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Science is a Disaster

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Started: 2/24/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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No doubt Science gave us innumerable things we enjoy everyday. But all of it comes at a huge cost. Today, in just a few centuries of the dawn of "science", we've brought our planet on the verge of complete annihilation. Some say the climatic catastrophe has already happened. Weren't then, the old days good? Humanity has been living on this planet for thousands of years, if not more. There was no existence of pollution. But only in the last century we've polluted this planet to death, and we're not stopping. I believe that, an invention that causes pollution, is no invention. And almost every, and i must repeat it, almost every gift of science causes pollution. And we must also keep in mind that we are living in a shared premises. This planet isn't just home to humans. How would you've felt if dogs would have polluted this planet to your death? But we being the most intelligent race, never put our feet in their shoes.

We've forgotten the old ways of natural farming. Pesticides and fertilizers have destroyed the golden fertile lands on this planet. And on top of that, the so called intelligent ones of our race have started modifying the very fabric of nature. They're making genetically modified seeds, the so called high yielding breeds, that are nothing short of poison, and selling it to novice farmers who dont know that they're planting poison in their fields. And we eat this crap thinking of it as "healthy".

In the old days, there were hardly any hospitals in existence, but the average life expectancy was above 100 years. And now, there's a hospital near the house of every tom, dick and harry, and the life expectancy is going down like waterfall.

People today live in orders of magnitude more stress than what they lived in, a couple of centuries before.

Air Pollution from billions of automobiles, factories, and God knows what else, is choking our planet.

Manufacturing plants have polluted our shining sky blue rivers and turned them completely black.

We'll leave our children in a world where there will be no natural air to breathe, nor natural water to drink, no natural food to eat. They'll inhale man-made air, drink man-made water, and eat man-made food. Tell me, won't they become slave to man himself? A company is selling fresh air from mountains in canada in bottles to people in china, where they've polluted their cities by manufacturing for all of the world. We've made the gifts from nature that were free for all of us into the hands of greedy companies. And the worst part is, these man-made air,water, and food, is also poison. So, effectively, people in the old days were eating pure food for free, and man in the near future will be forced to buy poison for money. My heart goes out for and pities my own future generations.

We've become so addicted to screens today, our television, our laptops, our smartphones, that we're going sicker and sicker everyday with lack of outdoor activities. Plus they give easy access to all sorts of "wrong" knowledge in the world, from pornography, to drugs, to the recipes of making bombs, to what not.

Science is the mother of mass destruction weapons. Flying fighter jets, missiles, guns, bombs, .... and the God of all of it, the nuclear bomb. And do you know the best part? Every country is in possession of these gems.

Artificial Intelligence is a growing threat to all of Mankind. Time is not away when robots will beat you at your own game. This isn't a science fiction anymore. Self driving cars are already running on the roads. Humanoids exist today. Google has a "brain" team. And the day they make this brain smart enough, just imagine what you'll do with yours!

Scientists have established large hadron colliders on this planet. And trust me when i say this, there are chances of the formation of black holes in these experiments. Their theory suggests that even if they ever come into existence, they'll vanish before anyone ever notices. Come on, I'm not believing them. Scientists are the lot that proves their own theories wrong. They've done it throughout the history of science. So, who gave these daring lot the right to put the lives of billions of humans and other species at risk to practice their fun projects? Is it even legal to play with nature to such extremes?

The sole value proposition of the existence of science is the belief that world can be made better. Why don't we just accept that "Nature is the best design possible"?


god is real :)
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Posted by Kaylynn365 3 years ago
The problem isn't science it is corperations ignoring science. Climate change is very much a problem, and we got here because there isn't enough regulation in industry.
Corperations = the problem
Science = the solution
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
Maybe science is more natural than you think.
Posted by MagicAintReal 3 years ago
How about the gift of understanding what pollution is?
Didn't science give you that?
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