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Sex before Marriage

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Started: 5/12/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I will be debating on having sexual intercourse before marriage. My position is pro/for. There will be five rounds. Round one is meant to for both sides to introduce themselves and briefly explain their stance. After that, I believe both should try their best to win.

My stance: for having sex before marriage.

1) I believe that having a sexual intercourse is a natural instinct that should not be anyhow restricted. As long as it does not represent any danger, in terms of inflicting pain or being involuntary.

2) The idea of not having sex before marriage is a constraint that takes away the privilege of making free will decisions.

Best of luck to person willing to tackle this debate.


I accept your debate, I believe sex should be saved for inside marriage, and ONLY in marriage, for the following reasons.

Couples who wait until marriage are happier than those who don't

As well as that, having sex with a wide variety of women would make sex less intimate, and you would automatically compare your partner to any other sexual experiences you had. And the same, your partner would do to you. Because of this, theres a high likely hood that you wouldn't be able to please each other, killing the relationship.

And lastly, God's design was for sex to be between married couples only, between one man and one woman. Anything that goes outside of these boundaries goes outside of god's intention.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ShaunTakesOn 3 years ago
NoahIsRight, using religion as reasoning is useless unless you can prove a god exists first. Also, comparing one partner to another is useful in finding one that better matches what you are looking for in a life long mate. One could say that if you've only ever had one partner, you wouldn't even know that there is anyone out there that is better for you and you would be happier with the one you have due to having no one to compare them to. Though, that's basically saying "ignorance is bliss". Ignorance can be blissful sometimes, but is ignorance acceptable? That's where it becomes subjective and therefore has no correct answer. You say that comparing partners could possibly kill a relationship, but why is that a bad thing? If that relationship isn't the best one for you, shouldn't it be ended so a better one can be found? Even couples that wait until marriage for intercourse can end up not happy with the relationship later. Are they supposed to stay with someone they don't want for the rest of their life? Humans naturally seek the most happiness they can obtain, which is directly affected by quality. You can't know the full extent of something's quality without another to compare it to.
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