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Schools should teach a Post-Graduation Class instead of Latin

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Started: 3/11/2014 Category: Education
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I believe, instead of teaching latin in high-schools that teachers should be teaching a class about what happens after you graduate high school. This class would include how to calculate taxes, how to apply for jobs, how to vote etc. I believe that school misses out on teaching students about what happens in everyday life after high-school whether you choose to go down the university route or not. I think that it is wrong that schools should prioritise subjects such as latin, which is a dead language, over learning how to cope in an independent lifestyle after you leave home. I am not anti-latin, however I am using it as an example of some of the more pointless subjects being taught in the national curriculum.


Hey, I want to let you know that first of all, Latin is not a required course to take. After all, we are allowed to choose any language we want as long as the school provides a course for that language, and usually there's more than one option. It's also unnecessary to have a post-graduation class because we learn most of the things we'd learn in the post-graduation class in other required classes. For example, we learn how to petition and vote in civics and social studies classes, we learn how to do taxes in personal finance class, and you can discuss how to get a job with your counselor, especially since you need a form from him or her if you want to apply for a job before you're sixteen. There are obviously more useful tools you'll learn in these classes, but in the interest of time I've made it concise. Overall, it's not necessary to have a post-graduation class, and we can choose to learn a language other than Latin. This is my opinion on the subject matter!
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro gave a very solid opening argument, as to why Post-Grad classes should be prioritised over Latin ones. Con responded by saying that Latin isn't compulsory, which essentially concedes, in regards to the resolution. But then Con argues that Post-Grad classes are unnecessary, giving good reasons as to why. I think this latter argument makes up for the other, terrible one. I think the resolution was negated, yet Con made that initial argument that conceded, so I'm going to call this a tie.

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