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Science Vs. Religion

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Started: 3/19/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am for religion, I want to see if anyone thinks science is better, I like debating on this subject please comment, anyone is allowed!


I humbly accept your offer. Good luck. I shall argue on the side of science.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Con for accepting my challenge and I wish you the best of luck.
What was there before Science was even considered? Before Biology, Chemistry or Physics. Before Albert Einstein or Issac Newton? That's right God was. God created science and so religion is better. (In case it was unclear before I shall be arguing from a Christian point of view)


Before there was religion, what was there? O yes - there were cavemen who put fur skins on their privates (and everything else), rubbed a few sticks together to make fire, and domesticated dogs and cattle in between hunting them with simple tools and weapons. Or in other words: They created science.

Then, a few hundred thousand/million years later, when religion finally came along, they wrote down their religious beliefs on stone tablets using WRITTEN LANGUAGE and STONE TABLET TECHNOLOGY. Later, after they killed their donkeys because the poor things couldn't keep up with the 5,000 stone tablets (which weighed like 500 lbs each), they invented paper and scrolls. And then they switched to PAPER AND PEN TECHNOLOGY. Again, none of it the precursor of religion.

There simply is no evidence, of any kind, that our caveman ancestors had any preexisting religious beliefs. All that came later, i.e. perhaps once they stopped staring into the woodline to see if a deadly bear was going to eat them; Once they had time look into the sky and see the stars, perhaps then they began to wonder. But clearly, no primates other than man have religious views. Since we descended from a common primate approx 22 million years ago, it only follows that our use of tools came first (even great apes use tools, and they don't have any religious beliefs either). So it's really not a question of "tools or religion first" - it was clearly tools, and therefore SCIENCE.

What else do you have?
Debate Round No. 2


Who made the man to make the tools? Was it not God? God made man, made the world and therefore made science. I agree it took some time to realize that there was a God but that does not mean He is non-existent. Also, God has done so many miracles that go against science so what is your reason for that?


You made the statement, now prove it. Prove that man just poofed into existence. Prove that a supernatural entity poofed all of man into existence.

Even if this was the case, it would be a completely useless argument.

The argument isn't "did god come first or tools/science". The argument is whether or not RELIGION came first.

Religion isn't the existence of absence of existence of a deity. It is the existence of a BELIEF:

These are definitions of RELIGION (from Bing):

beliefs and worship: people's beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or deities, and divine involvement in the universe and human life
system: an institutionalized or personal system of beliefs and practices relating to the divine
personal beliefs or values: a set of strongly-held beliefs, values, and attitudes that somebody lives by

Here's the Meriam Webster Definition:

:the belief in a god or in a group of gods
: an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods
: an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group

In short, my esteemed opponent is choosing to be wilfully ignorant of the topic at hand, and is consistenly moving the target up and down in order to make his argument more palatable. I believe that even though his original premise was vague, by the 2nd round we had settled on "Science vs. Religion", and not "Science vs. God". He introduced some weird version of a timeline (in about 2 sentences, with no supporting evidence whatsoever), followed by a "thank you and goodnite".

Unfortunately for my opponent, none of this is true. We're not here debating metaphysical half-truths and beliefs. We're here debating THE TRUTH. The truth is that people evolved from animals. We inherited our traits from our ancestors, including the ability to utilize tools. There is no indication whatsoever, in all of science, that we grew our brains and hands out of a need for religion, but rather from a need to utilize tools and survive in our changing environments. There is not even a single argument in all of CREATIONISM (!!!!) which would support my opponent's assertions.

If my opponent would like to devolve this debate into a "creationist" debate, he should have been honest and plastered his Hovind/Cameron/Bananaman apologism all over the first round so that debaters could have avoided his nonsense. He had plenty of opportunities to do so, but I can see the beginnings of "let's all talk about the Ark" and "Ice asteroids falling from the sky to create floods and ice ages". If you would like me to dissect that stuff, we can go there. I can easily destroy those arguments merely from rote memory - I won't even have to google the arguments (they are THAT sublimely stupid). But hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Again: You're moving the target. The issue, WHICH YOU WROTE DOWN, was religion. NOT GOD.
Debate Round No. 3


DebatingMaster forfeited this round.


incredulous1972 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Valtin 7 years ago
Science and Religion go together(At least most of them).
"Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allaah will make a path to Paradise easy for him." (Al-Bukhaari)
Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
Numbers have no substance, they do not exist but in the minds of observers.
No observers, there are no numbers.
A Lion will see two or three zebras it has realization of these numbers and pick the one that appears weakest.
Human minds invented mathematics and numbers, without the human mind, mathematics and many numbers do not exist.
Without conscious observers, numbers don't exist.
Numbers have nothing of their own.
Numerology is thus an extremely idiotic concept, and it means nothing to reality.
Posted by JJCD 7 years ago
Science has created medicines! Science has explained why things are with proof and hard evidence. Religion relies on faith healing and superstition! Science has invented machines, electricity, moisturiser! Your religion prays to a god that doens't answer your prayers, but it's okay if he doesn't- god had a divine plan created thousands of years ago! Then why bother praying? If it's not in the divine plan, it's not going to happen, why would god change his divine plan for you? Science can make a change for the better. Even if you just follow religious values, the real world has moral values too! We see them everyday. There is nothing religion offers you that science doesn't apart from heaven or hell... And with a 50/50 % chance of going to either.... Since nowadays we bend the rules.... I don't much fancy religion, it should of grown up with the world, not held it back. If religion was forgot when science came about, we could of tackled most of the worlds major problems by now. I'm talking thousands of years though... That's how big a hold religious beliefs have on us!.
Posted by michael00456 7 years ago
There are things called voids witch are nothing at all so there is no befor the universe it cycles over and over agen like a circle so it will never end. So God is Pi (pi goes on forever) that means god is made up of numbers and thats math. God made tbe building blocks of life (god = numbers witch if you put numbers into a equation) building blocks of life is just an equation. But yet everything is made up of math and science
Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
Though I find it ironical that science, especially neuroscience, may possibly destroy God.
Did god predict its own doom!
Now that's omniscience!
Posted by DebatingMaster 7 years ago
I am with you Hernatite 12, as a Christian I feel it is important to value each and every religion as if it were my own, I respect each one of them. I have heard people discuss this topic thinking that it is one or the other and I wanted other people's point of views. I am sincerely sorry if I offended you in a shape or form.
Posted by Hematite12 7 years ago
Ah yes, the false dichotomy of doom.

Can you answer me, what kind of science? What is the role of this science?

For religion, whose religion? 90% of Christians I know have lots of bullcrap to say about Islam and Buddhism, for example. I'm sure you think that YOUR religion is the best thing since sliced bread, but I would be very surprised if you are the rare one who recognizes the equal legitimacy of other religions.

Lastly, since when does science have anything against religion? Science shows that Genesis is either wrong or should not be taken literally, but that is about it. Science is purely mechanistic, it cannot make inferences about the supernatural because by nature it is natural. So you can believe whatever the f you want about supernatural things. You frame the question as if it's one or the other.
Posted by DebatingMaster 7 years ago
Okay so how about this "Religion hold back Science" is that okay?
Posted by Mr.sarcastic 7 years ago
I'm confused...what is this debate about exactly?
Posted by CJKAllstar 7 years ago
On what grounds is science better than religion? Please define for what, how and the goal and which areas you mean. Your motion is beguiling but ambiguous. Please specify slightly more.
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