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Self Defense/Martial Arts Classes Should be Required in School

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Started: 4/16/2014 Category: Education
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This Debate will be over whether Self Defense classes should be a requirement in the Education System.

I will be arguing that Self Defense class should be a requirement and my opponent will be arguing why they should not.

Self Defense Classes should be required because we continue to hear more and more about school/workplace shooting or stabbings and it seems that nothing is being done. It will take Washington forever to decide what to do and if guns should be legal, however one way to better prepare the public for such attacks is to ensure everyone knows how to defend themselves in case they are ever in a situation where self defense is needed.


Self defense classes are only needed for weak nerds who get mauled during school. If you give these bullies self defense classes that will make their attacks even more vicious. Self defense classes will have little to no effect if a school shooting were to occur because being able to defend yourself with your fists won't get you anywhere against a firearm. Instead of these classes my idea is that security guards at schools should carry pistols as many were former police officers and if not they can have classes for them on the range

Time for these self defense martial arts classes would never come up as the kids schedule is already busy as it is so these classes wouldn't fit
Debate Round No. 1


First off self defense would teach people how to defend themselves, not to go aggressive. Therefore a bully would not get anything advantage from a self defense class unless they are going to defend someone's lunch money away from them.

However, I did mention martial arts class should be mandatory too. If everyone learns basic martial arts yes, bullies would learn to fight. In today's world if people see someone getting bullied they are probably going to look the other way because they don't want to get involved. However, if everyone knew martial arts and they saw someone getting bullied they would be more likely to help the victim out because they would know how to take a bully down. Ten weak nerds who know martial arts would be able to stop two bullies who know martial arts.

Yes guns are stronger than feet and fists, but think, if there was an active shooter in the building would you rather be with ten people who know how to fight and could at least attempt to defend themselves if cornered, or rather twenty people who would run away screaming from the gun man any not even try to fight back. Yes even with self defense classes people will still die, but they would have a better chance. These self defense classes would also include lessons on how to disarm people.

If a school or workplace where to have security guards with guns it could help the situation, but what happens when there is only one officer and he/she is on the complete other side of the building? What if the gun man targets the officer and takes him/her out before they start their rampage? If self defense classes where mandatory then the shooter would have a whole group of people attacking him instead of just one other guy with a gun. At least these classes would give the victims a fighting chance.


You dismissed my topic on how much time would be available for these classes most likely because there just simply is no answer as there is no time for this. Also self defense and martial arts teaches people how to fight so bullies wouldn't "defend their lunch money" they would just become even more vicious as they take it.

To be honest with you being in a building with 10 people who know martial arts or 10 who didn't wouldn't make a big difference to me against people who are carrying firearms as they could easily kill both.

Even though I agree having security guards with firearms still isn't completely dependable it is MUCH better in terms of defense against the shooter as well as much less time consuming
Debate Round No. 2
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