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Scientific Evolution experiments Prove Humans Created not formed by nature!

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Started: 5/15/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Challenge Declined
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Today we prove God exists to the World! Today we give physical proof of Gods existence, and IF SO it means Heavens existence and Hells existence is also true! Believe it or not!

requires facts to play! God has revealed that there has never been scientific evidence proving that Human/Animal Life wasn't created and placed here by God.

Science did however prove beyond all doubt NATURE cannot produce from nothing Living, breathing, walking, baby producing Life at all. The only conclusion being Animal/Human Life cannot exist in nature. That animal/Human Life was created by supernatural means and placed upon the earth to BEGIN LIFE!

this proves natural selection a lie.
This proves Common descent a lie.
This proves Darwins Theories were all lies, and the evidence proves Contemporary species being related to each other through common descent, products of evolution and speciation over billions of years has always been false!

This proves that the Creator of all life is the SAME creator of all life as it indicates similar handiwork and creative techniques common among all His creation!

Scientific evidence proves NO interbreeding between species is possible.
no horse from dog, no cat from mule, no canary from lizard etc.

Evidence Fact: Human Life cannot be explained by natural processes. Science has to date been unable and incapable of relicating from nothin ANY human/animal life after a multitude of experiments.

Evidence Fact: Not a single experiment was successful in creating any life form that reproduces its young in like manner as animal/human life. Ovum/Seed

Evidence fact: No trees, grass, Flowers have been successfully produced from nothing to living tree, flower or grass. under any Evolutionary experiments throughout all of History!

Rules: REQUIRES only FACTS, not opinion, conjecture or commentary!

Person must DEMONSTRATE Knowledge consistent with challengers expanse of knowledge Facts to prove his statements! The above are facts that are not able to be disputed! By any Human on Earth.

but by all means try anyway? ... there are 7.6 Billion of you ... well 7.6 Billion minus 1.

The chances of a single soul on Earth to put to shame the other 7.6 Billion geniuses, scholars, theologians and scientist ... is in a word absurd and impossible.

UNLESS, that 1 has God on his side! I claim God as my champion. PROVE US WRONG with facts. not your gas!

Let the Hell bound sinners of the World quake! God gives you this LAST WARNING to prepare to meet your maker!

let us begin.
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Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
y FollowerofChrist1955 1 second ago
THE REAL pre-historic EARTH

Yet Evolution attempts to BEGIN with Creature .... Question? IF creature forms and CANNOT BREATH, because there IS NO OXYGEN, because there IS no Foliage to produce it ... it DIES yes?

What Scientist produced SEED under evolutionary experimentation? ANSWER=0

think about it?
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
Imagine in your minds eye, a rock.
Science HAS convinced YOU, that FROM THAT ROCK, bacteria has produced a TREE a SEED and a LIZARD.
People, that"s JUST stupid!
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
Shadowstalker55 ;
and that will help her in Hell how?

You see you all have the most ignorant of outlooks. You think what Humanity "THINKS" is reality. It isn't.
Nothing you say aters TRUTH. your all STILL going to Hell, still going to burn for eternity, Still remain Blind to reality till FACED with its realization, on passing and FEELING the burn so to speak?

The only difference will BE that you can do NOTHING about changing it at that point?
None of you see that Con .... COULD NOT ANSWER, with evidence, merely opinion. that means what I said was the TRUTH.

Voters don't alter that reality stupid? hehehe

be a stoup if you want. That has always been your right. Just like in EVERY DEBATE so far ... NONE of you can answer the questions ... because they are all true and YOU, are all going to die IN SIN!

Never even occurred to you that your incapability to even CHALLENGE the statements at all, IS PROOF!
just proof your BLIND TO!
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
What IS surprising? Is that it is a matter of Scripture that in the end times, There will be;
1 Timothy 4:1
The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

2 Thessalonians 2:3
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

yet 43,000 Christian Denominations exist, each with their OWN personal interpretations of scripture. ALL OF WHOM, clearly DIFFER from myself? As is obvious by the statements of the professing Christians. Yet it does not occur to THEM, that there ARE 43,000 of THEM, and only 1 of me?

If evidence means anything ... it is evident That I use scripture ... they largely do not!

They paraphrase and TELL YOU what to believe ... I show YOU the scripture, which is PLAIN on its own!

They leave out that your going to Hell if you died today .... I don't, I insist you know this!

They are kind, polite as they watch you GO to Hell, I tell you of your human stupidity, because you REFUSE to accept REAL undeniable evidence. Evidence ... NONE of you can dispute WITH evidence.

Opinions? yes Loads of opinions but not 1 of you with evidence. Just others opinions.

I know of the 3 Ranks of believers and NOBODY ELSE in Christendom, appears to know this? Why not? That seems particularly relevant now a days?

Course the statement ... I never was taught that, comes up a lot ... But THAT tells me your listening to Man not God. Cause God told ME, and it stands to reason He WOULD tell you TOO IF you would actually READ His word, instead of pew sitting and Listening to a Pastor trying to convert sinners every Sunday?

YOUR NOT SINNERS, your SAVED, yyou should be ESTABLISHING your RELATIONSHIP with God, not the Pastor! You instead IGNORE God, and listen Solely to humanity.

Sigh! Go figure.
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
The entire belief of God hinges on the single fact that He IS God. That He controls all things, by His will, and we and all that IS belongs and exists to serve His will.

The state of Religion is in a mess, because they do not submit nor subscribe to this knowledge. Though aware of Him, they deny His supremacy. They go about in a self serving manner. Disregarding Gods word and inserting their OWN, thoughts for His, their own Beliefs for His. They do not FEAR Him. That is a grievous error.

For this purpose was this written; Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Job 28:28
"And to man He said, 'Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; And to depart from evil is understanding.'"

Psalm 111:10
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments; His praise endures forever.

Proverbs 2:5
Then you will discern the fear of the LORD And discover the knowledge of God.

I tell you would a person of reason, ALTER the Word of the Creator of all things IF THEY TRULY BELIEVED that God was sovereign?
Would they disregard His word entirely, following after the knowledge of mere MEN? While Knowing that a God of enormous power, with the power of Killing their SOUL and Body, was watching their every move?
Would they hear only on Sunday? while living FOR THEMSELVES the other 6 Days?
Would they disregard prayer, living the bulk of their lives never mentioning a God they BELIEVED WAS the creator of the Universe?

Like a child to his Father ... there would be cautious steps, deliberate concern to not draw an disapproving glance from the Father. There would be an earnest attempt to make Him proud of you, by deliberate attempts to please Him.

That isn't done by today's professing Christians. To the last they have denied Christ, seeking after themselves, refusing to DIE to the self. Yet calling themselves by His Name.
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
you state-appearing to lack integrity,
My response: I cannot concern myself with the opinions of humanity. The evidence demonstrates there are 43,000 Christian organizations which disagree with not only scripture but with each other.
This informs me to disregard statements made by ALL 43,000 organizations and their members.

Evidence: God through His grace and majesty has revealed to myself alone the PROOF of His existence in the Universe, and to no other?

Evidence: God has deliberately chosen this time to reveal the scientific proof that LIFE must be created by Himself as nature is incapable of FORMING Life at all. From nothing to living, breathing, seeding, reproducing infants of same species etc.

That God did NOT chose you, is for YOU to determine. At any rate, that too is not my concern.
The evidence supports that I am very much alone in the things revealed in the scriptures, by all believers.

This reveals of its own the one I serve, its merits to be determined by God ... not by you or Man. I am content to be judged by my creator and accept His judgement as infallible.
I serve at His pleasure .. not yours. I reveal the written word, not opinions, you cannot say the same. I live in accordance with Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23, of which again ... you cannot say the same.
That reveals you are in keeping with Luke 14:27
and because you ARE ... I cannot listen to your opinions as the evidence suggest corruption resides in you!
This of course has nothing to do with whether you are saved or not ... just that you have no PERSONAL relationship with Christ! That of course IS NOT a requirement for salvation!
Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago
Beneath it all lurks an innuendo. Subtle but appearing to lack integrity, despite divine rhetoric.
A wanton disregard for implacability, negates all those gestures of obedience and supplication.
It's as if in the end there is an underlying desire to break free of some deeply disturbing shackle, chaining you to a distant but deeply embedded memory.
Forced memory perhaps, driven home repeatedly when the desire for the world was innocent and possibilities seemed endless. All possibility buried now, beneath metamorphic strata of misinformation. The heat and pressure of some vile tongue suppressed all hope of freedom.
Vain superiority indicates desperate inferiority, you seem to know deep down that free will is not yours to behold.

Worlds joy lost, love lost. Love out poured on false prophets tumbles remorselessly down into the aquifers of lost imagination. No nourishment for withered roots, those tight aged buds will turn brown and wither in the end.

Uncertainty is the devil. Damned if I do. Am I damned if I don't? Lost chances on false prophet wisdom.
Wise men take chances and are not doomed by their individuality, but see the glory of the world in true colour, not the dour tones of pious vainglory.
Posted by Im_Intelligent 3 years ago

so a dolphin doesn't fit "your" criteria for something that is alive, got it.

you also stated that things that are "alive" dont make copy's of themselves like cells do, however you fail to understand that in both the single celled world, and the multicellier world of what you define as "LIFE" there are two types of reproduction.

*Sexual Reproduction
*Asexual reproduction

some examples of what you would define as "alive" of asexualy reproducing organisms are

*Lumbriculus variegatus > a type of worm
*Copperhead snake

When compared to how a cell reproduces, it is no different, just more complex because the organism is multicellier.

the thing that i find interesting is you previously insulted someone regarding them paying attention in school, so i ask you this.
when was the last time you sat down in a classroom for an hour, 1974?
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
But .... and this IS just my own thought which I normally don't make public?

WHY after thousands of years of humanity asking for proof of Gods existence .... would God ACTUALLY provide it ONLY NOW?

I and 2.2 Billion Souls know the answer? Do you?
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
DrAnomaly ;
Of course every ONE of THOSE scientist refuse to look further. Thus you are left to research on your own. Given your pattern of non-research, this bodes ill for some 5.4 Billion of you!

This of course ISN'T the topic nor MY PROBLEM. I am simply providing the long required PROOF of Gods existence to Humanity ... what Humanity decides to DO with this knowledge is completely UP to each Soul.

This PROOF actually takes on many facets.
1. That 1 soul of 7.6 BILLION souls has asked a single question that NO SOUL on the ENTIRE PLANET can actually answer no matter their station, or education.

is simply an impossible situation UNLESS .... He was TOLD IT by God Himself .... after all God knows everything Right? Right. So God WOULD KNOW something no human COULD answer RIGHT? of Course!

2. That said Soul WOULD in fact have to BE in direct contact with this Super being to learn it!

3. That said being informed the soul of this 2 years ago, and this question HAS remained unanswered FOR 2 YEARS already!

4. That this proves BEYOND DOUBT God actually does exist, which naturally begs the question ... Does Heaven then also exist? uhhhh YEAH!
THEN THAT MEANS .... 5.4 Billion Souls are GOING TO a very REAL HELL the second they DIE!, no maybe baby?

I am now prepared to discuss to and for anyone what YOU need to DO to be saved! Yes, God WILL SAVE YOU. But He requires YOU to admit you ARE a SINNER and that you NEED HIM to save you from your self and your SIN! If your not ready to do that? Please don't waste my time, other people are in need please.
BUT what ever you do ..... DO NOT DIE, till you talk to me.... okay? OK!
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