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Sexism against women is still a problem in the USA

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Started: 7/1/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First round for accepting.

To clarify, I am arguing that sexism against women is still an issue in today's society (specifically western society, America, Europe, etc.)
Debate Round No. 1


There has been incredible progress in the last century towards the liberation of women, and for many that signifies that the fight is over, that sexism is over, but that simply isn't true. It is still prevalent, if not more subtle.

According to Statista, three of every five is a victim of harassment on the daily. Online, on the street, in their own workplace-for many women, it rarely ceases. That begins at age 13 on average, and not only disrupts their self-image but threatens their security. The objectification of women and the normalization of sexual violation is systematic in western culture. It leads to the final alarming statistic: one of every four women experience sexual assault in their lifetime.

Aside from that, women aren't given the platform to make social change. Women make up half the population, but less than 20% of congress, 12% of the billionaire class, and according to Variety Mag, a meager 7% of Hollywood directors. While the competence of women breaking into these industries is equal to male counterparts, they simply aren't given a chance.

While we've made extraordinary progress, we can't say it's truly over until our mothers and sisters are given equal opportunities in leadership positions, and their chances of falling victim to sexual misconduct is severely decreased.


Your obviously someone very caught up in the conceptuality of modern society and as such you probably never give much consideration to the reality of the human condition.

Like it or not, men and women are fundamentally and physiologically different and therefore unequal. Men are not equal to women and women are not equal to men and the differences are obvious. Though in a modern social context some people try to ignore these obvious differences.

Realistically and instinctively men are the dominant sex. Ultimately it is the need and desire to reproduce that is of primary importance, once again a fact that we attempt to ignore in a modern social context.

No matter what sexual dalliances we subscribe to these days, there is usually a dominant and submissive differential. Which in real terms equates to the natural male/female roles.

The reality of the natural male/female roles will therefore inevitably lead to a male dominated society, which in a some modern social groups will be regarded as sexism.

Ultimately the desire to reproduce is far more important than being a Hollywood Director.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to point out that whether or not men are dominant is not what's up for debate. The statement in question is whether women are still discriminated against.

I would also like to argue that, no, men are not inherently dominant. Physically, they are definitely superior on average. This is because during hunter/gatherer eras men were the hunters and women looked after their children. But since then, not only have human evolved, so has society. We now have the luxury of commerce and no longer have to focus our time on survival for the most part. And since mentally, men and women are on average, equal, they should naturally be given equal opportunity.

By that, I mean: the most qualified candidate for a leadership position should be the one chosen, regardless of gender. That's the ideal. While we are progressing fast, women are still not quite given equal opportunity in leadership positions. While men and women have integrated nicely in many high-paying and quality careers, women still aren't given as much of a platform in powerful positions, even though men and women apply at similar rates and with similar qualification. This makes it difficult for women to have as big a voice in society at the highest level, a place where we need all different voices and perspectives the most.

The UN has stated that "globally, there are 38 countries in which women account for less than 10 per cent of parliamentarians in single or lower houses, as of June 2016, including 4 chambers with no women at all." Many of these countries were societally western. In the UK and US, women make roughly 20% of all political positions. This is insane.

I would like to also point out that my opponent never refuted my point about our the normalization of sexual misconduct in our culture.


Things change over time and social reform changes slowly over time. Particularly in Western Democratic Societies.
Nonetheless, in my lifetime (58 years) there have been huge changes. For some people though, change never happens quickly enough.
Is sexism an issue?......Obviously, or we wouldn't be discussing it here.
But are issues problems?......I would suggest that this depends on how quickly one expects social reform to happen.

Why should the most qualified candidate for a leadership position be a woman and not a man? To me, Pro's argument is more indicative of feminine bias, rather than a real concern about getting the right person for the job. A somewhat inverse notion maybe.

Western Democratic Societies, use the will of the populace to determine their leaders. All men and all women of a prescribed voting age. In the U.S.A there are more adult women than men, yet Donald Trump, who is quite clearly overtly sexist, was Elected President in preference to an equally qualified female candidate. This would suggest that the majority of U.S adult female and male voters (not all men are sexist) did not necessarily consider sexism to be such a problematic issue. I would therefore suggest that sexism is a greater problem for a minority of women and consequently not a problem or issue of great concern to most U.S. citizens.

In my previous argument I was trying to point out that there is a greater reality that underlies human society, no matter how advanced and luxurious we might perceive our lives to be.
Instinct is sub-conscious and cannot be measured in terms of mental capacity or physicality or how much money we have to buy food with. Instinct is predetermined information that governs individuals and individual roles within society
As things stand at this moment in time Men are instinctively dominant and male dominance is inevitably and unavoidable going to be reflected in all aspects of present day society.

Finally I would like to point out that in Western Society, sexual misconduct is no longer normal, sexual misconduct is nowadays heavily legislated against and this legislation can clearly seen to be working. However for the foreseeable future there are always going to be incidences of sexual misconduct, this is the instinctive and unavoidable nature of the human condition. It will take physiological change on an evolutionary scale in order to fully address this issue.
Sometimes expectations are far to high.
Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Redbluegreen 3 years ago
LoveRichardDawkins. Not to undermine your argument, as i do not agree nor disagree with it, however i would just like to point out that better grades do not neccesarily signify higher intelligence. Grades have a higher correlation with determination and good work ethic but not neccesarily intelligence, so we cannot say that this data implies girls are snarter than boys.
Posted by LoveRichardDawkins 3 years ago
Women are undoubtedly underperforming and are discriminated against. Plus physical differences should not dictate dominance. Girls actually achieve better grades than boys and yet we still have fewer prospects for women. If women are apparently smarter on average why isn't our society female dominated. Plus isn't male domination morally wrong no matter physical differences? Women can be powerful people too.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
"one of every four women experience sexual assault in their lifetime." Then punish the rapists instead of blaming society for it. states a punishment for rapists. They have to pay 2 payments of $1,000,000. One payment goes to the government as tax revenue, the other goes towards the rape victim.

"Women make up half the population, but less than 20% of congress, 12% of the billionaire class, and according to Variety Mag, a meager 7% of Hollywood directors." Because they tend to be less qualified and less interested in those fields. They also tend to live longer and are less likely to go to jail. Is this sexism against men? No. Every sex has their advantages and disadvantages.
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