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Scientists are lying about the shape of the earth

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Started: 3/14/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I would like Edlvsjd to accept this debate, but I will debate anyone who believes in a flat earth as well.

Rules of debate:
1) Burden of proof would be on pro because the default position is "innocent until proven guilty". Thus, pro should begin their arguments in round 1.
2) the last round of debate should only be rebuttals and/or conclusions.
3) No ad hominem, personal attacks, or insults.

Breaking any of the above rules would be justification for voters to award the point in conduct, for breaking of rules 2 and 3, to the person who did not break them, and to award points in arguments to me if pro fails to do rule 1.

Now, here are questions I believe pro needs to answer:
1) Even if you prove that the earth is actually not globular, this is only a piece of evidence that is needed to prove they are lying. This alone doesn't do it. An explanation for why the earth is flat but the scientists say it is globular, could be because they misinterpreted data and just are simply wrong but don't know they are wrong. Therefore, this question needs to be answered: what proves that scientists knew about the earth being flat, but decided to tell the public it is globular? If you can prove they did this, that would prove they lied.
2) What possible motive is there for scientists to lie about the earth being globular? What do they possibly gain from it?

I believe pro should prove both that scientists knew about the earth being flat, but knowingly told the people it is globular, and they need to prove that they had a motive to do this.

We will go off of the assumption that the earth is flat. Pro won't need to prove the earth is flat.

Since it is a tall order to prove every single scientist is lying, I will accept 5 examples of specific scientists lying about the shape of the earth. The better if you can argue for why all of them are though.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Capitalistslave 3 years ago
Quintilian: No, pro won't need to argue for that the earth is flat. We will go off of the assumption that it is.
Posted by Quintilian 3 years ago
So, Pro does not need to argue that the Earth is flat? We begin with the assumption that it is, for the sake of argument, and proceed to discuss scientists' motives for lying? It would be a tall task to force Pro to argue several different points with such a character limit.
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