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Sexual Activity Should Be Legal

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Started: 5/11/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Sexual activity feels good. Sexual activity can be positive. Sexual activity makes people feel good about themselves. Sexual activity brings out the true feelings and the true character of people. Sexual activity makes people feel that the world is a good place and that they are glad to exist in it. Sexual activity can be safe and fun. Freedom of expression, freedom in general, and freedom of speech encourage that sexual activity be legal. God may make sexual activity good and positive. God may encourage and promote sexual activity.

For these reasons, sexual activity both between people married to each other and between people not married to each other should be legal. Sexual activity between members of the opposite and the same genders should be legal. Sexual activities that should be legal include sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, anal penetration, contact of the mouth and the anus, contact of the mouth and the genitals, public sexual activity, and without maintaining certain records, producing sexually explicit photographs and videos of producers themselves and other people.


Sexual activity is already legal
Debate Round No. 1


Whether sexual activity is already legal is different from whether it should be legal.

In Massachusetts, which is where I reside, certain sexual activities are still illegal. Some sexual activities are arguably still illegal. All of the sexual activities I mentioned in the last sentence of my round 1 argument are arguably still illegal in some form in Massachusetts, due to Massachusetts' or United States' law. Furthermore, the Massachusetts' or United States' judicial system determines that a law prohibiting a form of sexual activity is unconstitutional does not imply the law actually is unconstitutional. The Commonwealth and federal judicial systems could be wrong. If they are wrong in certain cases, such as Lawrence v. Texas (2003) of the Supreme Court of the United States, those laws that prohibit certain sexual activities and that are still on the books are still in effect and can currently be enforced. To better ensure that sexual activity is technically legal, those laws should be repealed or weakened.


If it is already legal what is the point of debating its legality. No one is pressuring to make sex illegal, but saying something should be legal because it feels good is wrong. Should all drugs be legal because it feels good? Should the murder of another person be legal because it feels good? There is no cause for this debate and the argument you present is invalid!
Debate Round No. 2


Many of the types of sexual activity I mentioned may still be technically illegal. Even if all those types of sexual activities were certainly legal, debating their legality could still be beneficial as it could help to maintain their legality and to advance humankind's pool of knowledge.

There are legislators and politicians that do not seem to be doing enough to ensure that certain sexual activities are legal. In that sense, they are pressuring to keep sex illegal.

In principal, everything that feels good should be legal. All drugs that make people feel good should be legal. Murder must be, by definition, illegal. Killing another person, on the other hand and in principal, should be legal if it feels good. Freedom is one of the most important and cherished values of the United States. United States' citizens should strive to maximize their freedoms. In principal, people should have the right to do whatever they want to do. I want to own my entire existence. I want to own my entire universe.

That sexual activity feels good was not the only argument I presented for why sexual activity should be legal. There are other arguments that I have presented that come into play as well. You have disregarded those other arguments.


They are not enforced laws. There are laws as stupid as not eating ice cream on a freezer in your lawn. They are not currently used. So again your argument is invalid.
Debate Round No. 3


A law on the books that is not enforced can still be enforced. A law that has been ruled unconstitutional can still be constitutional. The laws on the books are not just decorative pieces, nor should they be. They are there to be followed and enforced. If we want sexual activity to be legal, we should ensure that there are no laws prohibiting it.

It's possible that: if a person committed a crime and neither was nor is prosecuted for it, then he or she is not protected from the negative consequences of having committed the crime. If I violated a law that prohibited sexual activity and neither was nor is prosecuted for the violation due to the law not being enforced or due to the law being determined unconstitutional, I do not want to face the negative consequences of having committed the crime, and I do not want to live with the fear of possibly being subject to future legal prosecution.

As I've said in an earlier round, whether sexual activity is legal is different from whether sexual activity should be legal. You seem to like to argue in support of the proposition that sexual activity is legal. But you really should be arguing in support of the proposition that sexual activity should not be legal. That is the side of this debate you have opted to take. So, your argument is off topic.


Those laws can not be enforced, even if the police tried do you know the amount of outrage and riots that would take place? You would see a riot larger than Berkeley. Have you ever heard of statutes of limitations? you can only be tried for a crime within a certain time limit after committing a crime.
Debate Round No. 4


All laws on the books can be enforced, by authority of the government that has it on the books. If the government for which the law is on the books or another, higher order government wants otherwise, then it sometimes takes time for the enforcement of that law to stop. Even in that sometimes true case, another instance of the law being enforced can work its way through the courts and still succeed through a reversal of previously set judicial precedent.

Outrage and riots alone should not be a reason for the government failing to enforce a law. Outrage and riots can be overcome by the better power, the government. If everybody's partaking in sexual activity except for a few, then those few deserve the benefit of the law, to the detriment of everybody else, even if that detriment is lethal or causes serious bodily injury. Nobody, and no judicial decision, is above the law.

Statues of limitations only limit, but do not completely prevent, laws that prohibit sexual activity from being enforced. The best way to ensure laws that prohibit sexual activity are not enforced is to repeal those laws completely.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Coveny 3 years ago
I almost accepted it to say the blanket acceptance of sex is wrong, such as that of animal sex and child porn which should be illegal. You might have some traction against beastilities because you did say "people" in R1 even though the debate topic doesn't exclude anything explicitly, but there is nothing in there about age being a factor.
Posted by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
Tempted to troll this debate.
Posted by passwordstipulationssuck 3 years ago
Why would you even start this debate? you know the only people that would accept it are trolls.
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