74%, robbery dropped by 65%, possession of drugs went down by 69% and vandalism was lowered by 18%".

If students didn't wear uniforms, teachers would have to spend class time in order to check if all students have acceptable clothing. This means less class time, and what is school, without teaching? It is time to use our time valuably!

"Famous Oxford Brookes University in UK carried out a study in 2007.According to this study school uniform is a major contributor in building up the feeling of pride amongst students towards their institution.", quote from The feeling of pride for their schoolcreated healthy competition against other universities. This makes students feel like a part of a community.

Professionalism is a very important attribute to students. As they grow older, they have to seem something more than a "casual kid". A study proves that using school uniforms increases chances of teachers being impressed.


Note:I am impressed by your debating skills! Especially since you claimed to be a little girl in the first argument. Keep up the good work!
Debate Round No. 2


Even if students can wear hair accessories or bracelets, it is always limited. There are just a few colours that are allowed and in most schools, hair accessories and bracelets are allowed only for girls, because it will be estrange seeing a boy with hair accessories, so boys have not a freedom to use more accessories, just the uniform. I know students can join a club with other clothing, but not everyone from the school will see them, just the people that are joined to the club will be available to see them, plus there are some clubs in which students have to wear specific dresses, for example: a sports' club, because there are teams so there is a big probability for teams to be forced to wear an specific T-shirt. Clothes not only help to express personality, they help to express style. There is a probability that someone tells is/her style to other people and that people don't understand really well what he/she is trying to say, but if they see them, it will be much easier for the other person to explain it. The dress code may be stabilised by the school with some limits like this:

Can not wear flip-flops, crocs or open shoes, only closed shoes

For hot weather: Short sleeve shirts may be worn, as long as the sleeve is 5cm below the arm. If shorts are to be worn that are not so short (they should be at least halfway up the leg)

For cold weather: You can bring non-exaggerated and discreet coats. If you are going to bring jackets or bags, maximum two

Please dress well, that the colors you choose combine

For girls: dresses or skirts can not be more than 3 fingers above the knees

It is not acceptable to wear shoes like flip-flops (all inside the shoe)

On days when there is sport class, students can only wear weatshirts or sportswear

I know parents always remember students by something, but what if the school joins all the classes are in the same place? There will be every people of the school and like this your parents will have to go between people just to find you. Some kids don't carry their cell phone for schools. In other schools it is only allowed in secondary. For example in my school, every grade has to wait his/her parents in the same place, all the classes are joined at the same point, so there is not an specific meeting point stabilised between parents and students, everyone has the same meeting point as the others.

If students don't know what to choose for wearing, parents can help them. If an student don't find his/her after trying an smaller and a bigger size, then the student will be forced to buy a smaller or bigger size, which is not correct.

People want to see their best image and as they just see that they are wearing a uniform every day, they are not going to think that their image is the best. Yes, there are other ways for increasing self-esteem, but for most of the people, their image is a very important aspect. I know bullying never stops, it is another problem, but it can be reduced without school uniforms. I think there will be more rivalry with school uniforms because it will be easier for others to know the school you are from and make fun of your school uniform. Also, many uniforms are ugly for students and they are forced to wear them. There are quotes against uniforms used now by experts that investigate school uniforms' facts, like this one: ""the uniform is that which we do not choose, that which is assigned to us; it is the certitude of the universal against the precariousness of the individual. When the values that were once so solid come under challenge and withdraw, heads bowed, he who cannot live without them (without fidelity, family, country, discipline, without love) buttons himself up in the universality of his uniform as if that uniform were the last shred of transcendence that could protect him against the cold of a future in which there will be nothing left to respect"
R13; Milan Kundera, The Art of the Novel

School uniforms will not save class time, because teachers also check the uniform code. Schools should have the first 15 minutes of tutor, where teachers check the dress code of students.

The purpose of schools is educating, not educating with force conditions, rather educating will not be easy with rules that are not necessary. Students can feel that they make part of the school in different ways, not only with the uniform: (with the school programs, teachers, way of learning, systems, activities and many other things) all schools have uniqueness in something, so uniforms are not necessary for students to feel that they make part of the school.

Teachers can not only be impressed with school uniform presentation, they can also be impressed by seeing how well kids are dressing and all the fashion the are using.

Note: Thank you opponent for your note, as I said I have not a good experience in debates so I am surprised of you writing me that note. Good luck again! You are also a very good debater, it took me time to attack your arguments, but as I join to more debates it would be easier for me, I have to add that my first language is Spanish, so I think you can suppose this is a real challenge for me. I think we are having a very good and close debate!


Yes, wearing hair accessories, bracelets, etc is always limited. If there are just a few color that are allowed to be worn at most schools, then that isn’t a uniform, that is a dress code. You are contradicting yourself. About boys wearing hair accessories, I agree that it might be pretty weird. But they sure can wear some sort of chain necklace if they are rebellious or some weird Star Wars bracelet if they like Star Wars. Yes, students that join a club might also be forced to use a uniform. Let’s say a student joins an art club. An art club usually encourages students to express themselves through art. An art club usually makes some sort of art show to expose the student’s art. When that happens, students express themselves through art. Another example is a debate club. If you join a debate club, you express and defend your opinions. Debate clubs usually have small debates within themselves or a serious debate with another school. There, students get to know each other. Clothing does represent style in some ways but style doesn’t only show with clothing. For example, if you see someone running in a different style than the others and he/she appears faster than the others, you could say he/she is in a cross country team and is trained in a special way.
*style can also mean the way you dosomething

If the school joins everyone together for pick-up, it is hard. But, let’s say you are in the mall or a public place and you are looking for someone. Obviously, they all won’t be wearing uniforms. But it is still hard to find them, right?

If parents help students choose what to wear, then the student isn’t really expressing his/her style. He/she is expressing their parents. If the uniform that the student bought the first and/or second time, they can return it to the store and buy the correct one for the same price.

Again, in order to look their best, this will take time to choose and outfit, which leads back to my previous argument. (If parents help students choose what to wear, then the student isn’t really expressing his/her style. He/she is expressing their parents.) The only occasion you see people from other schools is outside schools. Outside from schools, students don’t have to wear uniforms, so students from other schools won’t make fun of the school. Unless you tell them. If uniforms are ugly, a group of students could make a petition and convince people to sign it in order for a new design to be created and made.

School uniforms do save class time. If teachers check if they are using the uniform, it’s probably quick. All they need to do is look at the students. If she spots one that isn’t wearing the uniform, then it will be easy to spot. This won’t take much time

Yes, a school’s purpose is to educate. But if there were no forced conditions, a school would be messed up. Things such as stealing and bullying would happen. They do happen, but people are around to stop it. Yes, attire doesn’t interfere with education; no matter what you are wearing, you will end up learning (if you are paying attention). But, again, if attire took time to decide, then you would lose valuable class time. That interferes with education. Of course, there are other ways to feel part of the school community. Let’s put it this way: If you are part of a soccer team and the way you are officially part of it is being “blessed” with the uniform. If don’t wear your uniform, doesn’t that mean that anyone could be part of that soccer team?

“Teachers can not only be impress with school uniform presentation, they can…”
You agree. Teachers can be impressed. About the other part, what about kids that don’t dress well? The teachers won’t be so proud.

If you look at other people’s clothing during class because it’s pretty or it says something interesting, you will get distracted and miss the class. If your school used uniforms, then you have nothing to worry about.

“When everyone is dressed the same, worrying about what you look like isn't so important. There is no competition about being dressed in the latest trend.”, reports TheGuardian.


Note 2: ¡Gracias otra vez y buena suerte! No sabia que tu sabias español, es uno de los 3 idiomas que yo se. Aunque no podamos argumentar usando español, si tienes que usar una palabra en español yo la entiendo. ¡Buena suerte otra vez!
Debate Round No. 3


I will ask you some questions and try to attack your arguments.

When I mean dress codes I mean with clothes, whit the colours that people want, but with uniforms there aren't dress codes, there are uniform rules. I know boys can wear bracelets of Starwars or something they like, but in some schools is prohibited.

When you say students joining to clubs, they can express their self by that activities. But most schools have arts as a subject and also, most schools make debates in class, taking this into account students are already expressing their self. In which other ways can they express their selves for you?

Style can be shown by the way people do something, but I am talking about image style, how can people demonstrate their image to others with uniforms?

Well, I have to say most of students choose the clothes that they are going to buy at stores, not their parents, so they are just giving options to their parents for them to help them, not to choose by them. For example in my personal case I choose the clothes that I will buy at stores and my mother help me to choose which one to wear, but I already choose them, he is just helping me because I have a lot of options. In which way I am representing my mother?

I know students can return uniforms back to stores. But for example in the case of my school (British International School of Barranquilla) on Tuesdays we have to go with a house T-shirt. For the first six months of this year, there where not all the sizes for that T-shirts, so most students had to wear an smaller or bigger size. Do you imagine wearing a size that is not yours for six months? Is it comfortable? What do you think? In my opinion no, it is better with clothing that, as I said, there are more options.

In this case I am not talking about students in a mall, because most of the time children carry their cell phones if they are in a mall, so it would be easier for parents. But in some schools the use of cell phones is not allowed and as you say, it would be difficult if all the classes are joined for parents to find their kids.

Many students, after school finishes, don't change their clothing. For example here in Barranquilla, at Buenavista, you find many kids that are wearing their school uniform after the day of school ends, so like this others can make fun of the uniform and also of the school right?

There are many shy students that have pain of making a suggestion for the school to change the image of their uniform. There is also a possibility that the school don't accept it. SO students can still feel uncomfortable with the image of their school, instated of being proud. What can make them proud if the school dress is not presentable?

School uniforms have rules (example: T-shirt inside, no short socks, for girls skirts under their knees and some more), so teachers will have to check if students follow that rules and do you think that doesn't take time?

Schools do have forced conditions and rules that if a student infringe, that student can be punished. The action of banning school uniforms will not make that school rules and punishments to disappear in my opinion. What can you say?

For teams, anyone who want to be part can be, even without uniforms, there have to be auditions and ways for people to show that they can be part of that team. Also, the team need to have rules. Taking this into account a people can be approved or disapproved for a team even without uniforms

People can get distracted in other ways in class, not only observing clothes of other people. DO you think that if someone infringe the school uniform rules in class other person can get distracted? I think yes, and as I said before, people don't only get distracted with dresses, they can get distracted talking with other people, reading, drawing and many other activities

Pressure is going to be found in other aspects, not only in dressing, for example hair style (for girls) in games (people that play bad will feel pressure) and many more aspects

I conclude finally, that uniforms limit the image of people and this is a very important aspect for self-esteem. Students can feel that they make part of the school, not only with uniforms, they can also feel that with school programs. Dressing as you want, not only benefit in expression, also in individuality. The school can get many reapplies for school uniforms (is the case of my school, that first when socks where under the knees many people said that mosquitoes will hurt them. But when the code was changed and socks where up, students said that the hot climate will make them to sweat. I think we have rights! Imagine wearing something that you don't want or feel heavy. I can say that in a survey, most of voted against uniforms.

People vote for who is better to you! I invite you to vote for me if you wish and I thank in advance the ones who are planning to vote for me. Also thank my opponent for helping me to make this interesting and close debate.

Note 2:Note: I'm very glad that you also know how to speak Spanish. I almost cried because I did not know how to answer you, debates very well. I know that I can use words in Spanish but in this case I will not do it so that the voters understand what I mean. I honestly think it was a very close debate that left us both thinking how we could contradict each other, but if we have our point, we have to do whatever it takes to defend it. Now that the votes are coming the best wins! This helps me a lot to prepare for possible debates in the school and not to be carried away by what others say. Thank you for accepting my debate and making it so interesting! I ask you to please add me as a friend and I to you. You debate very well. Greetings from Colombia!
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Debate Round No. 4
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