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Started: 5/7/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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There are right or wrong answers when it comes to ethics. it is not ethically ok to kill a child, no matter what the reason. In other countries they have different ethical standards that may say that one persons life is more important than someone else's life. That is not the case. Just because you are from a different place doesnt make it ok.

Abusing animals is not ethically okay and should not be done anywhere. Many cultures believe in sacrificing animals for different ceremonies and that is also not ok. and should not be done. Once again, an animals life is not worth any less than a humans.

Ethical standards should not be created based on your religion or based on the country you live in. There is one set of ethical standards that should be applied all over the world throughout every religion.

These ethical standards should be the same across the board.


There aren't right or wrong answers in ethics. Different cultures around the world have differing views on what is right or wrong. Just because it might seem like everyone should have the same views on what is right or wrong doesn't mean that everyone will have the same views. One country might believe that something is ethical while another country might not think it is ethical.

Some cultures might believe that it is better to sacrifice an animals life rather than a human life. They believe that humans are more worthy than animals are. Abusing animals may be ethical in some countries, while it is unethical in other countries.

Even though you may think that ethical views should be the same everywhere, some people might not agree. There can never be just one view of ethical standards. People are always going to have differing opinions about certain topics, and it can never be that everyone will all agree on one thing.

Ethical standards will always be viewed differently in different cultures.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes different people have different opinions about what is right and what is wrong, but no matter what life is special. Animal life can not be worth more than a persons.

Child Suicide bombers from the taliban. Just because it is easier to use children to kill hundreds of people doesnt make it right. Children are innocent. the taliban views this act as ethically ok and it is not. Those children can not make an educated decision on wether or not thats what they want to do. Not to mention the hundreds of lives that were cut short due to this ethically wrong decision.

The majority of the world would view this as wrong.


Yes, you are right that life is special. However, some cultures believe that a person is a little more worthy than an animal. This doesn't mean that they don't value animals lives. This just means that they value human life over an animal.

I agree that most people don't like the idea of using children to kill people, but the Taliban views it as ethical. Everyone has differing views on what is ethical or unethical, but how can we say if something is ethical or not? Since not everyone agrees, we don't really have any way to determine what is really ethical and what is not. We can believe that something is ethical or unethical, but it doesn't mean that it is true.

Everyone in the world can't decide on the same things being ethical or unethical.
Debate Round No. 2


what is right or wrong doesnt change just because your location has change.

What is ethically right or wrong for one person is just as ethically right or wrong for another. There is no reason why different people should have different ethical standards. Ethics is something that will be debated forever. LIke Euthanasia or abortions, decisions about a life should not be determined by anyone except for the individual whose life is on the line. Abortions and euthanasia are both ethically wrong.


You may not think that because people are in different locations that they shouldn't have different ethical views, but the reality is that people in different locations around the world do have different ethical views.

What is ethically right is not always viewed as being ethical to someone else, even though you might think it should be that way. Yes, ethics will always continue to be debated. Euthanasia and abortion are things that should be decided by the people who it applies to. It might feel ethical to these people, but to others, these things are unethical.
Debate Round No. 3
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