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Sex Ed at an Early Age

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Started: 1/10/2018 Category: Education
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So recently my 11 year old sister has been coming home with what her school describes as " goodie bags" but I would describe them plainly as knock up protection. She is going through her sex ed module at school and I have been hearing her saying things such as she put a condom on dildo, learnt about pubic hair and rape as well as other disturbing issues.. even sexually attraction and why a man gets a boner. When I found this out I was like WOOOW.. they only just starting telling my age about this last year ( my final year of secondary). I already know about all these things of course but the fact that they are teaching from that age.. is slightly disturbing. Even my 6 year old cousin knows what a penis, vagina, all about sexual attraction and how to " make babies". At first this creeped me out a little that the fact we need to tell people of such a young age all about this .. but soon you start to realise that it is mostly necessary, more for girls than boys to be quite honest. You never know what kind of people are out in the world and things are very different to what they used to be. Honestly, I am creeped out but slightly relived as I hope my sister would have the sense to do the right thing in these terms.. But please.. do tell me what you think. Should this be taught.? Or are children of this age truly TOO young to get their head wrapped around this type of thing just yet x


I understand the necessity to teach younger children about sex and how to be safe. However, there is such a thing as being too young for that. You mentioned that your 6 year-old cousin is being taught about that, which I think is not at all acceptable. I believe that somewhere around 6th-8th grade (about 11-14) is an acceptable age to teach about that kind of thing. In today's world, though, it's much easier for a younger child to learn about sex, too easy. So, if a parent prefers, they themselves should talk to their child about sex and how to be safe.

Now, the method in which they teach the child is at question, as well. The idea of making children put a condom on a dildo or even a banana (I've heard of this type of thing being used in schools) is a very disturbing idea. There is a difference between educating about sex and giving children a How-To Manual. They should tell them what to use, and tell them if they need to know exactly how to use it, they should ask a parent or trusted adult.
Debate Round No. 1


I do agree with you, however you mentioned that it was a young age for a 6 year old to learn about things stated. This is a valid point but what if the child were to find out themselves .. this would be 10 X more scary. I think that there was a reason that they taught this to them but maybe they should of put it a bit more subtle until older years. Its a BIG thing to learn.. and the the lessons are put in place for a reason e.g rape. I think that 6 is the ABSOLUTE minimum age that ANYONE should ever learn about these things. Kids need to be aware x Thanks for your consideration x


You're welcome, however, 6 years old is a very young age. I'm sure they would have questions and have access to things that would scare and shock them. At this point, I feel it's more up to the parents than any school system. If they notice their child is curious about sex or is showing more involvement in sexual topics, then, they wanted, they could educate their own child about it. Not outright diagrams and condom lessons, but the basics, essentially the "Birds and the Bees". This satisfies their curiosity, but doesn't give them a What-To-Do lesson.

Though, you mentioned rape, and how to prevent it. I believe if there is sufficient cause for them to want to tell their children about it, then they should. Many people would and do try and trick uneducated children and adults into certain acts. So, if parents are concerned about their children, they can teach their children not to do certain things, or accept suspicious things or engage in any sketchy behaviors. Essentially, the "Don't Talk to Strangers" talk.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
There is no Constitutional reason any public school should instruct any-one on sex. Teaching sex can be a self-incrimination to crime urging judicial separation. The idea is a school can only instruct on human reproduction of people. An guidelines of instruction and detail must be set clear, as Children must wait to be of consent to receive counseling, or receive better understandings of intimacy, sex, or emotional relationship.

Also, I am not sure if you understand this. The public association to "The Birds and the Bee's." is a religious one relating to agreements made between a man and woman, or even a boy and a girl. It has little to do with sex, it does not exclude agreements about sexual relationships, but is more an understandings of social commitment, and self-assurance to honor made in social structures like religion. As children view sex in nature long before they truly understand what is taking place. Bee's are never seen to have sex. While the birds are quite willing to have sex openly in public.

Just thought I would bring that up considering the topic.
Posted by Gaston_Barrio 3 years ago
No problem, I really enjoyed this debate. Very stimulating, thank you.
Posted by Dynxsty04 3 years ago
Thank you for debating x
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Reasons for voting decision: A very close debate which basically came down to the nitty-gritty of the debate. The only reason why I voted CON was because it is up to the parents and the child's curiosity to determine whether or not they want to know about sexual desire. It is not the schools approach to teach them at that young age. Pro answers don't really answer that well enough to allow me to vote PRO. Good debate however

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