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Science students are better than art student

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Started: 7/12/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes,science students are better than art students and i say so without missing words.This is because the world today revolves around science.Take a good look at your surrounding,bet me you can pinpoint at least 10 things science had made.For example, the system you're on,your phone, your fan,AC,TV, internet,your generator or powerplant were all made by the work of science.
Permit me to use the bible,GOD was a scientist, he dealt with facts and figure because he created all bodies in space before light knowing that this light would come from a source which is hydrogen thats present in all stars.Adam was also a scientist because he practiced biology on Eve before she concieved,Food and Nutrition when he ate the fruits from the sacred tree because it was nutritious,and many more.
Think about it we have history on our side.


I accept and look forward to this debate however I cannot say it will be a challenge as culture is what shapes science and it was culture that shifted people to look away from god and to pursue scientific thought.

Using the bible as an argument for science is a bold move if you could use it correctly to back your point up however you fail in this as using a source often regarded as a fantasy book in the scientific community not to mention the backlash that famous thinkers got for questioning the holy text and yes I am referring to Darwin himself. It is the culture of the world that allows for science to grow and flourish to make a quick, simple and often used point for my argument certain periods and advancements were because of cultural shifts which are usually the result of artist, thinkers and philosophers as art is a incredible broad term. Art students create art to promote the culture they seek and as such it can create a following which thus can lead to scientific minds coming together to outdo whatever said culture is facing example: The Cold War.

Since this is a 5 round debate I assume this round is merely for accepting the debate and some small explanation as to why we are pro and con on this issue I wish good luck to my opponent and am eager for his response.
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Posted by balpreetsidhu19 3 years ago
In my point of view the debate topic is too blunt to be discussed in this way because these two streams are very broad and intermingled, so it is very difficult to say which one is better or worse. These forms actually coexist in real world. Science and arts have always share a common motive which is serving of mankind tastes and pleasures. This may take any form like techie gadgets or paintings or musical instruments it is always driven only through the wishes of mankind...........Peace,....,.
Posted by nupur343 3 years ago
Yes I agree that science is better than an arts
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
I'm actually going to major in both music and medical sciences in college.

It's not that people who are majoring in science are better, it's just thtat they're doing something more important as it has to do with health. Music is for entertainment, science is for living (but can also be entertainment).

I'd actually say music students are better; the music world is EXTREMELY competitve and very tough to make money despite how difficult it is to do well in.
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