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Seattle Seahawks is the best NFL team!!

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Started: 12/28/2013 Category: Sports
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Any one who chooses to accept this and go against my account may do so, be sure you know what you are talking about though.

--my opening statement: Seattle Seahawks (NFL football team) is the best in the League


I happily accept! Good luck!

The Seattle Seahawks are not the best football team in the NFL. Other teams have players that go beyond what the Seahawks do. Take the Cardinals game vs. them for example. The Cardinals won, pulled off an upset. That was not luck. The team beat them. Plus, the 'hawks have an advantage with their fans roaring. Take away the fans, then things would be different.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response

Starting with the players and well, talent. Pete Carroll (head coach) took time to carefully select each player that he wanted to make the team. Lets start with the offence. Russel Wilson (quarterback) was a 12th pick of the 3rd round of the draft. Because of his height (5-11) being the shortest QB in the NFL, he was looked down on and people never thought he would be able to see over the line. As we have seen through the 2 seasons he has played, he has some of the better statistics for a what we would call "Rookie"

But this is not about the quarter back, hes a greater leader for a GREAT team. Despite the injuries of Golden Tate, Sydney Rice and most of all Percy Marvin, the Seattle Sea hawks still pulled in 12 wins of 15. This is also with the two tackles being gone for half the season! This is due to great talent AND great coaching.

As my opponent points out "12th Man" (significant for the stadiums crowd and volume at "Century Link Field" Yes i agree that this has a great advantage of how the Seahawks play. But the team has proven they can win away games also. This year they have only lost 2 away games. So When you look at it, They can beat teams at home and while away.

My last point and MOST IMPORTANT!! It was no fluke and upset that the Cardinals beat the Sea hawks 17-10 in last weeks game. The Cardinals should not be overlooked. They are a good team with a great defense. Record 10-5. You cant base everything off one game though. Everyone wants their "favorite team" to be undefeated. But its the NFL! Good teams will take bad games they played and will turn around and fix the mistakes they make and look forward to the next game.

Thank You and i look forward to my opponents response.


So sorry for my really late reply! I was very busy today.

When you were discussing Russel Wilson, you were right. Many people did think he would not succeed in the NFL. But he is. But he is not the only player to do so. Some players destroy the doubters but still are a part of a losing team.

The injuries of great players have limited some aspects of the team, but they would still have lost the games they played in.

Teams should not be defined by wins or losses, but they are. Thus, people seem to think that they are the best team. Let's take the Broncos for my example; They are 13-3 because of Peyton Manning, that's a fact. People say they are the best team, but they are not. Without Peyton today (Sunday) in some of the game, the Broncos scored 3 points. The Seahawks have talented players, just like Houston and Jacksonville do. But the difference is, their talented players affect the entire game. Look at the whole team, and that's something different.
Debate Round No. 2


no worries bud!
thank you for your response

To end with, this is what i have to say to my opponent. Players do matter in many teams that have no talent. As my opponent says, Broncos would be nothing without Peyton Manning. To add to this, the Packers are nothing without Aaron Rogers. (we saw this throughout half the season when Aron Rogers was injured). What does this mean? That those teams are not good. The Colts were awful after Manning was injured (2 years ago). Yes many quarterbacks define the team. But as I stated in my previous argument, Russel Wilson is great, but he is helped with many more great and talented players. I stated the offense last argument. But teams don't just need a good offense to win, but a good defense.

As we see, the Seattle Seahawks have the number one defense in the NFL. Very physical corners and a strong secondary. They are top in the league with interceptions (having 11 in the last 3 games of the season). With these turnovers, it allows the offense to score.

But the Hawks have everything going for them this year. Up until week 17, the punt special team allowed the least amount of punt return yards. This is due to great discipline of the punter and having very fast "gunners."

Everything ties together with a great coaching and discipline. "We treat every game like its the playoffs" -says Pete Carol. Well now that the Seahawks are the number one seed with home field advantage in the playoffs, it will come to more of a benefit to the hawks and we will see what happens.

Thank you for your consideration and i look forward to my opponents response.


Ferminator forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PirateLord 5 years ago
lets get this straight buddy, I'm specifically talking about this season, if you read any of what i talked about you would clearly see that. And they don't have one YET
Posted by TheVoiceOfReason67 5 years ago
Your grammar, it's just plain awful. Also the Seahawks don't have a superbowl ring.
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